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Krud Kutter vs Simple Green

Krud Kutter vs Simple Green: A Detailed Comparison

Ollie Barker

Everyone has a dream car wash solution, but if you’re torn between Krud Kutter and Simple Green, here’s a comparative ...

How Long Does an Automatic Car Wash Take

How Long Does an Automatic Car Wash Take?

Ollie Barker

There may come a moment when you don’t have time to wash your car by hand and instead choose for ...

does whipped cream damage car paint

Does Whipped Cream Damage Car Paint? How to Get it Off?

Ollie Barker

It’s true that our cars are not child-proof. Many drivers are concerned about children smearing whipped cream on their paint, ...

Car Paint Damage Types

9 Fundamental Car Paint Damage Types You Need to Know About

Ollie Barker

Scratches, swirls, and other defects to a vehicle’s paint are something no owner wants to see. However, automotive paint damage ...

What Eats Car Paint the Fastest

What Eats Car Paint the Fastest? [Know Your Enemies]

Ollie Barker

Your car’s paint won’t last indefinitely. There are numerous factors that cause automotive paint to deteriorate. As a result, several ...

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