Where To Sleep In Your Car For A Comfortable Rest?

Naomi O'Colman

Where To Sleep In Your Car For A Comfortable Rest

Where To Sleep In Your Car For A Comfortable Rest

A car is a fantastic mobile home when it comes to travel. However, not every traveler knows how and where to sleep in your car so they can feel energetic when waking up. In this blog, I’ll share with you all the tips regarding sleeping in a car so we all can reach even the most remote areas.

Why do people want to sleep in a car?

Many people don’t know that they are able to sleep in a car if they desire. You may not have enough money to pay for a hotel, so your perfect alternative is sleeping in your car. For road-tripping lovers, we want to save money. Why spend $100 for a hotel night while you can sleep in your car FREE.

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Another reason to opt for this option is that you can save your time finding a shelter in an unfamiliar place.

You should consider that there are some rules regarding sleeping in a car. If you will spend the night at the beach parking lot, rest stop or truck stop, you should definitely know these rules because you may get in trouble if you don’t follow them.

Tips for sleeping in a car safely

Here are some tips to make your night safe and comfortable in your car:

1- Select a safe parking area to sleep in your car. There are some parking areas that don’t allow overnight parking, so you should avoid such places. Also, you should note at every stop whether it is a safe place to stay overnight. Parking on the side of the road is not recommended as it’s prone to accidents.

2- Choose an isolated area with no one next to you. There are high chances that if you choose an isolated place, not only will you enjoy your personal space but also feel safe and protected from any harm.

3- Set up the seat and try it before sleeping in your car. Try to sleep on a flat surface to avoid any muscle pain later and improve blood circulation.

4. Sleep with the windows up to avoid any disturb but don’t close them completely. You need fresh air to breathe and not just a block of air.

5- Bring a sleeping bag for yourself and cover up your bed if you like.

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6- Sleeping on the roof is not recommended since you need to sleep close but that doesn’t mean you should sleep on your roof as it is too hard to sleep on. You can set up your seat with the back facing toward the ceiling. That way, it will look like you are sitting in a comfortable chair. The parking area with no vehicles nearby will be great for this option.

Where to sleep in your car for a comfortable rest

1. Sleep on your car seat

You can try this option if you are traveling alone or with one other person. You should use the back of the front seat flat to make a comfortable bed. You can take a blanket with you and cover the seat so it looks like a normal bed. This will give you enough comfort while sleeping in your car.

To create a flat surface, you can just fold down the backseat and this is applicable for many types of vehicles like an SUV, a wagon, or a hatchback.

2. Prepare some sleeping gears

While you sleep in your car, bring some basic sleeping gear with you. You should have a blanket, a pillow and a sleeping bag.

3. Choose a parking place that is accessible to restrooms

You may need to be careful when sleeping in your car. If it’s a parking lot without other vehicles or facilities, you may want to move your car to the nearest rest stop. You can use restrooms and shower at the nearby rest stops. You should always bring your gas tank and fill it up because you will only have fuel once and don’t want to wake up and find that you’re out of fuel.

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4. Use an air mattress

If your car is big enough, you can enjoy the luxury of an air mattress. It’s a great sleep aid since you won’t get the feeling of having to roll over. You can also use it as back support if you want.

This is is a great solution to sleep in your car comfortably. However, before purchasing it, you should know that it may be too big for your car and will make it difficult for you to close the hatch door.


#1 Where is the safest place to sleep in your car?

Well, choosing a place to park can be a daunting task sometimes. Here are some places that are highly recommended for drivers:

  • Walmart, supermarkets, or convenience stores
  • Rest stops with CCTV
  • Shopping malls
  • Designated parking areas

#2 Is it illegal to sleep in your car?

Sleeping in a car is not illegal. However, there are some laws prohibiting parking on the shoulder of a roadways. If you want to avoid fines, you should always ensure that your car is parked legally at all times.

#3 Do you need to crack a window when sleeping in a car?

Some cars have a ventilation system so it’s impossible to keep the window closed. Also, you need fresh air to breathe to avoid suffocation. However, if the car doesn’t have this system, you can still use a slight opening in order to avoid carbon monoxide and other gases that can infiltrate your car.

Final Words

Sleeping in a car is really possible and definitely a great way to save money and get closer to nature. If you travel a long distance, it’s important that your car is safe to sleep in. You need to be comfortable while sleeping and not stressed out. To have your own personal space thus making you feel secure at all times, opt for sleeping in the backseat of your car. Remember, it’s advisable that you sleep in an isolated area away from people, cars and other distractions so you can have a peaceful night sleeping in your car.