Best Drying Towel for Black Cars: Say Goodbye to Water Spots!

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Best Drying Towel for Black Cars

Best Drying Towel for Black Cars

I’ll never forget the day my dad told me to stop wasting money on expensive fabric softeners. I thought he was crazy at first, but the savings were astounding! Fabric softener is a false economy because it costs more than just buying dryer sheets. Turns out, his wisdom wasn’t so crazy after all…

The article recommends the best drying towel for black cars and cars in general, but first, I’ll tell you what to look for when purchasing. A towel that wicks water away from the surface will be more effective than a cloth with heavy cotton.

Quick winner:

I personally like Meguiar’s X2000 Water Magnet best because of its affordability and absorbency. However, if your budget allows, opt for Griot’s Garage PFM, which is made of premium fabric and is equally as good, if not better. It’s a little more expensive but will last much longer than X2000 and provide better results.

But, don’t miss out on other great options, too. You might find one that fits your needs better.

Here is a quick summary table:

NameProduct ImageEditor's RatingPrice
Meguiar’s X2000 Water Magnet

Amazon best-selling product B0009IQZFM


Check Price on Amazon

Chemical Guys Woolly Mammoth

Amazon best-selling product B0042Z0LEO


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Gyeon Silk Drying Towel

Amazon best-selling product B01CESR9MW


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Zwipes Professional Microfiber Waffle Drying Towel

Amazon best-selling product B01F6KPL6Q


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Griot’s Garage 55590 PFM Drying Towel

Amazon best-selling product B01BD5F19A


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Understanding Black Car Care

Black cars require special attention in terms of maintenance and care. Their dark color highlights imperfections, such as swirl marks and scratches, more prominently than lighter-colored vehicles.

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Moreover, black cars are more prone to higher surface temperatures, which can cause fading and premature aging. Water spots and streaks are also common issues.

A drying towel plays a vital role in black car care. Removing water without scratching the paint should be highly absorbent, soft, and lint-free. Black car owners can maintain a sleek and flawless appearance by addressing these challenges and using a quality drying towel.

Why Do You Need to Use a Towel When Drying Your Car?

After washing your car, the micro-particles of water stuck to the surface will be removed by the towel. Moreover, the towels will hide unsightly scratches and stains when wiping off dirt before washing.

If you are drying a car that is black, you will want to use a towel that absorbs water effectively. If the wiper used to dry your car cannot absorb water fast enough, there will be an unsightly streak left behind your vehicle’s paint job. This is why a micro towel is preferred when it comes to drying cars.

Why Do You Need to Use a Towel When Drying Your Car
Why do you need to use a towel when drying your car?

What Towel You Should Not Use to Dry Your Black Cars

Cotton Towel

The most popular and widely used drying towel for black cars is the cotton type. The main advantage is its price, but it has a lot of disadvantages as well.

A limitation to using this type of towel is that it promotes dirt on your car during drying and causes discoloration to the paint job. This has poor wicking properties and will not absorb water well from the surface. In addition, cotton will catch on dirt particles and abrade the surface.

Rag Towel

Very poor wicking properties that can damage the paint job or any material it comes in contact with.

Water Blade

You shouldn’t use a water blade as your drying towel. Water blades are designed to be used by the manufacturer for cleaning off rubber trims, in fact, the manufacturer recommends the regular use of water blades for this task. This product will leave behind swirl marks, and the plastic can scratch paint jobs during drying.

Air Dry

Should you leave your car to air dry? The answer is NO because it will give you an unsightly streak on the surface.

Types of Drying Towels

There are some common types of drying towels that car owners love:

Microfiber Car Drying Towel

The term micro-towel refers to towels with small strands of fabric weave. Micro-towel towels are designed to be more absorbent and have a wicking action that will dry out your car in seconds. Use this one as your drying towel for black cars.

For maximum effect, it is recommended to use a microfiber towel, not paper towels. This is because the fibers on the microfiber will adjust to the shape of your car and leave no streaks behind like paper towels do.

Microfiber Car Drying Towel

Also, a micro-towel is a highly absorbent one that will not damage your car’s paint job when drying. Micro towels are designed to wick water away from the surface, trapping it into the towel and out of sight.

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Silk Drying Towel

Silk drying towel is made from microfiber fabric. The difference is that this product has one layer of microfiber fabric and another layer of silk. Generally, the best drying for black cars should be made from a micro-towel with silk as your base.

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Check out this demonstration!

This fabric will wick water from the surface to prevent streaks from appearing on the paint. Also, unlike a regular microfiber towel, this one has more fibers that will absorb water efficiently without damaging paint jobs or other materials it comes into contact with.

These towels are excellent options for soaking water from the surface and drying your car evenly. They are well-suited for any vehicle and can be used with any car wax to protect your paint job. Silk drying towels are typically white, but many colors are available depending on the manufacturer.

Silk Drying Towel

The best way to dry a car using a silk towel is to spray the surface with water and then wipe it down, followed by another wipe of water or wax.

Waffle Weave Towel

Waffle weave towels are made from cotton and microfiber. It is a very absorbent and will soak up water quickly from the surface. Waffle weave towels do not have the wicking properties of micro-towels. However, they are very durable and can be used for tasks other than vehicle drying.

This towel is ideal for drying cars because it is designed to be strong but soft at the same time.

Waffle Weave Towel

Key Factors to Consider When Choosing Drying Towels 

Condensation Absorption Rate

This is an important factor when shopping for a drying towel. The more effective the towel, the more room it provides beneath it to drain any remaining water from the surface after washing. The condensation absorption rate is measured by how much water the towel holds after washing.

The Absorption Rate is measured as ounces of water per pound (oz/lb) of a towel. If you notice that your drying towels leave streaks behind, it will be because it does not absorb enough water from the surface to dry your car. Microfiber towels aim to have as much absorption capacity as possible so the car dries quickly and evenly.


Some drying towels don’t wick water from the surface, as well as other models do. If you use a microfiber towel, you want to get one that absorbs water fast and will not leave streaks behind the surface of your car.


A towel made with materials such as silk will perform better than a regular cotton towel.

Silk is a very soft and luxurious material used for many fabrics, especially those used for lingerie and bed linens. It is highly durable and absorbent, making it excellent for drying any vehicle because it will dry your car faster than other drying materials.


GSM stands for gram per square meter, the weight the towel will absorb. The heavier the quality and absorbency, the better.

GSM is a convenient way to compare towels based on weight. Drying Towels with a GSM of 75 are significantly less absorbent than those with GSM 100.

Weave Type

Best Drying Towel for Black Cars Weave Type

How a towel is woven will determine the job it’s best for. Most microfiber towels have a fairly smooth weave, but if you are looking for the best drying towel for black cars, look for towels with a waffle or mesh weave design. Waffle weave and mesh weave fabrics are very absorbent and offer the most effective drying one for black cars.

Material Blends

It is possible to get a towel made with two or more types of materials. Microfiber and silk drying towels are the best choices for drying your vehicles because they will wick away water and not leave streaks behind.

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The best drying towels have the advantage of being soft but also strong enough to handle frequent washings. Silk and microfiber are two materials that add strength to the cloth without sacrificing softness.

Microtowels are blended with synthetics to produce a towel that is durable and can be used for more than just drying cars. These are ideal for wiping your car down since they are strong enough to handle tough cleaning jobs such as wax removal.


Hemming is the process of sewing fibers into a towel’s edges, preventing scratching. Also, this creates a thick pile that won’t fray or shrink when dry. Most microfiber towels have hems on the edges, and some even on every inch for extra protection.

What Should You Look for in a Drying Towel for Black Cars
What should you look for in a drying towel for black cars?

Top 5 Best Drying Towel For Black Cars 2023 Reviews

Here is the list of the five best drying towels for black cars, recommended by many car detailing experts:

#1 Best Overall: Meguiar’s X2000 Water Magnet Towel

Product Features:

  • Dimensions: 22″ x 30″
  • Material: Waffle weave microfiber
  • Machine washable

The very first name that appears in my mind is Meguiar’s X2000 Water Magnet. This microfiber towel is designed for drying and polishing your car after applying the wax. The microfiber material used in this one is thick and fluffy enough to absorb as much water as possible from the surface.

Furthermore, it is resistant to heat, acids, and lint. These fibers will not be able to attract lint or dust particles, eliminating the need for extra cleaning.

Also, high-quality microfiber makes it perfect for drying your car’s surface. Another plus point for this towel is that it’s very large, providing a lot of drying space.

Meguiars X2000 Water Magnet

The X2000 Water Magnet is powerful and durable and can last for years without any breakage or ripping. The product is 100% washable, so you can easily wash it after every use and keep it in excellent condition.

One downside of this product is its pricey price. However, you won’t be disappointed with your money if you buy this towel.


  • Ideal for drying your dusty car as well as buffing away the wax from the surface
  • The waffle weave makes this towel very absorbent without leaving streaks behind on the surface of your car
  • Machine washable
  • It can last for years to come.


  • A little expensive

> What I like: Meguiar’s X2000 Water Magnet has a decent size and multi-purpose use, so I don’t need to buy many towels for different tasks!

#2 Runner-Up: Chemical Guys Woolly Mammoth

Chemical Guys MIC_1995 Woolly...
  • This product has been discontinued and replaced by...
  • Extra plush microfiber
  • Silk banded edges

Product Features:

  • Dimensions: 25″ x 36″
  • Material: Hemmed silk microfiber towel
  • Machine washable

Chemical Guys Woolly Mammoth is another great drying towel for black cars, as it’s very strong. The high-quality silk makes the towel very durable and effective. A silk towel is very soft and will absorb more water than a regular towel.

This product is also equipped with a handle at the end of each side, making it easy to carry your drying towels while washing them. Its large size of 25″ x 36″ is enough for drying your car easily.

Chemical Guys Woolly Mammoth

The only negative point about this microfiber towel is that it’s a bit expensive


  • Absorbs water very well
  • Perfect for polishing your car and removing the excess wax from the surface
  • Equipped with handles, which makes it easy to carry around
  • It’s very soft and thick, providing durability and protection for your car’s surface
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  • A bit pricy

> What I like: I love the handles from both sides of Chemical Guys Woolly Mammoth. Also, the silky fabric is an awesome factor too.

#3 Best for Black Cars: Gyeon Silk Car Drying Towel

GYEON Quartz Q²M Silk Dryer...
518 Reviews
GYEON Quartz Q²M Silk Dryer...
  • ADVANCED FIBERS - The Q²M Silk Dryer uses a...
  • SOFT AND SAFE - The specialty fibers on the Q²M...
  • EXTRA LARGE SIZE - Measuring 36 inches wide by 28...

Product Features:

  • Dimensions: 36″ x 28″
  • Material: 50% silk + 50% polyester microfiber blend
  • Dual-sided microfiber weave
  • Machine washable

Gyeon Silk Drying product is the 2nd most expensive on the list. Even so, it’s a top-quality drying towel for black cars. The combination of silk and polyester makes it very durable and absorbent at the same time. This shower towel has great power, absorbing water from even the tiniest surfaces.

As it’s a dual-sided weave, only one side is for drying; the other is for storing water. Thanks to its long size, you can dry your vehicle with one towel. However, some users said it’s big and gets heavy when wet.

Gyeon Silk Drying Towel

Although it’s expensive, the product is a great deal as it will last for a long time.


  • Dries your car effectively and quickly
  • Picks up every drop of water from the surface of your car
  • You can easily store the water on the opposite side to be used later
  • Highly absorbent, perfect for drying cars.


  • Quite large
  • Expensive

> What I like: Gyeon Silk Drying Towel is a perfect product if you need a long-size one to quickly do the job, and it’s a premium option too!

#4 Best Budget: Zwipes Professional Microfiber Waffle Drying Towel

Zwipes Auto 879-2 Professional...
  • Waffle weave pockets create superior absorbency of...
  • No need for sprays or chemicals
  • Extra large size perfectly fits SUVs, RVs, trucks,...

Product Features:

  • Dimensions: 25″ x 36″
  • Material: 35% Polyester, 65% Cotton microfiber
  • Waffle weave towel
  • Machine washable

Zwipes Professional Microfiber Drying Towel is a great option for drying your car. The cotton and polyester blend makes the towel very strong and durable. Combining these two materials makes this one resilient enough to handle various cleaning jobs without tearing or ripping.

This waffle weave towel is perfect for drying your car with a streak-free finish. The size of 25″ x 36″ allows for great drying space on your car’s surface and is easy to store. Also, the towel is extremely absorbent and will not leave any streaks behind when dry.

With its dual-density settings, this towel will not shrink and wither when wet. With a high-quality microfiber material, the product is always ready for more cleaning jobs to come.

One disadvantage of this towel is it loses its compact after each washing.


  • Very absorbent, with no streaks behind when you dry your car
  • Dual-density settings will not shrink and wither when wet
  • Very affordable. You can get one for less than 10 dollars on Amazon
  • Easy to carry around as it’s small in size and weighs only about 60 grams


  • Fall apart after each washing

> What I like: Zwipes Professional Microfiber Waffle is a durable and high-quality choice if your family has many vehicles to wash or loves to do cleaning frequently.

#5 Griot’s Garage 55590 PFM Drying Towel

Griot's Garage 55590 PFM Terry...
  • Become a drying superhero with the most absorbent...
  • Unique terry weave microfiber produces magnitudes...
  • Long, looped microfiber terry weave holds as much...

Product Features:

  • Dimensions: 25″ x 35″
  • Material: 75% polyester, 25% polyamide microfiber blend
  • Terry weave
  • Machine washable

The Griot’s Garage 55590 PFM Drying Towel is a great option for drying your car as it’s very absorbent and soft. The size of about 25″ x 35″ provides enough space to dry your vehicle with the least amount of effort. Some customers said it was the lord of drying towels.

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Its terry weave design is perfect for drying the surface of your car as it absorbs water quickly. You can dry the surface with a single dry. You won’t have to dry your car for long, and you can finish your job within minutes.

Griot’s Garage 55590

Why does this product absorb water better than others? It has a polyester blend that absorbs up to 38% more water than cotton. With this, you can save time drying your car, and it will dry quickly.

This towel is very easy to carry as the handle at each corner makes it easier to transport from one place to another. Its small size does not get heavy when wet, as it weighs only about 20 grams.

The towel has a great price for its high-quality performance. The only downside is that it’s expensive.


  • Extremely absorbent
  • No streaks behind when you dry your car


  • Most expensive

> What I like: The premium option that has many positive feedbacks, Griot’s Garage 55590 PFM with very well-absorbent fabric, it’s worth every penny you spend!

Best Practices for Drying a Black Car

Drying is not simple as just wiping the surface with a towel. When it comes to drying a black car, following best practices is essential to ensure a flawless and scratch-free finish. Here are some key guidelines to keep in mind:

Pat-drying vs. wiping

Instead of vigorously wiping the surface, opt for a gentle pat-drying technique. This minimizes the chances of creating swirl marks or scratches on the paint.

Avoid circular motions

When drying, avoid using circular motions as they can induce swirl marks. Instead, use straight motions in one direction, from top to bottom or side to side.

Drying order

Adopt a systematic approach by drying the car in sections. Start from the roof and work your way down, including the windows, doors, hood, trunk, and sides. This ensures a thorough and efficient drying process.

Proper towel-folding techniques

Fold the drying towel into manageable sections to maximize its effectiveness. This provides a clean and absorbent surface for each drying pass, preventing cross-contamination and maintaining optimal drying performance.

Using lubricants or quick detailers

To further minimize the risk of scratches, consider using a lubricant or quick detailer spray on the surface before drying. This provides additional lubrication, allowing the towel to glide smoothly over the paint.

Regular towel maintenance and washing

Ensure the drying towel is clean and free of debris or contaminants before use. Regularly wash and maintain the towel according to the manufacturer’s instructions to preserve its absorbency and softness.

How To Take Care Your Microfiber Towels

The way you take care of your drying towels will prolong their lifetime. Here is how you can do it.

  • Always wash microfiber towels in a washing machine to maintain their original shape and absorbency. Use a gentle cycle with warm water. Do NOT use bleach or fabric softener. I made this mistake before as I wanted to get the new look back, but it turned out to be terrible. The fiber fell apart. What was a silly mistake!
  • To prolong the life of your microfiber towels, store them in a dry place (a well-ventilated area) when not in use.
  • Always iron microfiber towels on low heat. This will help to keep the nap of the towels looking new for longer periods of time.
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Check out this video for how to wash microfiber towels right!

Alternatives To Drying Towels

Instead of drying towels, you can use a machine to dry off your automobile.

# Blow Dryer

A blow dryer is a machine that creates a stream of hot air that blows onto the surface to dry it. It can be used to dry wet hair, and it can be used to remove the moisture from your car completely.

# Car Air Duct Cleaner

A car air duct cleaner is a machine that cleans your car’s ventilation system. It is an investment in keeping your car clean, safe, and dry by keeping a strong airflow through all your vents and air conditioning lines.

# Car Vacuum Cleaner

A vacuum cleaner picks up dirt from the floor, carpets, and cars. You can use it to clean up wet spots on the car or carpet that a drying towel has absorbed.


#1 What Is the Best Microfiber Towel for Drying a Car?

Super-absorbent microfiber towels are the best choice when it comes to drying your car.

#2 How Long Should It Take to Dry My Car?

Drying your vehicle will take some time, depending on its size, model, and weather. Some cars can be dried in as little as 30 minutes, while others may take up to an hour.

#3 Is Microfiber Better Than Cotton Terry Cloth?

Cotton terry cloth towels are generally used to wipe the moisture from your car. However, they are not absorbent and don’t perform well when drying your vehicle.

Cotton terry cloth is not very durable and will lose shape and compact after a few washings. A microfiber towel, on the other hand, can absorb water up to 38% better than cotton terry cloth, and it will always have the same shape after each washing.

#4 What makes black cars more prone to water spots?

Black cars are more prone to water spots due to their dark paint. The dark surface absorbs more heat from the sun, accelerating the drying process and leaving behind mineral deposits from the water, resulting in visible spots.

#5 Can I use a bath towel to dry my black car?

It is not recommended to use a regular bath towel to dry your black car. Bath towels are often not designed for automotive use and can be abrasive, leading to potential scratches or swirl marks on the delicate paint surface. It’s best to use a dedicated drying towel specifically designed for cars.

#6 How often should I wash my drying towels?

The frequency of washing your drying towels depends on how frequently you use them and the amount of dirt and grime they accumulate. As a general guideline, washing your drying towels after three to four uses is a good practice to maintain their cleanliness and effectiveness.

#7 Should I avoid using a drying towel on a wet car?

Using a drying towel on a wet car is generally not advisable. Before using a drying towel, it’s important to ensure that most of the water has been removed using rinsing or a separate towel for initial drying. This helps prevent excessive saturation of the drying towel and ensures better performance.

#8 Can I use a drying towel for other car care tasks?

While drying towels are primarily designed for drying cars, they can also be used for other car care tasks such as removing light dust or applying quick detailer sprays. However, it’s important to note that using a dedicated towel for each task helps prevent cross-contamination and maintains optimal performance for specific tasks.

Final Words

I hope that I have answered all your questions about the difference between drying towels, the benefits of using microfiber towels, and how to choose the right Microfiber Towel for drying your car. My favorite choice is Meguiar’s X2000 Water Magnet, as it’s very absorbent and durable at an affordable price. However, if your budget allows, opt for Griot’s Garage 55590 PFM. It’s worth every cent of yours.

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