Quietest Tires for Honda Pilot [Data Backed Guide]

Naomi O'Colman

quietest tires for honda pilot

We have conducted thorough research to determine the quietest tires for Honda Pilot cars, and to help people to get the quietest and smoothest ride possible in their Honda Pilot. The Tires that this car comes with from the factory, although high quality, are rather noisy.

We offer a solution to this problem with the tires in our list. We’ve picked tires that are high performance, and that tick all the boxes of things you would normally want a tire to do, but they’re also really smooth and quiet.

Quietest Tires for Honda Pilot

Pirelli Scorpion as Plus 3

The Scorpion All Season Plus 3 by Pirelli is a meticulously redesigned Touring All-Season tire tailored for crossovers, sport utility vehicles, and pick-up trucks. Positioned within Pirelli’s Plus line of products, this tire caters specifically to the North American market, boasting a host of improvements over its predecessor.

Key Features:

  1. Performance Enhancement: The tire introduces a new tread pattern, compound, and construction, contributing to exceptional mileage, heightened snow performance, and improved wet/dry handling.
  2. Comfort and Quiet Ride: Pirelli emphasizes increased comfort with a quieter ride compared to the previous generation, making it an ideal choice for drivers seeking a serene driving experience.
  3. 3D Technology: Incorporating 3D sipe technology, the tire collaborates with the tread pattern to deliver confident handling in both dry and wet conditions.


  • Mileage: Outstanding mileage is a standout feature, ensuring longevity and durability.
  • Snow Performance: Enhanced snow performance makes it suitable for varied weather conditions.
  • Wet/Dry Handling: Improved wet and dry handling contributes to a safer driving experience.
  • Comfort: Increased comfort and a quieter ride are emphasized for a more enjoyable driving experience.


  • Price: All Season Plus 3 are relatively higher priced compared to other options in the market.


The Scorpion All Season Plus 3 from Pirelli emerges as a compelling choice for drivers seeking a touring tire that excels in diverse conditions. With its emphasis on mileage, snow performance, and comfort, it addresses the needs of North American drivers effectively. While the price point may be a consideration, the tire’s overall performance and features make it a strong contender in the market for those prioritizing quality, quietness and reliability in their tire selection.

Continental Crosscontact Lx25

The CrossContact LX25 by Continental is a premium all-season touring tire designed for crossovers and SUVs. Boasting advanced features, this tire is engineered to deliver optimal performance throughout the year, making it a reliable choice for diverse driving conditions.

Key Features:

  • EcoPlus Technology: The tire incorporates EcoPlus Technology, promoting fuel savings, shorter stopping distances on wet roads, and an extended tread life. This technology enhances the overall efficiency of the tire.
  • Best-in-Class Tread Life: Internal treadlife test results position the CrossContact LX25 as a leader in tread life when compared to competitors such as Michelin Premier LTX.
  • Improved Wet Braking: The tire demonstrates enhanced wet braking performance compared to its predecessor, the CrossContact LX20.
  • Low Road Noise: Drivers can expect a quiet and comfortable driving experience due to the tire’s low road noise characteristics.


  • Fuel Efficiency: EcoPlus Technology contributes to fuel savings, making the tire an environmentally conscious choice.
  • Tread Life: Best-in-class tread life provides long-lasting durability and value for money.
  • Wet Braking: Improved wet braking enhances safety during adverse weather conditions.
  • Quiet: Low road noise ensures a comfortable and quiet ride.


  • Limited Styles: While available in two styles (OWL and BSW), the selection is limited compared to other tire options.


The Continental CrossContact LX25 stands out as a top-tier choice for drivers seeking a premium all-season touring tire. With a focus on fuel efficiency, extended tread life, and improved wet braking, it successfully combines performance and environmental consciousness. The availability of two styles adds a touch of customization. Despite a potentially limited style selection, the tire’s overall features make it a strong contender for those prioritizing efficiency, safety, and comfort in their tire selection.

Michelin Crossclimate2

The MICHELIN CrossClimate 2 is a versatile all-season car tire engineered for exceptional performance across various climates. With a focus on longevity and proven all-season capabilities, this tire is designed to meet the demands of drivers seeking reliable traction, safety, and extended tread life.

Key Features:

  • Proven All-Season Performance: The CrossClimate 2 showcases outstanding performance in both wet and dry conditions, stopping shorter than leading competitors in both scenarios. This is particularly notable in internal wet braking and dry braking tests.
  • Extended Tread Life: Outlasting leading competitors by up to 15,000 miles in treadwear tests, the CrossClimate 2 offers drivers the potential for up to one extra year of tread life. This durability adds value to the tire over its lifespan.
  • Snow Traction: Even when worn near the end of its tread life, the CrossClimate 2 outperforms competitors in snow traction tests by a significant margin, providing confidence and safety in winter conditions.
  • Michelin Promise Plan: Backed by the Michelin Promise Plan, the tire comes with a 60-day satisfaction guarantee.


  • Excellent Stopping Power: Shorter stopping distances in wet and dry conditions.
  • Longevity: Outlasting competitors contributes to extended tread life,providing drivers with an additional year of use.
  • Snow Performance: The tire maintains strong traction in snowy conditions, even as it approaches the end of its tread life.
  • Michelin Promise Plan: The comprehensive warranty and satisfaction guarantee offer peace of mind and support for consumers.


  • Price: It’s Kind of expensive.


The MICHELIN CrossClimate 2 stands as a reliable choice for drivers prioritizing all-season performance, longevity, and safety. With impressive stopping power, extended tread life, and consistent snow traction, it addresses crucial aspects of driving in diverse conditions. The inclusion of the Michelin Promise Plan further reinforces the brand’s commitment to customer satisfaction. The CrossClimate 2 is a strong contender for drivers seeking a well-rounded, quiet and durable all-season tire.

Key Features of Quiet Tires for The Honda Pilot

Quiet tires can significantly enhance the driving experience of a Honda Pilot by reducing road noise, providing a smoother ride, and improving overall comfort. When considering quiet tires for a Honda Pilot, several key features contribute to their effectiveness:

  1. Tread Design: Quiet tires often feature specialized tread patterns designed to minimize road noise. Treads with smaller, interlocking tread blocks or unique patterns help reduce the sound generated as the tire rolls over various surfaces. Symmetrical or asymmetric tread designs can contribute to quieter performance by reducing vibrations and noise.
  2. Noise-Reducing Materials: Some tire manufacturers incorporate noise-absorbing materials or technologies into the tire construction. These materials can dampen vibrations and lower the noise produced while driving. Silica-based compounds or advanced rubber compounds are used to achieve this noise reduction.
  3. Tread Compound: High-quality tire compounds can influence noise levels. Softer and more flexible rubber compounds can help absorb road imperfections and reduce the noise transmitted into the vehicle cabin. However, it’s essential to balance this with durability and tread life.
  4. Variable Pitch Tread Blocks: Tires with variable pitch tread blocks have different sizes and shapes across the tire’s surface. This feature disrupts the sound frequency produced by the tires, resulting in a quieter ride by reducing the harmonic noise.
  5. Groove Arrangement: Optimized groove designs help in channeling water away from the tire, reducing the risk of hydroplaning. Additionally, these grooves can contribute to a quieter ride by minimizing air turbulence within the tread pattern.
  6. Size and Brand Selection: The size of the tire and the brand chosen can affect noise levels. Opting for a reputable brand known for its quiet tire technology and selecting the correct tire size recommended for the Honda Pilot can make a difference in noise reduction.
  7. Rolling Resistance: Tires with lower rolling resistance tend to generate less noise. They also contribute to better fuel efficiency, which can be an added benefit.

When looking for quiet tires for your Honda Pilot, it’s essential to consider factors such as driving conditions, tread life, handling, and traction in addition to noise reduction. Reading reviews, consulting with tire experts, and considering the trade-offs between various features can help you find the ideal set of quiet tires that suit your driving preferences and needs for your Honda Pilot.

In Summary

All in all, if you pick one of the quiet tires for your Honda Pilot off this list, you can’t go wrong. They will undoubtedly provide you with a huge noise reduction compared to the stock tires.

This guide should equip you with the knowledge you need to pick the right one. However, the specific one you choose depends on your specific use case, climate conditions, driving style etc. If you’re still having trouble figuring out which one to choose, then you should probably talk to a mechanic!