Cost to Fix a Car Bumper: More Complicated than YOU THINK!

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Cost to Fix a Car Bumper

Cost to Fix a Car Bumper

A car bumper can be a minor issue if the car is older. However, if you have an SUV or similar vehicle, it may require professional help. With instructions for home repairs and potential costs, this blog post helps you decide whether to fix the bumper on your own or take it to a repair shop.

If your car has been involved in an accident, speak with a law enforcement officer before repairing the vehicle yourself.

What is a Bumper?

A bumper is a part of the body of the car that protects it from damage due to collisions with other cars. It also helps deflect debris and withstand impacts.

Your vehicle might include bumpers in the front or back of the car, or both, depending on how your car is built. Bumpers are made up of steel to protect against damaging collisions and can be decorative on some cars.

Bumper Parts

The following are the parts of the bumper:

The front bumper may include a grille, headlights, headlight washers, blinkers, fog lamps, and chrome trim.

The rear bumper may include taillights and trunk lights.

Bumper Repair or Bumper Replacement?

If your car’s bumper has a scratch or dent, there are several ways to fix it. You can usually repair minor damages, but serious damage may need a new bumper. The choice between bumper repair or replacement will come down to how extensive the damage is.

Minor scratches, dents, and chips can be repaired at an auto body shop. The shop will repaint any scratches or dents on the vehicle to make sure the car looks as good as new.

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It is typically urged to change a Bumper if the wreckings are significant. For instance, if the bumper has deep cracks and holes or if it’s completely falling off the vehicle. And the introduction of modern technologies has enabled more repairs. If you’ve been in an accident, schedule an appointment with the dealership to have your bumper checked for damage.

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If you need to replace a bumper because it was damaged in an accident, your insurance company will probably help pay for this. Consumers may not have coverage for bumps and scrapes due to normal daily driving. These are considered by some minor repairs like a new muffler or headlight installation.

Different Types Of Bumper Fix

Repairing Bumper

This will mean replacing the bumper. You need to remove the trim from around the brake, check for damage or corrosion on other parts. On the front, you have to remove the grille, headlight and taillight, fog lamp, wiper, and windshield wipers and check for damage. On both sides of the car, you have a turn signal light assembly to be removed. If you have a truck, you will have to remove the bumper jack and the tire.

After this check for damage and repair it accordingly. After repairing the bumper parts check for corrosion on steel parts and repair it if found. Now put it all back together after respraying.

Bumper Replacement

This method is preferred by many people since it’s cheaper than a part replacement. You don’t need to replace a part if there are no bumps or dents on it. You just need to replace a bumper. In this method, you have to find the exact same part and remove it. You put new parts in its place.

To do so, you should take your bumper apart by removing the bumper jack and tire from the car, if you have one. You will then unscrew all bolts and nuts that were holding your old bumper in place. Once you disassembled the old parts, you can now remove them from your car.

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Now, you can place any new part in the space that was previously occupied by the old parts. For instance, if the old bumper was placed on your car in front of the grille or headlights, you should put new ones in these places. You must then clean up all parts that were used. Test and make sure everything is working before reassembling everything.

Paintless Dent Repair

This method is quite common and often referred to as a dent doctor. You will use an air gun to fill in the dents with a filler. Once you are done filling, you will come back with paintless dent repair tools that will remove the excess filler from the dented area and leave it smooth and shiny.

Traditional Repair

Purchase a bumper parts kit. This includes the bumper in the front, sides, and back.

You also have to buy a repair kit which includes paint, paintbrushes and touch-up tools. You can get an online or local supplier that sells these parts kits or use the one provided by your car maker.

Put all the parts together to fix the bumper. On some cars, you may need additional parts like brackets, bolts, and clips for a certain spot of the car body that is damaged.

Then, you will need to follow the instructions and advice from the supplier you have chosen to get your bumper repaired.

For example, with lots of cars, you have to spray primer first before applying the paint. Then paint over it and sand over it before doing a final finish coat. This makes a good result in case of a bump in your car’s body.

Smart Repairs (Scrapes & scuffs)

For smaller scratches, scuffs, and dents, the car can be repaired by someone who is not an expert at bodywork. It’s possible that some of these methods will work. However, it is strongly recommended that you go to a professional in case of success or ongoing problems with your car. Still, you can try to make some repairs by yourself.

If you have budget concerns, you can consider renting a buffer tool. This is a popular tool that has a soft cotton pad and a polisher. You can use it to buff the area around the scratches and dents and remove the damage.

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If there are bigger scratches on your car, you need to use sandpaper or a rotary tool with a hock of sandpaper. The same thing applies in the case of dents.

For smaller dents, you can use a bar of steel wool and rub it over the area, while you are taking care of the scratches. You can also use a file that has a fine grain. You can file down the spot until you get rid of the damage.

For stubborn dents, you need to start from the inside out. You have to start by removing all inner panels from any location around the dent. Then remove small parts that are attached or surrounding the dent. You can use a hammer or screwdriver to poke into the dented area and try to work the dent out. This will take some time.

It requires a lot of patience. You have to keep on attacking the dent until you get it smooth and shiny again. You should consider getting help from a professional if you are not an expert in performing bodywork using this method.

Sanding is another method that is used for removing dents on cars. It is not as difficult as removing dents using other methods. This method uses coarse sandpaper and an abrasive. You just need to carefully maneuver the sandpaper on the dent until you remove the damage.

Most of these methods are effective. However, you have to apply them in a certain way to make sure to get the best results with your vehicle. For instance, if you use too much pressure when applying some of these techniques, then they will not work in a good way for your car body.

Cracks, Holes & Punctures

The faster you fix a hole, the less likely it is to rust and cause more damage. The first thing to do is to look at the size of the puncture if you can. If you cannot find it, then visualize where it might be. Bumpers are a popular place for rodents, but they love wiring as well. Sometimes fiberglass or plastic surfaces can’t be fixed easily and the only thing left is a replacement. Corrosion and rust will soon develop on metal surfaces that are not sealed up.

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The first step of repairing holes and punctures is to cut out the damaged material. Make sure you work slowly and carefully, so you can retain as much of the original surface as possible. If there are still bits of sharp metal inside the hole, use a ball-peen hammer to tap them back into shape if possible. Most people do not realize how useful these old fashioned car tools can be.

There are a couple of ways to patch metal holes without using a hot glue gun. In most cases, the patch will be made of aluminum or steel sheet and will be secured with screws or bolts. This method is very efficient and neat. Another way is to use a staple gun. This way you don’t have to worry about screwing in perfectly straight holes, but it can be hard work! In most cases, if there is a hole in the wall, it’ll be covered with plywood anyway.

Cost to Fix a Car Bumper

Cost to Replace a Bumper

Professional installation of a bumper costs around $750, which can total up to $1,000 if the bumper doesn’t fit. Expect to pay an additional $50-$150 for the installation of the center grille. For the price of one new bumper, you could have a brand-new grille and install it yourself in just 30 minutes!

Cost to Repair a Bumper

Bumpers are usually inexpensive to fix on your own. The average cost per bumper is $50. If you can’t do the repair yourself, then go ahead and take it to a professional body shop. Remember, you have to replace your entire bumper if you are involved in an accident.

1. Minor Bumper Repair Cost

If your bumper just needs minor repair work, then try to fix it yourself. This will cut costs down to $200 to $300 for parts and labor if you hire an auto body specialist.

2. Hit and Run Bumper Repair Cost

If your bumper was hit by another vehicle, then you will have to determine if it can be repaired or not. You also need to check the cost of a new bumper because this is a common reason why vehicles get hit in the first place. Then, compare the cost of fixing the current bumper with the cost of replacing it.

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The cost may be higher than what you have in the car, or it could be much lower, depending on the condition and year of the vehicle. If it is lower, then you should fix the bumper to avoid paying out of pocket. If it is higher, then replace the bumper so that you will not need to worry about getting hit again.

3. Impact Bumper Repair Cost

If your bumper was hit and you feel that it can be fixed, then you will need to find an auto body specialist to repair the bumper. The cost of replacing a car bumper usually ranges from $200 to $500. However, if it is a common reason why other drivers hit your vehicle, then the cost could be higher than what you have in the car.

Painting Your Car’s Bumper after Replacement or Repair

Repairing your bumper after replacement or fixing it yourself will depend on the size of the vehicle. The parts of a bumper vary in size and complexity. Nonetheless, virtually all bumpers can be salvaged if they are reinforced correctly. In most cases, you can repair small scratches. The same process can restore the color of your bumper if it has faded.

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After replacing or repairing your bumper, the first thing to do is clean it with soap and water to remove any dirt or residue. Use a sponge and spray on some glass cleaner to produce a better shine. You may want to consider using an auto body polish after this step for an even better finish.

After you have cleaned the bumper, check for chipped paint. Use a dry cloth to wipe down the bumper and make sure that all dirt and debris has been removed. If your bumper is heavily damaged or dented, then use sandpaper and clean up all scratches or dents.

Sanding your bumper will help you to repair small cracks that may be present in the paint. However, this can cause it to fade if you do not use an auto body polish afterward. Use high-quality putty to fill in the cracks. This can be purchased at any auto parts store.

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After applying the putty and setting it with a hairdryer, you can now sand it with fine sandpaper or an electric sander. Make sure to wear gloves or cover your hands as this step will remove some of your paint. If you have any rust, then remove it with a wire brush before using an anti-rust spray or primer on these areas.

Once you have sanded the area, you will need to apply a clear coat of auto paint. Then, use a foam brush and buff it until it is smooth and shiny. If you notice any of your car paint flaking off, then wash the area with some acetone to remove any remaining flakes. You may also want to consider looking for an auto body wax after this step for a better finish.

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As you can see, there are many ways to repair your vehicle’s bumper. The most important thing to remember is that you should not do any repairs unless you are qualified by a professional. This way you will prevent any more damage from developing and fixing your car bumper or any other part of your car will help to keep original parts and make it last for longer.