5 Amazing Benefits of Ceramic Coating for Your Vehicle

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benefits of ceramic coating

benefits of ceramic coating

Some car owners are adding a ceramic coating to their cars’ paint job and saving money in the long run by avoiding pricey paint job repaints. What benefits of ceramic coating are worth investing your money in. Today, I will go with you all the important information that you need to make up your own mind.

What is Ceramic Coating?

Ceramic coating or C-Coat is an invisible, high-tech SPRAY VARNISH that seals your paint job. It contains ceramic particles that help provide a protective barrier to keep your car paint from fading, chipping or oxidizing due to weather, acid rain, and salt.

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Ceramic coating is made from a polymer resin that is activated by an ultraviolet light that bonds to the car’s paint and leaves it looking like new.

How does Ceramic Coating Work?

Ceramic coating was first developed by NASA for use on satellites and spacecraft for the propellant tanks and heat shields. The ceramic coating bonds to the paint surface utilizing the ENVIRONMENT AND VARIOUS TEMPS such as UV rays, hailstorms, ice, cold, and high acid rain.

A ceramic coating is a chemical polymer solution that’s used on the exterior of a vehicle to protect it from environmental wear and tear. The ceramic coating seals the surface of the paint.

How does it work? The ceramic particles give a tough, smooth protective barrier to keep the paint from rusting, oxidizing and fading. The results are deeper color, higher gloss & more protection. It fills in nicks and scratches and protects against future damage so your car stays newer longer.

Ceramic coating is easy to apply, easy to recoat, and very durable.

Ceramic Coating Myths Busted

Myth 1: Ceramic coating will dull a car’s paint

Fact: It actually, in fact, leaves your car’s exterior shiny and lustrous.

Myth 2: The coating fails easily after a few months of use.

Fact: Ceramic coating is completely impervious to temperature changes and moisture. It stays forever! There is no need to re-coat your cars every two or three years. Five years is a very long time and it will still look amazing.

Myth 3: Ceramic Car Coatings Are Scratch Proof!

Fact: Ceramic coating is NOT scratch-proof but it can be scratch-resistant. It will not prevent you from getting scratches if you accidentally scratch your car. But, it will help to lessen those scratches and protect your car from rusting, fading and oxidizing over time.

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Myth 4: Ceramic Coatings for your Car Don’t Need Maintenance

Fact: Regular ceramic coating maintenance is very important. You should wash your car every month and wax it as often as recommended. If you leave the car uncared for a long time, it’ll take a lot of effort to clean it off.

Myth 5: Car Coatings Are Enduring

Fact: Ceramic coatings are ONLY as enduring as the AUTO PAINT under them. If the paint is faded, chipped or loses its luster, reapply it with a fresh ceramic coating application.

Benefits of Ceramic Coating

1. Protects Against Sun Damage and Oxidation

The ceramic coating protects your car against acid rain and saltwater damage so that you can save money on costly paint repairs in the future.

Also, the ceramic coating provides a protective shield from UV rays which cause your car’s paint to fade and oxidize over time.

2. Lasts a Long Time

Once applied to a car’s paint, it is permanent and will not need to be reapplied for the life of the car. Additionally, it increases the lifespan of your vehicle’s paint job.

3. Gives Your Car a Deep, Glossy Appearance

It gives the paint a deep wet-look shine that is amazing! The ceramic coating is completely invisible and does not show through the clear coat that was already applied.

Once applied, it bonds permanently but if you want to change your color or change your paint job there are many options available from others who have used ceramic coating with good results.

4. Wide application

You can use the ceramic coating on any type of surface including wood, metal, fiberglass and plastic as well.

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5. Protects Against Light Scratches and Swirl Marks

Ceramic coating is tough enough to protect against light scratches and swirl marks on your vehicle’s paint job.

Ceramic Coating vs. Wax

Ceramic coating and car wax each have their own advantages and their specific uses. It’s hard to say which is better as it all depends on your needs.

1. Waxes protect a car’s paint against light scratches and sunlight. However, they can be rather expensive and can leave behind a residue that will wear off with time.

2. Car wax is an excellent wax to use when your car has had the ceramic coating applied by other means beforehand and you’re looking for a way to improve the appearance of your vehicle’s paint finish. The wax will help give it a smooth shine that is not easy to achieve with the ceramic coating alone.

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3. Car wax also has the potential to be hazardous if used incorrectly. It is especially important to be careful and use common sense when using car wax for the first time.

4. The ceramic coating does not contain any wax but is bonded to the paint with a polymer resin. Unlike car wax, it will no longer leave a residue behind on your vehicle’s paint, which makes it easier to remove for a clean look.

How Much Does a Ceramic Coating Cost?

Now I bet you’re clear about the benefits of ceramic coating to your ride. Then how much money should you set aside for this job?
At the time of writing, a full ceramic coating costs around $400. BUT, there are products/services that you can get for much cheaper. There’s a lot of things to consider before picking out your coating.

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1. The Size of Your Car

The size of your vehicle will play a huge role in how much it costs to get your car ceramic coated. This means that if the size of your car is larger in scale, then you should expect to pay more money for the coating job.

2. New Car vs. Used Car

If your car is brand new, then you can expect to pay a little less money for the ceramic coating service. This is because it will take less time to get the job done. For a used car, it takes a much longer time to be coated.

3. Vehicle Color

It’s true that ceramic coating cost varies due to the vehicle color. The darker the color the more expensive it is. The reason is that it’s easier to see the defects on a dark background. As a result, you’ll notice that red and black are more expensive than other colors.

4. Paint Hardness

Paint hardness is also a reason why ceramic coating cost varies, and it’s usually dependent on the make of your vehicle. For instance, a paint-like BMW has a harder coat than others.
Before applying ceramic coatings, the clear coat needs to be polished as perfectly as possible. The harder the clear coat, the easier it is to apply the ceramic coating.

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5. Ceramic Coating Coverage

Most ceramic artists will put in as many hours as they need to in order to get the job done well. This means that some more expensive jobs will get more attention and time than cheaper ones.

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Proper Ceramic Coating Maintenance

Even though the ceramic coating can last for a lifetime, there are things I suggest you paying attention to to protect the coating.

1. Minimize Exposure to UV and Sunlight

Ceramic coatings can’t handle the sun for a long period of time. This means that you’ll need to park in the shade if you’re going to leave your car sitting outside. Also, avoid exposing your car to sunlight as much as possible.

2. Drive Carefully and Avoid Rough Driving Conditions

Avoid driving aggressively and drive carefully when you are behind the wheel.

3. Wash Your Car Properly

Never wash your vehicle in the sun or be sure to clean the surface so that there is no loose dirt.

4. Wax Your Car

Waxing your car will protect the ceramic coating from chipping and also lengthen the lifespan of your coating. It will also make it easier for you to maintain your car whenever you get behind the wheel.


#1 Can Ceramic Coating Be Removed?

Yes, provided you are willing to pay for the necessary removal services. If you want to get rid of it then take your car to an expert car detailing company that has the proper tools and chemicals that are capable of removing it.

#2 How Long Will My Car Last With Ceramic Coating?

The lifespan of the ceramic coating depends on: how often you wash your car, the climate where you live and how well maintained your vehicle is. Most professionals recommend a lifetime warranty on the ceramic coating.

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With all the benefits of ceramic coating mentioned above, you know exactly why you need to get a car ceramic coating. The truth is that it’s always good to invest in paint protection services. Although it might cost more than the average oil change, it will be a worthwhile investment.

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