Can ABS Sensor Cause Transmission Problems?

Naomi O'Colman

Can ABS Sensor Cause Transmission Problems?

Can ABS Sensor Cause Transmission Problems?

One day you get into your car and the transmission doesn’t work. Oops, we’ve all been there. There are many reasons that can cause the transmission to stop working and one of those is the ABS sensors. You might see your ABS light on and asking yourself “can ABS sensor cause transmission problems?“. Well, let find out the answer.

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So really, can ABS sensor affects transmission issues?

The Quick answer is Yes! Because all car parts are interconnected, one malfunction can lead to the breakdown of others.

Can ABS Sensor Cause Transmission Problems?

The answer is YES as they are related to each other.

  • Modern cars are equipped with wheel sensors and the sensors are connected to ABS and the traction control system. These 2 systems send data to ECU to process.
  • Once a sensor fails and sends wrong data to ECU. The ECU will interfere with the transmission to ensure car safety.
  • Like every other component in the car, ABS comes in pairs. One pair is an ABS sensor and the other one is an ABS circuit board. When one part of the pair goes bad, it can affect another one.
  • It’s like two people in your house that are having relationship problems; when one of them breaks up, then the whole house will feel like poor conditions. To fix this problem, you need to change the broken person to another place.
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3 Major Transmission problems

1) Failure of a sensor unit

If your car is missing its ABS unit, check if it came with its wires attached to the transmission. If it has, check the connection. If it has the same power as the other units, this means that you have a unit failure.

2) Unit Wiring Failure

If your car doesn’t have its wires attached to the transmission, check to see if there are any signs of wire damage or damage between wire and connector. If there are any problems check to see if it has been replaced.

3) Circuit Board Failure

Check on the circuit board on the ABS unit. Check if there are any signs of electric burns or damage on it. Check to see if you can get your unit running again by resetting it. If it doesn’t work, then you have a circuit board failure.

Final Words

To conclude, a car is a complicated machine that can easily break down if something goes wrong. Most of the time, the broken pieces are connected to each other and hence a malfunctioning ABS sensor can cause transmission problems.