How To Sleep In A Moving Car Comfortably?

Naomi O'Colman

how to sleep in a moving car

how to sleep in a moving car

It’s great to be on a vacation and don’t have to take the wheel. You just need to sit back and enjoy the scenery. But what if you want a nap? How to sleep in a moving car?. This article will present you with all the helpful tips to have a good snooze.

Simply stated, to have good sleep in a moving car, you need to choose the right position with a warm and quiet environment. 

How to sleep in a moving car

Use your seatbelt

You should always use your seatbelt. It’s obvious, but in a moving car, you should always ensure that you’re safe. So buckle up! I know you can feel more relaxed without the seatbelt but remember safety first.

Avoid the back seat

Sleeping in the back of a moving car isn’t recommended. When you’re sleeping, your body relaxes and you’ll feel more comfortable if the car isn’t shaking up and down; so the front seats are the best place to sleep.

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Avoid moving seat

If your seat moves, if the windows roll, or if you feel like the car is turning, then there’s a chance that you’ll go to sleep. To avoid this and for a good night’s sleep, you should sit in a stationary car. So if there’s no moving seat available, don’t get out of your seat. You could try to sleep by leaning on the armrests but nothing is more comfortable than having a nice comfortable reclining seat.

Set a comfortable temperature

Before you get in the car, make sure that the temperature is at a comfortable level for sleeping. An ideal temperature is 25 to 28 degrees Celsius. Try to go a little beyond this temperature because it will be easier to fall asleep. If there’s no one else in the car, leave the temperature setting at its highest and if there’s someone else, keep it cool so you don’t wake them up.

Keep the music low

Loud noise is the enemy of good sleep. We don’t want to be disturbed by other conversations or the radio, so setting relaxing background music is the key here.

Music can be a good way to relax and fall asleep. Some music can even have a calming effect. Too much noise and the different beats will keep you up. So if you want to feel more relaxed, set the volume low when you’re about to sleep in a moving car.

If you’re traveling with other passengers and not able to adjust the volume, then use a headphone or earphones. This way, your noise won’t bother the other passengers and vice versa.

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Don’t eat before sleeping

Sleeping in a car is great and it’s a perfect opportunity to take a bite from your favorite snack or your packed lunch, but don’t eat too much before sleeping.

However, don’t sleep with an empty stomach either as it’s hard to fall into sleep.

Support your head with a pillow

Having a pillow will help you sleep. You can play around with different pillows, or bring your own from home. So, if you have a pillow, it’s all good.

Travel pillows are a travel friend item as they are available in different shapes, sizes, and designs. They may or may not come with a carrying bag or case but they are small, compact, easy to use, and can be used at home too.

Get a good coat or blanket

You should always have all the things you need in your car which will make it easy for you to fall asleep and get some Zzz’s. A blanket is recommended so that if the temperature isn’t comfortable enough for sleeping, at least you’ll be covered up and warm.

A blanket can be used as a pillow when rolled up or a cuddle buddy when you’re already asleep. If the temperature is too cold for a blanket, then use a coat to cover up; it’s very cozy and comfy.

Position yourself when sleeping in a moving car

If you want to sleep in peace, make sure that your body is comfortably positioned. Try to sit upright. It’s best if your head is tilted downwards to keep your pillow in place.

A comfortable position can make you feel more relaxed and avoid being disturbed by being woken up by the noise from the car.

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To reduce the vibration from the car, you shouldn’t lean directly to the car. Have a pillow or clothes to support your back. Position yourself in a way that makes you comfortable and is good for your body. Don’t sit too upright or too slouched. There’s a sweet spot where your body will be most relaxed.

Put the sunshade up & use a sleeping mask

The sun can be a problem if you’re trying to sleep. When the sunlight is direct to your face, it’s hard to keep sleeping. The sunshade can help you keep the sun out, but in some cars, you can’t open the sunshade. In this case, a sleeping mask is the best option to keep the sunlight out.


In a nutshell, sleeping in a moving car can be a challenge and if you don’t know how to find the best position to sleep, you might not be able to get a nap. So take these tips into consideration and use them for your next road trip.