Do Mud Flaps Prevent Rock Chips?

Naomi O'Colman

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Do Mud Flaps Prevent Rock Chips

Do Mud Flaps Prevent Rock Chips

Most off-road driving puts a great deal of pressure on your vehicle, and with all of the possible hazards that can be associated with it, one of the easiest ways to reduce the risk of damage is by using mud flaps. But do mud flaps prevent rock chips?

But Do Mud Flaps Prevent Rock Chips?

Rock chips usually occur when your vehicle has been stopped abruptly, or when the ground has suddenly gotten extremely soft. Because of the mud, dirt, and debris that can be contained in a small gap between two opposing wheels. This can lead to considerable problems if it is left in the same position for too long. 

One senior member from the F150online forum said that if mounted correctly, mud flaps can prevent rock chips. The distance between the end of the mud flaps and the ground is crucial here. It should be narrow enough not to let the rocks pass. Furthermore, on the rear, the set of flaps should be mounted low enough to avoid stone chips. 

One useful tip is that stainless steel fasteners should be used to seal the gap between the wheel well and the flap so nothing can get in there, causing rusting.

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Running Boards: Alternative Solution

Another solution to this problem is running boards. These are small plastic pieces of very durable plastic that act like mud flaps, except that they don’t clog up your tires or anything else.

What they do is they act as another barrier to keep the dirt and mud out of your wheel wells, and they can be attached to most trucks and SUVs. Mud flaps, running boards, and tires may seem like a silly way to go about preventing rock chips in the future, but they’re certainly an effective solution to the current problem that most drivers face.


Offroad driving is a fun pastime, but it can also be dangerous if precautions aren’t taken. Driving on the sand, or under heavy amounts of snow can put a tremendous amount of stress on your vehicle, and mud flaps are one of the best ways to avoid such problems. If you want to go out and drive on a beautiful sandy road that’s far from civilization, you will almost always need to use some type of mud flaps. In fact, if the only alternative to driving on sand or dirt is running boards, there are several different types of mud flaps to choose from. However, most vehicles won’t be able to use them unless it’s a special design for their wheels.