Quietest Tires for Hyundai Santa Fe [Top Picks Based on Data]

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quietest tires for hyundai santa fe

Quietest Tires for Hyundai Santa Fe

Pirelli Scorpion as Plus 3

SCORPION AS PLUS 3, Pirelli’s revamped Touring All-Season tire designed for crossovers, SUVs, and pickup trucks. This tire provides an elevated driving experience with a focus on comfort, performance, and adaptability to various weather conditions.


  • Advanced Technology: Incorporating 3D sipe technology, the tire enhances confident handling in both wet and dry conditions, providing drivers with a sense of control and stability.
  • Improved Snow Performance: Tailored for the North American market, this tire promises improved snow performance, ensuring reliability and safety in winter driving conditions.
  • Enhanced Comfort: Drivers can expect increased comfort and a quieter ride compared to the previous generation, making it suitable for long journeys.
  • Comprehensive Warranty: Pirelli offers a warranty for the SCORPION AS PLUS 3, providing consumers with additional peace of mind regarding the tire’s longevity and performance.


  • Pricing: The starting price is relatively high compared to some competitors in the Touring All-Season category, which could impact budget minded people.

Conclusion:The SCORPION AS PLUS 3 stands out as a premium choice for drivers seeking a Touring All-Season tire that prioritizes comfort, versatility, and improved performance in various weather conditions. With advanced 3D technology, redesigned features, and a focus on North American driving needs, it offers a well-rounded driving experience. the initial investment is higher than some other option but, the potential benefits in terms of performance and comfort may justify the cost for those prioritizing quality and comfort.

Continental Crosscontact Lx25

The Continental CrossContact LX25 stands out as a premium all-season touring tire designed exclusively for crossovers and SUVs. Engineered for year-round traction, this tire integrates EcoPlus Technology, delivering notable advantages such as fuel savings, shorter stopping distances on wet roads, and an extended tread life. The tire offers a best-in-class tread life, surpassing competitors like the Michelin Premier LTX, Pirelli Scorpion Verde All Season Plus, Bridgestone Ecopia H/L 422 Plus, and Goodyear Assurance CS Fuel Max in internal tread life tests (size 235/60R18 H).


  • Best-in-class Tread Life: Internal tests reveal superior tread life compared to competitors in the 235/60R18 H size category.
  • Improved Wet Braking: Outperforms the CrossContact LX20 in wet braking tests (size 235/60R18 H), ensuring enhanced safety in wet conditions.
  • Low Road Noise: The CrossContact LX25 is designed for a quiet and comfortable ride, minimizing road noise for a more enjoyable driving experience.
  • Responsive Handling: The tire provides responsive handling, contributing to a smooth and controlled driving experience.
  • Available in Outlined White Letter (OWL) and Black Sidewall (BSW): Offers customization options to suit individual preferences.


  • Some drivers have complained that the traction isn’t ideal

Conclusion: The Continental CrossContact LX25 emerges as a compelling choice for drivers seeking a premium all-season touring tire. With a focus on tread life, wet braking, low road noise, and responsive handling, it addresses key performance aspects. The inclusion of EcoPlus Technology further emphasizes fuel efficiency and extended tread life. Drivers who prioritize these features may find the CrossContact LX25 to be a well-rounded and reliable tire for their crossover, SUV, or light truck.

Cooper Endeavor Plus

The Cooper Endeavor Plus emerges as a versatile all-season tire meticulously crafted for SUVs and pickup trucks of various sizes. This tire is engineered to provide a harmonious blend of handling, even tread wear, wet performance, and a serene ride. With a mileage warranty of up to 65,000 miles, the Cooper Endeavor Plus positions itself as a reliable option for drivers seeking durability and performance in diverse driving conditions.


  • Even Treadwear for Tire Longevity: The Endeavor Plus boasts even tread wear, contributing to prolonged tire life
  • Balanced Performance for Greater Grip: The tire is designed to offer balanced performance, ensuring enhanced grip in both wet and snowy conditions.
  • Quiet Ride: Prioritizing driver comfort, the Endeavor Plus is crafted for a quiet and enjoyable driving experience.
  • Confidence in the Rain: Equipped with water evacuation grooves and checkmark channels, the tire enhances traction in wet conditions, instilling confidence during rainy weather.


  • Traction Issues: Some drivers have reported subpar traction, particularly in rain and on icy surfaces

Conclusion: The Cooper Endeavor Plus stands as a dependable choice for SUV and truck owners seeking a well-rounded, all-season tire. Its emphasis on even tread wear, wet performance, and a quiet ride aligns with the preferences of many drivers. While some drivers express concerns about traction in specific conditions, the tire’s overall balanced performance and durability, backed by a 65,000-mile warranty, position it as a reliable option for diverse driving needs.

Key Features of Quiet Tires for Hyundai Santa Fe

When looking for quiet tires for a Hyundai Santa Fe, consider the following key features:

  1. Tread Pattern: Look for tires with a tread pattern designed to reduce road noise. Tires with smaller tread blocks and optimized patterns can help in reducing noise levels.
  2. Tire Material and Construction: High-quality rubber compounds and advanced tire construction can significantly affect noise reduction. Some tires use specific materials and technology to dampen sound and vibrations, providing a quieter ride.
  3. Tire Size: Opt for the correct tire size recommended for your Hyundai Santa Fe. Incorrectly sized tires might cause more noise due to improper fitting or road contact.
  4. Tire Brand and Model: Certain tire brands and models are known for their emphasis on noise reduction. Look for tires from reputable manufacturers known for producing quiet and comfortable tires.
  5. Tire Reviews and Ratings: Check reviews and ratings of different tire models to see feedback from other Hyundai Santa Fe owners regarding noise levels, performance, and comfort.
  6. Noise Reduction Technology: Some tires incorporate specific noise reduction technology, such as sound-absorbing materials or innovative tread designs, to minimize road noise.
  7. Fuel Efficiency: Tires designed for better fuel efficiency often have reduced rolling resistance, which can contribute to a quieter ride as well.
  8. All-Season Performance: Depending on your driving conditions, opt for tires designed to perform well in various weather conditions. This ensures a quieter and safer drive in different situations.
  9. Budget: While looking for quiet tires, consider your budget. Premium tires with noise reduction technology might be more expensive, but they could offer better noise isolation and overall performance.

Always consult your vehicle manual or a professional to ensure the compatibility of the tires you choose with your Hyundai Santa Fe model. Balancing noise reduction with other important tire qualities like traction, durability, and handling is crucial for an optimal driving experience.

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Our list of the quietest tires for the Hyundai Santa Fe should give you all of the knowledge you need to understand what makes a good quiet tire for this specific car. If you pick from any of the products on the list you can’t go too far astray.

The main thing is to make sure that you get tires that suit your specific circumstances. For example if you live in a climate where it often rains, then you need to place emphasis on the wet performance of the tire!