Easiest and Hardest Car Colors to Keep Clean

Naomi O'Colman

Easiest and Hardest Car Colors to Keep Clean

Easiest and Hardest Car Colors to Keep Clean

What are the easiest and hardest car colors to keep clean? Some colors are easier to keep clean because they don’t show dirt very easily. These colors typically have a glossy or matte finish that allows them to easily wipe and scrub cleaner than softer paints such as cream, peach, or taupe. Darker shades of brown and blue also hold their color better which makes them easier to maintain with less effort.

The Easiest and Hardest Car Colors to Keep Clean

Lustrous Colors

These are the hardest colors to keep clean. They don’t have a great cleaning ability with water, soap, or disinfectants due to the high pigment levels.

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The best way to clean these colors is with a microfiber cloth, wire brush, or other synthetic material. Depending on the contamination in the paint, you may need to use more than one method before you dry the surface completely.

Red and Orange Colors

These colors are typically glossy, which makes water bead more easily. Because of this effect, it’s usually easier to spot dirt and contaminants on a car paint job.

When cleaning these types of paints, pay attention to the smaller surfaces first and move up to the larger surfaces. Always rinse thoroughly with water before using any type of cleaner on them.

Dark Colors

These colors hold up very well against sun damage because they block out so much light.

Black is the hardest to keep clean, but colors such as dark teal and brown are also very challenging. These colors can show skin oils, grease, and dirt easily.

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Wipe your car down with a damp cloth or microfiber towel to remove these contaminants. Then spray on wax or sealant to enhance the paint and make it easier to maintain.

Light Colors

These softer paints are more prone to contamination like skin oil, dust, and dirt.

To remove these contaminants, use a clean cloth to wipe them away. When you’re finished wiping the car, spray it down with cleaner. Make sure to use enough water on the surface of the paint to prevent water spots from forming.

Grey Colors

Grey cars turn out to be the easiest color to keep clean. The reason being is that this color can hide dirt and dust, so they always look new. Furthermore, they don’t trap heat like black colors so water spots are less likely to appear.

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Main Types of Car Paint Finishes

These are the most common types of car paint finishes:


This type of finish has a shinier look and feel to it. Glossy paints are popular because they show off the car’s detailing work more and many people like that look.

Unfortunately, glossy paints also show more dirt and contaminants than matte or satin paints. These cars usually have special cleaning requirements such as taking your car through a car wash regularly.


Satin finishes have a smooth, flat look to them. Satin paints typically have less dirt and are easier to keep clean than shiny ones.

These paints are also more prone to minor scratches because of their thinner surface that’s easier to penetrate with dirt and contaminants. They’re also more sensitive to scratching from tree sap or impurities in the air causing swirls in the paint.


Matte finishes typically have a duller look and feel to them. These paints also have the unique ability to absorb more dirt and contaminants. They can also absorb the oils in your hands more easily.

Matte finishes are usually harder to clean because they tend to show more dirt, oil, and grease. These paints are also more prone to minor scratches because of their thinner surface that’s easier to penetrate with dirt and contaminants.

How to Keep Car Paint Fresh

Cars, trucks, and other vehicles are used every day. They are exposed to all of the things that you would clean in your home. These things can leave behind scuffs, scratches, grease, and even oily spots…that can end up on your car. Using the right products can help lessen the amount of maintenance required to keep these problems from becoming too large of a problem.

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Testors Paint Marker

When it comes to getting rid of these problems first thing you should do is use a paint marker. You can use one of the paint markers that hide small scratches, scuffs, or just about any other problem.

The paint marker makes it very easy to hide these problems because they are in liquid form so they fill in the problem area. Now when you wax your car you won’t be able to tell that your car has any problems at all.

Using an Exterior Car Wax or Tar Remover

One of the products that most people use on their cars is an exterior car wax or tar remover. This product helps remove the tar, tree sap, or other contaminants that can get on your car and cause problems. These products also contain a sealer that helps protect the paint from getting scratched again when they dry.

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Using a Car Wash Brush

A car wash brush is a tool that you can use to clean dirt and small contaminants from your vehicle. This simple device will help you to keep your car looking good for many years to come.

However, if you want to make sure that your paint can hold up when you have to go through a car wash, it’s important that you use these brushes properly. You have to wash off the water first and then dry your vehicle if you want it to look great for many years.

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Protecting Your Paint With Products Like Wax or Sealant

There are different types of car primers and then there are different products that make your car look good and keep the contaminants out. These products are often referred to as waxes or sealants. When you use these products, they will help to protect your car and keep the contaminants from sticking to it.

Sealing Your Paint With a Car Wax or Sealant

Wax is a product that you can apply to your paint to keep it from getting scratched easily. This is especially useful if you live in an area that has a lot of trees because tree sap can get on your vehicle and cause it to look bad and feel rough.

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You can use wax to get rid of tree sap, dirt, and other contaminants that cause scratches on your car. Some waxes also make unsightly swirls on your paint when it rains or gets wet. Waxes are all designed to minimize these problems.

Frequently Asked Questions

#1 What Color Car Gets the Least Dirty?

Lighter shades of blue and grey are the easiest to keep clean. They don’t show skin oils, dust, and dirt as easily as darker colors do.

#2 What Is the Most Durable Paint Color for a Car?

Red and orange colors, black paint, and dark greens are the most durable. They can take more damage from the environment and be worn down less by cars with lower horsepower engines.

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#3 What Color Car Hides Scratches Best?

Darker shades of black, blue, and dark grey hold up better to damage over time. They have more pigment in the paint and can withstand more abuse than the softer colors with less pigment.

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#4 What Color Car Is Easiest to Keep Clean?

Lighter shades of blue and grey are the easiest to keep clean. They don’t show skin oils, dust, and dirt as easily as darker colors do. Cleaning them with a microfiber cloth or lightly dampened paper towel should do the trick.

#5 What Paint Color Shows Scratches and Swirls the Best?

Dark-colored paints show scratches and swirl the best. These cars are more prone to scratches from tree sap, dirt, and other debris. They’re also more sensitive to damages from impurities in the air as well as having a thinner surface coating that’s easier to penetrate by contaminants.


All paints are not created equal. Some are easier to maintain than others and you should take these properties into account when deciding which one is right for your car. To find a more durable finish, go with black, red, or orange paint jobs. To find a glossier finish that holds up better to sunlight, go with black, blue, or dark grey paint jobs.