Can You Apply a Ceramic Coating Over or Under a Wax?

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Can You Apply a Ceramic Coating Over or Under a Wax

Can You Apply a Ceramic Coating Over or Under a Wax?

You might have settled into a routine with your car care, ceramic coating, and waxes are great to protect your car but can you apply a ceramic coating over or under a wax? Are there any issues if you do it wrong? Let’s find out.

Well, the answer to this is quite simple:

You can, but you shouldn’t apply both ceramic coating and wax at the same time, not because of any technical or chemical incompatibilities but because you might end up covering more than you’re supposed to.

Don’t Mix Ceramic Coating & Waxes

If ceramic coating and waxes are applied at the same time, there’s a chance that you may end up covering the whole car with one of them. And this is because it’s not easy to apply a ceramic coating over wax. And vice versa, it’s also not easy to apply wax over a ceramic coating. So, avoid mixing both in one go.

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These two products are not compatible so they won’t bond together. If you insist on doing so, here are possible problems:

  • A messy and uneven finish
  • Reduce the durability
  • The paint may have to be stripped off if you want to remove the coating.
  • It may not look very good since the wax will make the ceramic coating look dark, more so if the coating is thin.

In case you’re applying a DIY (do-it-yourself) ceramic coating, what we recommend is that you first apply waxes and then do the application of a ceramic coating over it. But, make sure that your wax has been cured first before applying any protective coat over it.

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Can You Apply a Ceramic Coating Over or Under a Wax?

Issues When Apply Waxes Under/Over a Ceramic Coating

It’s not advisable to apply waxes after a ceramic coating because they may react with each other. It might create a chemical reaction that might create harsh and toxic fumes, or even worse, could crack the ceramic coating.

Just like waxes, coats are also very strong and require time to cure, so if you apply your wax on top of a coat, its strength will be broken. And sometimes, coats are susceptible to UV light damage but not all brands are so.

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The ceramic coating needs to be bonded directly with the paint surface to get the best finish so if you apply a wax under it, you break this bonding.

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Some people think that applying wax over a ceramic coating provides an extra protective layer to the car but this is not the case. You will not get the best shiny surface as it is supposed to.

You can check out this video for more detail!

How to Protect a Ceramic Coating

If you’re wondering how to protect a ceramic coating, here are some of the steps that you can follow:

  1. The best way to protect your ceramic coating is to use good car wax. These waxes have better compatibility with your ceramic coating, and they won’t react with each other.
  2. Use the right kind of wax for your paint finish. Carnauba-based waxes will do just fine for high-gloss or polished paints. For matte paint, use synthetic polymer-based wax instead.
  3. Don’t use wax with silicones as this could be harmful to ceramic coating, so always choose those waxes that are specifically formulated for cars.
  4. To maintain the shine of your ceramic coating, use a carnauba wax every 3 months. These waxes are gentle on your ceramic coatings and they won’t destroy the shine of your car.
  5. Apply a spray sealant over it when going through a car wash or if you’re facing inclement weather conditions.
  6. You can also use ceramic coatings sealants for a more long-lasting and resistant finish.
  7. Keep dirt off the paint surface as much as possible.
  8. Wash your car regularly to remove dirt before they get a chance to stick to the surface. If you’ve noticed that some dirt has gotten into your paintwork, use an Aluminium Chloride-Free clay bar to remove them. It is gentle enough for a ceramic coating so don’t worry about it wiping it off.Can You Apply a Ceramic Coating Over or Under a Wax - How to Protect a Ceramic Coating
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Frequently Asked Questions

#1 Can You Put a Sealant Over Wax?

Yes, you can. If you use a spray sealant, make sure that you follow the instructions on the packaging. Just spray it over clean waxed surfaces, and it’ll be fine.

#2 Should You Use a Sealant After Waxing?

If your car is brand new or if you’ve just polished it, then use a spray sealant immediately after your first waxing (or polishing) session. This will keep the paint hygienic and dirt-free for as long as possible.

#3 Can You Put F11 Over Wax?

No, it won’t work. The wax will immediately fall off once the car is exposed to the sun’s UV rays. Only use F11 if you want to protect your concrete or fiberglass from UV sunlight.

#4 Do You Wax or Polish Before Ceramic Coating?

Before applying a ceramic coating, it is recommended to polish the surface to remove any imperfections and enhance its smoothness. Waxing is not necessary before ceramic coating as the coating itself provides long-lasting protection and shine.

#5 Can You Apply Wax Over Ceramic Coating?

Applying wax over a ceramic coating is generally not necessary or recommended. Ceramic coatings are designed to provide long-lasting protection and a glossy finish, so adding a wax on top may not provide any additional benefits and could potentially interfere with the performance of the ceramic coating.

Final Words

Mixing both of them in one go is not a good idea. You can use wax over your ceramic coating, but the coating should be cured first before doing so. You can also use a sealant to protect your ceramic coating. And remember, the strength of your sealant depends on how much time it has taken to cure. Be sure that you follow all instructions carefully (both on the product label and here) when applying any surface or sealant coating over or under another painted surface.

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