Quietest Tires for Honda Odyssey [Best Options for a Smooth Ride]

Naomi O'Colman

quietest tires for honda odyssey

The Honda Odyssey is a great minivan, one of the best in fact. It offers a premium ride quality and comes with high end safety features, plus a luxurious interior. To get the best out of your Honda Odyssey you need to consider what type of driving you’re doing, and what kind of tires you’ll need for that.

For those who prioritize smoothness and ride quality, the quietest tires for Honda Odyssey owners should be among the top things you’re looking at. The right pair of quiet tires can drastically improve the overall experience of driving and make excess noise go away for the most part.

Quietest Tires for Honda Odyssey – The Top Picks on the Market

Michelin Primacy A/S

Introducing the MICHELIN Primacy Tour A/S Car tires – designed for enduring performance, providing the ideal smooth driving experience for premium vehicles. With a focus on premium precision handling and a quiet, comfortable ride, these tires are the top choice for luxury car manufacturers. The MICHELIN Primacy Tour A/S is backed by the Michelin Promise Plan, offering a 60-day satisfaction guarantee, roadside assistance, and a mileage warranty of up to 55,000 miles.


  • Premium Precision Handling: Engineered for optimal handling, ensuring a smooth and responsive driving experience.
  • Quiet & Comfortable Ride: The MICHELIN Primacy Tour A/S boasts the quietest tread design among leading competitors, enhancing driving comfort.
  • Top Choice for Premium Vehicles: One out of four premium vehicles sold in North America is equipped with MICHELIN tires, highlighting their trusted status.
  • Enhanced Snow Traction: 17% improvement in snow traction compared to the MICHELIN Primacy MXM4, making it a reliable option in winter conditions.
  • Efficiency & EV Ready: Tailored to provide efficiency, making it suitable for electric vehicles (EVs).


  • Higher Price Point: The MICHELIN Primacy Tour A/S are relatively expensive

Conclusion: The MICHELIN Primacy Tour A/S is a top-tier, all-season tire renowned for its premium precision handling, quiet ride, and widespread adoption by luxury car manufacturers. Its enhanced snow traction and efficiency make it a versatile choice for various driving conditions. While the higher price point may be a consideration, the product’s quality and performance, coupled with the Michelin Promise Plan, justify the investment for those seeking a superior driving experience with a focus on safety and longevity.

Vredestein Quatrac Pro

Vredestein QUATRAC PRO – the first all-season tire exclusively designed for the Ultra High Performance (UHP) segment. Crafted by Italdesign Giugiaro, this tire offers unique performances in the all-weather category, tailored for powerful cars and SUVs.


  • Wet Handling: Boasting over 10% better wet grip, the QUATRAC PRO ensures a confident and secure driving experience in wet conditions.
  • Great Safety on Snow: This tire provides reliable performance even in unexpected winter weather.
  • Performance-Oriented : Tailor-made for powerful cars and SUVs, the construction and material design focus on delivering a high level of performance.
  • Wide Size Range: With 53 available sizes, the QUATRAC PRO caters to a broad range of vehicles, including the Honda Odyssey.
  • Quiet Performance: The tire performance really well in all conditions, and doesn’t make too much noise on the highway.


  • Treadwear Rating: The treadwear rating of 400 indicates an average lifespan, so not the best in this regard.

Conclusion: The Vredestein QUATRAC PRO stands out as the first-of-its-kind, combining UHP performance with all-season versatility. With excellent wet and snow handling capabilities, it caters to drivers seeking a high-performance tire that can handle diverse weather conditions. The tire’s construction emphasizes power and safety, making it a suitable choice for powerful cars and SUVs. While some may find the speed ratings and treadwear lifespan to be considerations, the QUATRAC PRO offers a compelling option for those prioritizing performance and all-season functionality while still being nice and quiet.

General Altimax Rt43

General AltiMAX RT43 Radial Tire in the size 225/65R17 102T, a high-performance tire suitable for various passenger cars. With a focus on providing excellent performance in non-winter conditions, this tire offers a blend of features to enhance your driving experience.


  • Traction and Handling: Low surface abrasion technology for even treadwear, extending tread life, and peak anti-slip design technology, contributing to increased traction on wet roads.
  • All-Season Versatility: Labeled as a non-winter tire, it is designed to perform well year-round, providing a comfortable ride and good grip in various weather conditions.
  • Durable Construction: The tire is built with durable materials providing longevity and robustness.


  • Speed Rating: With a speed rating of T (118 mph), it’s not the most suitable for those seeking ultra-high-speed capabilities on the road.
  • Limited Snow Performance: The tire performs well in wet conditions, but its suitability for heavy snow isn’t great.


The General AltiMAX RT43 Radial Tire in the 225/65R17 102T size presents a solid choice for drivers prioritizing a reliable and versatile all-season tire. While it does not cater to extreme winter conditions or high-speed enthusiasts, it offers a balanced combination of traction, handling, and durability for everyday driving needs. Consider this tire if you are seeking a well-rounded option that delivers on performance and longevity without breaking the bank.

Firestone Weathergrip

Meet the Firestone WeatherGrip tire – the all-weather touring tire designed to provide unwavering control in any weather condition. Whether it’s rain, snow, or sunshine, these tires promise confident performance year-round, empowering your car, minivan, or CUV to handle diverse weather challenges. Backed by a 65,000-mile limited mileage warranty, the WeatherGrip is poised to offer a balance of reliability and longevity.


  • All-Weather Performance: Engineered to excel in various weather conditions, the WeatherGrip ensures a reliable driving experience, emphasizing control and safety.
  • Tread Design Features: The tire incorporates open shoulder slots, 3D full-depth sipes, and Snow Traction Claw technology to enhance dry and wet performance while providing excellent traction in light snow, all while not being too noisy.
  • Warranty: 65,000-mile limited mileage warranty.


  • Mixed Treadwear Experience: Some drivers experienced below average tread wear.
  • Limited Ice Performance: Excellent in light snow, but the tire isn’t great in extreme icy conditions


The Firestone WeatherGrip tire emerges as a commendable choice for drivers seeking a versatile, all-weather solution with a focus on light snow and wet performance. It has a solid competitive warranty, it stands out as a reliable option for everyday driving needs. However, those residing in areas with harsh winter conditions may need to consider its limitations on icy surfaces. Overall, the WeatherGrip tire is a solid investment for individuals prioritizing balanced and smooth performance across different weather scenarios.

Michelin Crossclimate2

MICHELIN CrossClimate2 – a versatile solution designed to deliver long-lasting performance in every climate condition. This tire combines confidence, EV readiness, and proven all-season capabilities with a focus on durability and comfort. It’s another great quiet option for your Honda Odyssey.


  • All-Season Performance: The MICHELIN CrossClimate2 provides excellent wet and dry braking performance.
  • Extended Tread Life: Outlasting competitors by up to 15,000 miles, this tire offers savings and an additional year of tread life, making it a cost-effective choice.
  • Snow Traction: Even when worn, the CrossClimate2 outperforms competitors in snow traction, ensuring reliable performance in winter conditions.
  • Confidence for All Climates: Delivering superior stopping power on wet and dry pavements.
  • Warranty Coverage: Backed by the Michelin Promise Plan, the tire includes a 60,000-mile limited mileage warranty, a 60-day satisfaction guarantee, and roadside assistance.


  • Pricing: Michelin tires come with a premium price tag, but the high quality is worth it.


The MICHELIN CrossClimate2 Car tire stands out as a top-tier choice for drivers seeking exceptional all-season performance and extended tread life. With outstanding wet and dry braking capabilities, snow traction even as the tire wears, and comprehensive warranty coverage, it caters to a range of driving needs. While the pricing may be on the higher side, the overall benefits in terms of safety, longevity, and performance make it worth it for those prioritizing quality and reliability in diverse weather conditions. It also offers a smooth and quiet ride for you Honda Odyssey, though not as smooth as the tires above it on this list.

Key Considerations for Quiet Honda Odyssey Tires

When aiming for quiet tires for a Honda Odyssey, several factors contribute to achieving a quieter driving experience. Here are some key considerations:

  1. Tire Type: Opt for tires designed explicitly for reducing road noise. Look for all-season or touring tires with specialized tread patterns that prioritize noise reduction.
  2. Tread Pattern: Tires with a non-directional or symmetrical tread pattern tend to generate less noise. Look for tires that have optimized tread block shapes and spacing designed to reduce road noise.
  3. Tire Size: The size and aspect ratio of the tire can impact noise levels. Generally, larger sidewalls (higher aspect ratios) can absorb more road imperfections, reducing noise transmission into the vehicle’s cabin.
  4. Tire Material and Construction: High-quality rubber compounds and tire construction methods influence noise levels. Some tires use special materials or technologies (like foam layers) to dampen road noise.
  5. Noise Ratings: Check for tire noise ratings. Tires are rated on their noise emissions in decibels. Look for tires with lower noise ratings for a quieter ride.
  6. Brand and Model: Certain tire brands may have a reputation for producing quieter tires. Research or look for reviews that specifically highlight noise reduction as a strength.
  7. Regular Maintenance: Proper tire maintenance, including regular rotations, wheel alignments, and keeping the right tire pressure, can affect noise levels and overall tire performance.
  8. Real User Reviews: Before purchasing, read user reviews or seek recommendations from Honda Odyssey owners who have prioritized quiet tires. Their real-world experiences can be valuable.
  9. Cost Consideration: Quality tires designed for reduced noise may come at a slightly higher price. Consider the trade-off between noise reduction and budget constraints.

When selecting tires, prioritize a balance between reducing road noise and other essential factors such as traction, handling, and longevity. Always refer to the Honda Odyssey’s manual for recommended tire sizes and types that are suitable for your specific vehicle model. Additionally, consulting with a tire professional or mechanic can provide valuable insights and recommendations tailored to your driving needs and preferences.

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The Honda Odyssey is a brilliant minivan. But, like any vehicle, it’s only as good as the tires it runs on. To get the smoothest and most enjoyable ride you you should opt for a good pair of quiet tires.

After reading through the article above you should be more than equipped to decide on a set of tires suitable for your needs. Over all the best recommendation from this list is the Michelin Primacy tire.