Shell vs Chevron: Are Their Fuels the Same or Difference?

Naomi O'Colman

Shell vs Chevron

Shell vs Chevron

For many of us, the distance or the gas station with the lowest price usually determines which one we choose to fill up the vehicle’s tank with petrol. However, stopping at any gas station might not be a better option regarding the Top Tier Standard.

Thus, today I’ll compare the two most common gasoline brands: Shell vs Chevron, in terms of their fuel quality, price and location.

I’ll also discuss a few additional points related to gasoline that are crucial to your understanding, such as Top Tier requirements, octane ratings, and the significance of fuel additives.

shell vs chevron

Both Shell and Chevron are equally good when it comes to quality. The only difference between Shell and Chevron is the additives they add to the finished product.

Shell GasChevron Gas
Top Tier StandardsYes
Octane rating85-9187-91
No. of location (USA)126376877

What is Top Tier Gas?

Until a major merchant purchases it, gasoline is essentially a shared commodity that is frequently kept in open containers. The companies then add a certain ingredient to the gas, giving it a brand-specific treatment.

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In order to better safeguard increasingly sophisticated engines from carbon buildup and deposits on the intake valves, which can cause a rough idle, acceleration hesitancy, knocking or pinging, and decreased fuel economy, Top Tier gasoline was created in 2004. It goes above and beyond the minimum standard for detergent additives.

Morden engines have become much more precise during the past 20 years, functioning with tighter tolerances and greater compression ratios. So, to achieve cleaner emissions and better fuel efficiency, several significant automakers, including Audi, BMW, Ford, General Motors, Honda, Mercedes-Benz, Stellantis, Toyota, and Volkswagen, have banded together to support Top Tier gas.

For the benefit of customers, when a participating store offers Top Tier fuel, all octane ratings of gasoline and diesel, from normal to premium, must comply with the Top Tier specifications. Therefore, drivers do not need to subscribe to premium to benefit from the cleansing features.

Advantages of Top Tier Fuel

Compared to regular gasoline, Top Tier Gasoline contains more detergent additives. These extra additives enhance your vehicle’s overall performance while reducing carbon buildup throughout the engine.

The advantages of utilizing Top Tier fuel are as follows:

  • Keeps intake deposits away from valves.
  • Better than regular gasoline at cleaning the engine.
  • Supports long-term improvements in engine performance.
  • Stops the engine’s internal carbon buildup from having a harmful impact.

Octane Number

Before jumping into the comparison, let’s look at the octane rating first. This is one of the most critical criteria to compare gasoline.

So, what is octane rating?

The fuel’s octane rating, which describes the pressure the gas can withstand before igniting, is used to gauge an engine’s performance. With high octane rating, the more pressure the fuel can withstand, the more horsepower drivers can acquire.

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This explains why some automobile engines need premium fuel and nothing less to function properly. It is therefore advisable to read the owner’s handbook to learn what is advised.

As opposed to regular gas, which has an average octane value of roughly 87, premium gas refers to fuel with a higher octane rating, specifically 90 and beyond.

For engines with a greater compression ratio, use turbocharging or supercharging to push more air into the engine, or both, high octane fuel is frequently advised.

Shell vs Chevron Gas

Now that we have examined Top Tier gasoline in detail and proven that Chevron and Shell both sell this higher grade fuel, let’s look more thoroughly at these two businesses to see which one produces the superior gas.

The vehicle you are driving, and its engine will determine which gas is ideal for your automobile. Various engines will need fuel with a specific octane rating.

Shell vs. Chevron: Octane Rating

gas octane rating

The many fuel grades that Chevron offers are listed below. To aid you in making a choice, I have included listed the Octane rating for each grade:

  • Regular Chevron: 87
  • Chevron Plus: 89
  • Chevron Supreme: 91

Techron, an ingredient that enhances acceleration, increases mileage, reduces pollutants, and shields engine components from carbon buildup, is used in all Chevron gasoline.

For comparison’s sake, here are the Shell fuel grades and Octane ratings:

  • Regular Shell: 85
  • Shell Plus: 88
  • Shell V-Power Nitro+ Premium: 91

Shell vs Chevron: Price

The cost of fuel is always fluctuating. Prices at the petrol station fluctuate along with the price of oil. However, due to the cleaning chemicals Shell and Chevron use to safeguard your vehicle’s engine, their prices do not differ much, and both fuels offer excellent value for the money.

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Customers of Chevron can save up to 7 cents per gallon by signing up for the Techron Advantage credit card. In addition, if drivers sign up for the Visa Techron Advantage credit card, they can save even more while filling up at Chevron.

Members of the Shell credit card can also save money on gas thanks to the reward program, which allows for savings of between 5 and 10 cents per gallon.

Shell vs Chevron: Location

A data firm called ScrapeHero claims that:

  • As of September 20, 2022, there are 12,637 Shell stations across the country. Texas is the state with the most Shell locations, with 1,564 locations.
  • As of September 19, 2022, there are 6,877 Chevron locations nationwide. California is the state with the most Chevron locations, with 1802 locations.

Who Has A Better Rewards Program, Shell or Chevron?

There is a proverb that states that nothing comes for free. Rewards programs, however, seem to refute this. You fill up your tank and gain points with gifts. You can use those points to buy free items, cashback, or gas.

Let’s contrast the rewards programs that these two oil firms have to offer.

You can link your credit card to your Shell rewards card through the company’s rewards program. As a result, you will save $0.05 per gallon at each fill-up. Additionally, for every $50 spent at participating restaurants, you can receive savings of $0.10 per gallon.

You can access the Chevron gas rewards program by downloading the free app and using a valid credit card. PayPal and Venmo are additional options. Additionally, you can link your rewards ID in the app if you participate in a grocery store rewards program, such as Albertson’s.

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And you may make up to $0.47 per gallon if you have a Chevron credit card. These savings are also provided by businesses that take Visa.

Overall, Shell receives a higher score.


Do Shell and Chevron diesel fuels differ from one another?

Ultra-low sulfur diesel, which meets EPA standards, makes up most of the diesel fuel sold. These have to fall within a certain cetane range and have lubrication-enhancing additives. In cold climates, diesel fuel is blended to prevent waxing and filter clogging.

Chevron doesn’t publish what additives go into its diesel or if there are any differences in performance.

On the other hand, Shell uses its own DYNAFLEX technology to improve its diesel fuel. Its formulation, known as V-Power Diesel, is designed to improve performance by removing dirt from engine parts. A more responsive motor is the end result.

Any of these goods should work well with your truck, and the variations between them might not even be noticeable. You must determine whether brand names are significant to you.

Is Shell fuel superior to others?

Shell gas

Although it’s difficult to declare that Shell gas is the best, it’s a great alternative for your car. Shell gas, a member of “Top Tier Gasoline,” does significantly improve engine health compared to generic no-name products. All gas brands must, however, adhere to the same minimal industry requirements.

Are Chevron fuels superior?

Chevron gas

The concept of “better gas” does not exist. Businesses like Chevron want to convince you that their gasoline is better because it contains Techron. However, all gas contains detergents that prevent clogging in the fuel injector.

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When it comes to Shell vs Chevron gas, you will see that they are both top-tier providers. Therefore, the decision ultimately comes down to which of the two stations is closest to you. However, going with the one that has the most recent gas is the most sensible decision. Whichever station receives the greatest daily traffic, especially for the premium.

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