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simple green vs purple power

The Battle of the Cleaners: Simple Green Vs Purple Power

Ollie Barker

Doing a car wash is a simple way to clean your vehicle. Whether you choose a simple green vs purple ...

Protect car from sun

How to Protect Car from Sun: Defend Your Car Against the Sun!

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Car owners experience all sorts of problems when they take their vehicles into the sun. Sunlight continues to be a ...

Car Wax With UV Protection

Car Wax With UV Protection: Does It Really Work?

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There are plenty of car wax products claiming that they can protect your ride from sunlight. However, the true question ...

Will Vinegar Damage Car Paint

Will Vinegar Damage Car Paint? 

Ollie Barker

Will vinegar damage car paint? Vinegar is used for so many things in our daily lives that it’s hard to keep ...

Best Iron Remover for Cars

Top 5 Best Iron Remover for Cars 2023!

Ollie Barker

When it comes to maintaining the appearance and longevity of your car, regular cleaning is essential. However, traditional car washes ...