How To Wire Headache Rack Lights

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How To Wire Headache Rack Lights

Sometimes, wiring your headache rack lights can be a little tricky. But with the right knowledge and tools, you’ll have them up and running in no time at all!

In this blog post, we will cover how to wire headache rack lights for both permanent installations as well as temporary ones. We will also go over how to do it all by yourself or with help from someone else!

How To Wire Headache Rack Lights

The first step in wiring headache rack lights is determining how many you need. The general rule of thumb is that each light should be spaced no more than five feet apart along the rack to ensure visibility from all angles. This spacing also ensures a uniform and attractive appearance overall.

Next, determine how much power your vehicle can handle comfortably – not too little or too much, as either extreme might cause problems for other components while driving (e.g., headlights).

Step 1

On the first step in your installation process, Attach the headache wire harness plug to the cab and bed of your truck. The wire can be fed behind the cab, where there is a narrow space.

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This space is a channel for many wires on the truck and can be used to move wires without making any holes. Feed the wire from the top of this space downward to connect them with an appropriate plug.

Step 2

To install lights on a headache rack, you’ll need to unplug the seven-way trailer harness plug underneath your truck. This will ensure that the appropriate plugs are attached to power the new lamp.

Step 3

In order to wire headache rack lights, you’ll first have to attach the modular wire harness to a seven-way trailer port.

Next, connect the plug from Step 2 to a second port on the modular wire harness and you’re ready to install wiring in your headache rack.

Step 4

To make your wiring more manageable, run it to the front of your truck, where you can connect it to the headache rack. This will likely entail running wire over or around various components and close quarters of your vehicle, including spare tires, transfer cases, and exhausts.

To install the rack light wiring, ensure it is safe and not located near any hot or moving parts. Depending on the model of your truck, you may need to feed wires over some frame areas.

Once you complete the wiring in Step 4, and once you have checked that everything works on a test run, go to the back of the truck (either below or behind your headache rack) to connect up any loose cables.

Step 5

The final step is to secure all the wiring with electrical tape or zip-ties, so nothing is loose or drooping.

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To ensure that you are safe, fix the wires securely and do not overlap them. Bundle any wire which will not be used and secure it safely.


Once the lights are wired, owners can hang up their headache rack and enjoy using one of the most stylish and functional units available. If you want to talk about installing a headache rack or have any questions, our helpful staff is on hand to get in touch with you!

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