What Can a Faulty ABS Sensor Cause: Signs of A Bad ABS Sensor!

Naomi O'Colman

What Can a Faulty ABS Sensor Cause

What Can a Faulty ABS Sensor Cause

What can a faulty ABS sensor cause? If you’ve been noticing a lot of changes from the time you started driving to the time that your ABS sensor breaks, it might be time for a new one. The brakes will still work as long as the sensor is intact, but if your car keeps jolting back and forth when taking normal turns, or just feels like it’s going to shake itself to pieces whenever you come upon an obstacle, it’s high time for a new abs sensor.

The most common sign of a bad ABS sensor is the illumination of ABS light on the dashboard. You should check your ABS when you see it’s on.

What Can A Faulty ABS Sensor Cause

#1 ABS Light On

The ABS light on the dashboard goes off when you start driving. If it comes back on or flashes at certain instances, then your sensor might have issues. Checking the dashboard is the first thing you should do whenever you get on board.

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#2 Spongy Brake Pedal

Press down hard on the brake pedal and feels like it’s spongy. If this happens, grab a flashlight and check the sensor to see if it’s cracked or broken, which is probably the reason why your ABS system isn’t functioning properly.

#3 Pulling to a Side

This can be a result of a faulty ABS sensor, which you should take note of, especially if you’re driving on a winding road. Sometimes, the jolting becomes too much that the car pulls itself to one side or another. If this happens, immediately stop and check your brakes. The engine will also rev up as if it’s pushing the car sideways as well. In this case, it’s best to call for a tow truck rather than risk an accident.

#4 The Brake Taking Longer to Stop

When you press the brakes, the car takes longer to stop. This is because your ABS system doesn’t have any feedback from your sensor, causing the brakes to work unevenly.

#5 Instability Control

A good ABS can minimize unwanted effects when a car is in slippery conditions. However, when the ABS system is bad due to a faulty ABS sensor, it can cause the wheels to lock up or have lost traction control.

#6 Wheel Lockup

If you notice that the brakes are behaving in an unusual way, like your car is pulling itself to one side or another whenever you press down on them, then it’s probably time for a new ABS sensor. Don’t drive home in this condition; call for a tow truck instead. It’s usually easier for mechanics to fix them than you are.

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Final Words: Anti Lock Brake Problems Symptoms

A faulty ABS sensor will cause a lot of problems while you’re driving. If you notice that your brakes are reacting in a weird way (as the symptoms above), then it’s probably time for a new sensor. It can save you from being in an accident.