4 Quietest Tires for Toyota Rav4 – Top Picks Backed by Data

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quietest tires for toyota rav4

In this guide we’ve gone over all of the tires available on the market for the Toyota Rav4. After thoroughly evaluating them against our strict criteria we’ve come up with a list of the quietest tires for Toyota RAV4 drivers.

We checked all of the major brands, and went in depth to figure out whether their offering was any good or not. The tires on this list are hand selected to be the most quiet options, but they’re also just good tires in every other regard.

If you’re concerned about increasing the comfort of driving your RAV4 by reducing the noise it produces, then you’re certainly in the right place. Read on to find out the best options.

Quietest Tires for Toyota Rav4 – Top Picks for a Quiet Ride


The MICHELIN Primacy Tour A/S is designed to provide a premium driving experience for luxury vehicles, offering a perfect balance of efficiency, precision handling, and comfort. Here’s a summary of its features and potential pros and cons:

Key Features:

  1. Efficiency and EV Ready:
    • Tailored for premium vehicles, ensuring a relaxing driving experience in your RAV4.
    • EV ready, making it suitable for electric vehicles.
  2. Premium Precision Handling:
    • Delivers precise handling for enhanced control on the road.
  3. Quiet and Comfortable Ride:
    • Features the quietest tread design among leading competitors.
    • Enhanced ComfortControl with PIANO Noise Reduction Tuning for an exceptionally quiet ride.
  4. Endorsement by Premium Carmakers:
    • MICHELIN Primacy tires are the preferred choice for premium and luxury models by top vehicle manufacturers.
    • 1 out of 4 premium vehicles sold in North America comes equipped with MICHELIN tires.
  5. Superior Snow Traction:
    • 17% better snow traction compared to the MICHELIN Primacy MXM4.
    • Latest generation rubber compound maintains flexibility in cold temperatures, ensuring grip on snow and ice.
  6. MICHELIN Total Performance:
    • Emphasizes safety, durability, and fuel efficiency simultaneously with no trade-offs.


  • Premium Driving Experience: Tailored for premium vehicles, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable drive.
  • Quiet Operation: Boasts the quietest tread design, enhancing the overall driving comfort.
  • Snow Traction: Excellent performance in winter conditions with 17% better snow traction.
  • Endorsed by Manufacturers: Trusted by top vehicle manufacturers for their premium and luxury models.
  • Comprehensive Warranties: Offers substantial treadwear warranties and additional coverage for specific speed ratings.


  • Price: Being a premium tire,it has a higher price tag compared to budget options.
  • Limited Mileage Warranty Exceptions: Mileage warranty is reduced for certain tire configurations, such as split fitments.

In conclusion, the MICHELIN Primacy Tour A/S is an ideal choice for drivers seeking a high-end, all-season tire that prioritizes performance, comfort, and safety. While it may be priced higher, the tire’s advanced features, and comprehensive warranties make it a compelling option for those looking for a premium driving experience without too much noise on the road.

Dunlop Grandtrek Pt21

The Dunlop Grandtrek PT21 is a versatile all-season tire designed for drivers of CUVs and SUVs. With a focus on performance and longevity, this tire offers several features to enhance your driving experience and keep it smoother.

Key Features:

  1. Fuel Efficiency: The Grandtrek PT21 incorporates a low rolling resistance design, contributing to improved fuel efficiency for your vehicle.
  2. Hydroplaning Resistance: Equipped with four wide grooves, this tire efficiently channels water out of the tread, reducing the risk of hydroplaning on wet roads and providing enhanced traction.
  3. Quiet and Comfortable Ride: The symmetrical tread pattern not only fights off uneven wear for a longer tread life but also works to eliminate road noises and vibrations, ensuring a quiet and comfortable driving experience.


  • Low rolling resistance enhances fuel efficiency.
  • Effective water evacuation reduces the risk of hydroplaning.
  • Symmetrical tread pattern promotes even wear and a longer tread life.
  • Designed for a quiet and comfortable ride.


  • Some drivers mention concerns about tread life

The Dunlop Grandtrek PT21 235/55R19 101V is a reliable choice for drivers seeking a balance of performance, longevity, and comfort in their all-season tires. While the product offers fuel efficiency, hydroplaning resistance, and a quiet ride, potential buyers should consider customer feedback on tread life and availability.

Kumho Crugen Hp71

The Kumho Crugen HP71 is a premium tire designed to provide a luxurious feel, a quiet ride, and optimal safety for contemporary CUVs and SUVs. Leveraging Kumho’s cutting-edge technology, this tire ensures confidence on the road, regardless of the season or weather conditions.

Key Features:

  1. Luxurious Feel and Quiet Ride: The Crugen HP71 offers a top-tier luxurious feel and a quiet ride, enhancing the overall driving experience for users.
  2. Safety and Performance: The tire is engineered to deliver a high level of safety, exceptional performance, and impressive longevity, making it an ideal choice for today’s CUVs and SUVs.
  3. Technological Advancements:
    • Full Depth Sipes and Lateral Voids: These features effectively remove slush from under the tire, providing long-lasting winter traction.
    • Wide Circumferential Grooves and Micro-Serration: These elements aid in water evacuation, improving wet weather traction and preventing hydroplaning.
    • Strong Center Rib and Improved Shoulder Blocks: These contribute to even wear, longer tire life, quick handling, and enhanced overall performance.
    • Variable Pitch Technology: Kumho’s Variable Pitch Technology and tread pattern ensure a quiet and comfortable ride that rivals top-tier competitors.
  4. Warranty Coverage:
    • Kumho Manufacturer’s Warranty: All Kumho commercial tires, including the Crugen HP71, are covered for a minimum of 60 months from the date of purchase.
    • 65K Limited Tread Wear Warranty: Kumho offers a pro-rated credit based on unused mileage if an eligible replacement tire does not reach the warranted mileage.
    • Road Hazard Warranty: Eligible replacement tires damaged due to a road hazard condition are replaced free of charge within the first 2/32’’ of the original tread and 12 months from the date of purchase.


  • Luxurious feel and quiet ride.
  • High levels of safety and performance.
  • Innovative technological features for winter traction and wet weather performance.
  • Long-lasting tread life with even wear.
  • Variable Pitch Technology for a comfortable ride.


  • Not the greatest off road

Conclusion: The Kumho Crugen HP71 stands out as a premium all-season tire, offering a luxurious driving experience, top-notch safety, and impressive longevity. With advanced technology and warranty coverage, it caters to the needs of CUV and SUV drivers, excelling in various driving conditions. Considered one of Kumho’s top offerings, the Crugen HP71 is a competitive choice for those seeking a high-performance tire that doesn’t make too much noise.

Pirelli Scorpion as Plus 3

The Scorpion AS Plus 3 by Pirelli stands as a meticulously redesigned Touring All-Season tire crafted specifically for crossovers, sport utility vehicles, and pick-up trucks. As a member of Pirelli’s Plus line of products, this tire is engineered to cater to the needs of North American drivers. Boasting a fresh tread pattern, innovative compound, and advanced construction, the Scorpion AS Plus 3 promises outstanding mileage, superior snow performance, improved wet/dry handling, and heightened comfort, delivering a quieter ride compared to its predecessor.

Key Features:

  1. Enhanced Mileage: The tire features an innovative tread compound designed to provide exceptional mileage, ensuring longevity and durability.
  2. All-Season Confidence: Engineered for all-season performance, the Scorpion AS Plus 3 instills confidence in various weather conditions, enhancing versatility.
  3. Improved Snow Performance: The redesigned tire excels in snow conditions, offering enhanced traction and control for safer winter driving.
  4. Wet/Dry Handling: The construction and compound of the tire contribute to improved handling on both wet and dry surfaces, providing a balanced and responsive driving experience.
  5. Increased Comfort: Drivers can expect an elevated level of comfort, thanks to a quieter ride achieved through design optimizations.


  • Versatile all-season performance, suitable for diverse weather conditions.
  • Improved snow performance ensures enhanced traction in winter conditions.
  • Balanced handling on wet and dry surfaces.
  • Provides a quieter and smoother ride.


  • Not the cheapest/best value

Conclusion: The Pirelli Scorpion AS Plus 3 stands out as a thoughtfully redesigned tire offering a balance of mileage, all-season confidence, and enhanced performance in snow. With a focus on providing a quieter and more comfortable driving experience, this tire caters to the needs of SUV and truck drivers, making it a compelling choice for those seeking a reliable and versatile Touring All-Season tire

Top Factors That Influence Tire Noise

Several factors contribute to tire noise, affecting the overall sound level produced by a vehicle’s tires. Some of the primary factors influencing tire noise include:

  1. Tread pattern: The design and configuration of a tire’s tread pattern significantly impact noise levels. Tires with more aggressive tread patterns, especially those with larger tread blocks or channels, tend to generate more noise as they come into contact with the road surface.
  2. Tire type: Different types of tires produce varying levels of noise. For instance, all-season tires may be quieter than high-performance or off-road tires due to differences in their tread designs and rubber compounds.
  3. Road surface: The condition and texture of the road surface affect tire noise. Coarse or rough roads tend to amplify tire noise, whereas smooth surfaces can reduce it.
  4. Tire age and wear: As tires wear down, especially when the tread depth decreases, they can become noisier. This increased noise can result from changes in the tire’s contact patch and tread pattern.
  5. Tire size: Larger tires, especially those with wider profiles, often generate more noise compared to smaller or narrower tires. The size and shape of the tire can influence the amount of contact it makes with the road, affecting noise levels.
  6. Vehicle speed: Tire noise can be more noticeable at higher speeds due to increased tire rotation and the sound frequency generated as a result.
  7. Tire inflation pressure: Incorrect tire pressure can affect how the tire interacts with the road surface. Overinflated or underinflated tires may lead to irregular wear patterns, potentially increasing noise levels.
  8. Vehicle design and suspension: The design of the vehicle, including its suspension system, can impact how tire noise is transmitted and perceived inside the cabin. Some vehicles are engineered to minimize road and tire noise through various insulation and suspension techniques.
  9. Manufacturing techniques and materials: Advancements in tire manufacturing techniques and materials, such as using innovative rubber compounds or noise-reducing technologies, can help in reducing tire noise.

Manufacturers often aim to balance factors like traction, durability, and noise when designing tires. Efforts to mitigate tire noise involve optimizing tread patterns, using noise-absorbing materials, and developing advanced manufacturing methods to create quieter tires without compromising other performance aspects.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How Can I Make My RAV4 Quieter? There are several steps you can take to reduce the noise level in your RAV4:
    • Tire Selection: Opt for tires designed for a quieter ride. Look for tires with lower road noise ratings and consider all-season or touring tires.
    • Soundproofing: Install additional soundproofing materials in your vehicle. This can include applying sound deadening mats or adding insulation to areas that let in road noise.
    • Regular Maintenance: Keep up with routine maintenance, including checking tire pressure, ensuring proper wheel alignment, and replacing worn-out or damaged parts that could contribute to noise.
    • Wind Noise Reduction: Address wind noise by checking and repairing seals around doors, windows, and the sunroof, if applicable.
    • Underbody Protection: Shield the underbody to reduce road noise and vibrations. This can involve adding underbody coatings or shields to minimize noise transmission.
  2. Does the RAV4 Make a Lot of Noise on the Road? The noise level experienced in a RAV4 can vary based on several factors, including road conditions, tire type, driving speed, and individual sensitivity to noise. Generally, RAV4s are designed to provide a comfortable and relatively quiet ride, but road noise can be more noticeable depending on factors such as tire choice (some tire models may be noisier than others), road surfaces, and vehicle age. Newer RAV4 models often come equipped with improved sound insulation and technologies aimed at reducing cabin noise. Test-driving different RAV4 models and exploring tire options can help in finding a quieter ride that suits your preferences.

More Quiet Tires:

Quietest Tires for RAV4 – Conclusion

The guide above covers in detail the quietest tires for RAV4 owners who want a more comfortable and luxurious ride. The tires in the list come with the latest and greatest features and noise reduction technology. It’s for these reasons that they’ve managed to make it into our list.

If you pick one of the options provided in the list above, you can’t go wrong. They each have their own pros and cons however, so keep that in mind. If you’re still unsure about which tire is right for you then it’s always good to consult a mechanic.