How to Start Your Car After Running Out of Gas? A Simple Guide!

Naomi O'Colman

How to Start Your Car After Running Out of Gas

How to Start Your Car After Running Out of Gas

No driver wants this to happen but sometimes the car runs out of gas without them knowing. So, how to start your car after running out of gas? The process may not be as you think it is. In this article, I’ll show you how to deal with this issue.

How to Start Your Car After Running Out of Gas?

  • The very first thing we need to do is to refill the gas tank with gasoline. It’s ideal to get it full again, otherwise, put at least 2 gallons of petrol.
  • After that, don’t ignite right away, but wait a few minutes. You may think it is useless to do this, but actually, it is a good idea.

The reason for this is that during the time you refilled the fuel tank, gasoline going in the tank evaporates a little bit and forms a vapor in there, and this vapor needs some time to leave the tank and settle down. And once this thing happens, just fire up your engine and you will be able to run your car normally.

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Another reason for waiting is that it takes some time for the fuel to reach the combustion chamber. At the first start it might take up to 30 seconds for the fuel to reach the cylinder, so don’t give up right away.

Then, it’s time to prime. There may be some air inside the fuel system and priming will let the air out and the fuel can flow freely. You can prime by turning the key on and off a few times before starting it.

If this trick still doesn’t work, try to check if there are any clogs in your fuel lines. And if you have some mechanical skills, you can always change your fuel pump together with filters. But I don’t recommend doing that unless you are sure that this is your problem.

What Happens When You Let The Car Run Out Of Gas

Leaving the gas tank empty can cause some damages to the car itself. Here are some possible problems:

When the fuel tank is empty, the car starts running on internal combustion. That means that some parts of your car are working with air, and not only with the fuel. This causes your car to overheat quickly, which can cause serious problems.

The engine itself works with air too, so if you let the gas tank empty for a long time it will start to overheat more quickly too. And if it overheats enough, it will crack its head or explode.

The part that is most affected is the fuel pump as well. It’s a delicate mechanism that works with air, and if it gets empty, the fuel pump will start to produce an annoying noise. It can also cause your car not to start at all.

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What If Your Engine Runs On Diesel

If you own a diesel car and it’s out of fuel, don’t start it for at least 10 minutes. Diesel doesn’t evaporate as quickly as gasoline, so waiting is not needed here. But it will allow the liquid fuel to spread inside the tank, which will make it easier for your engine to run on diesel.

And of course, if you still don’t succeed in starting your car after running out of gas, you can always call a tow truck or schedule an appointment with a mechanic who will help you solve this issue.

The effect of air inside the diesel fuel system is much worse than the gas ones since many components inside like the fuel pump or injectors can be broken and you can’t start the car at all. If this happens, you will need to call a mechanic for help.

Final Words

When you run out of gas, the car continues to work until it reaches a critical temperature. That’s when you get a very unpleasant smell from inside your car too. It’s better not to let this happen but in case it does, I hope you’ve got some ideas to deal with it properly now.