How to Adjust Towing Mirrors

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Convex or Flat Towing Mirrors (1)

Convex or Flat Towing Mirrors (1)

How do you adjust the towing mirrors on your car? Towing mirrors are an important accessory when towing a trailer. They allow you to see what is happening behind your vehicle, and they help improve visibility for other drivers on the road. In this article, we’ll let you know how to adjust towing mirrors and how to install them.

How to Adjust Towing Mirrors

To adjust the towing mirrors, put a straight edge across them and then turn the topmost nut until they are tight against it. The bottom-most left-hand nut should be turned in order to tighten them down on both sides of your vehicle. For best visibility, make sure that you set up the towing mirrors so that they do not create a blind spot.

When you travel on uneven roads or jarring terrain, the towing mirrors vibrate and need to be adjusted again. Thus, you should check the alignment frequently.

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One important tip from trailer drivers that you shouldn’t adjust towing mirrors while driving. It’s dangerous for yourself and others. Go off the road to do so.

Having towing mirrors adjusted correctly increases your safety on the road as you can see both sides of your vehicle.

How to Install Towing Mirrors

How to fit towing mirrors is not a challenging task. You can do it yourself.

Tow mirrors need to be installed on the inside of your vehicle, which means that you will need to remove the door panels from your car in order for them to fit properly.

The first step is removing all of the screws and clips holding everything together. Once this has been done, the panels should be able to come off easily.

Next, ensure that you have a good view of your rear on both sides before installing them.

Once they are in place, reach behind and secure everything with screws and clips just as it was before removing them. You can now enjoy having great views while driving!


#1 What Should I See in My Towing Mirror?

The towing mirror should show you the side of your car, including any cars behind it. This is a good indication that everything is in place and working properly!

#2 What are Towing Mirrors?

Towing mirrors are installed on the inside of your vehicle so they provide better visibility while driving. They are extensional mirrors so they reach further than normal side mirrors.

#3 Do I Really Need Towing Mirrors?

The regulation might differ from state to state, but overall, it is a must practice for RVs in the United States. Make sure you buy the correct towing mirrors for your vehicle and have them installed correctly.

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Having a clear rear vision is crucial when you have a trailer with you.

Final Words

Installing towing mirrors is a legal obligation so all caravaners must do it. Adjusting towing mirrors should be your habit before getting on your vehicle to avoid any surprise of where is that car coming from. Many accidents happened just because of the blind spot.

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