How to Use Optimum No Rinse All Dilutions and Uses!

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How to Use Optimum No Rinse All Dilutions and Uses

How to Use Optimum No Rinse All Dilutions and Uses

Rinse free … no rinsing! Optimum No Rinse is a great way to avoid the time, labor, and expense of car detailers. You can dilute water quickly with Optimum No Rinse. The recipe guide includes tips on how to use optimum no rinse: all dilutions and uses.

What Is Optimum No Rinse?

Optimum No Rinse is a car shampoo company created by Kevin Harris, known as Optimum. Harris created the company to avoid having to clean his own cars and from the frustration of leaving a dirty car on driveways.

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Harris was an avid detailer and member of several car clubs in his area. He had tried many diluted car shampoos before founding Optimum No Rinse, but he was unsatisfied with the end result. He realized that the dilution process was not helping him with the performance characteristics he needed. Harris then created Optimum No Rinse all out of frustration, and it has since become one of the most popular car shampoos in the country.

Ingredients in Optimum No Rinse

Methylene Glycol (also called glycerol) is a degreasing agent used to dissolve residue and water-based stains. It has the same cleaning ability as soap, but it can be found in most of the Optimum No Rinse dilutions.

Methylene Glycol is also used as a chemical intermediate in many products, such as cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and diethylene glycol. The compound is said to be non-toxic and insignificant in small amounts.

How does Optimum No Rinse work?

The way Optimum No Rinse works is by encapsulating dirt particles and lifting them away from the surface, while also providing a lubrication layer that prevents any scratching or marring of the paint.

Besides, this unique formula contains a blend of polymers and surfactants that help to protect the paint from UV rays, environmental contaminants, and other harmful elements that can cause dullness, oxidation, or fading.

Benefits of Using Optimum No Rinse

This all-purpose cleaner offers several advantages over traditional car washing methods.

Save water

First and foremost, Optimum No Rinse is an ideal solution for those living in areas with water restrictions. This is because it allows for a significant reduction in the amount of water used during car washing. As the name suggests, one does not need to rinse the car after washing it. You only need a small amount of water to wash away the dirt and grime, and No Rinse handles the rest.

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Another benefit of using Optimum No Rinse is that it is incredibly versatile. It can be used not only as a car wash solution but also as a quick detailer, clay lubricant, and even as a waterless wash solution. This all-purpose cleaner is effective on all types of paints, wheels, and glass surfaces.


In addition to its impressive efficacy, Optimum No Rinse is also environmentally friendly. Due to the reduced water usage, there is less runoff water that can potentially pollute the environment. Plus, the product is biodegradable, making it safe for both the environment and the user.

Save time & money

Optimum No Rinse also saves time and money. Traditional car washing methods require significant time to complete, including prepping and post-cleaning. With Optimum No Rinse, you can wash your car in a fraction of the time, and with its ability to be used as a waterless wash solution, there’s no need to spend a fortune on expensive car washing products.

How to Use Optimum No Rinse All Dilutions and Uses

Step 1 – Fill a Bucket with Rinsing Solution

Take a bucket and fill it with water (the exact amount can be found in your dilution guide). This is called “rinse solution.

Step 2 – Fill a Bucket with Cleaning Solution

Mix 2 bottles of Optimum No Rinse with 4 gallons of water. This is the “cleaning solution”.

Step 3 – Use a Wash Mitt to Scrub the Car (NO sponges or cloths)

Wash each section of the car carefully without laying out any extra force on the car. You can apply a small amount of pressure if needed but never scrub aggressively. Always follow a circular pattern when washing your car.

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Step 4 – Rinse the Car

Apply the rinse solution to your mitt and carefully scrub the surface of the car. From top to bottom, rinse off any dirt and grime.

TIP: For best results, use a pressure washer instead of hoses and buckets. Wash each section with your mitt but protect waxed surfaces before washing.

Step 5 – Dry the Car Gently

Remove excess water from your car using a blower, microfiber towel, or chamois (if you have it).

Optimum No Rinse Dilution Ratios

If you’re looking for a more cost-effective option, try to use the dilutions according to the volume of your car. Some dilutions can be mixed in a spray bottle, while others require a larger mix of water.

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Here are some suggested ratios for different purposes (Water/ONR)

  • For no-rinse washing: 256:1
  • For paint-scrubbing: 60:1
  • For quick detailing: 16:1
  • For glass cleaner: 256:1
  • For interior cleaning: 256:1

Tips for using Optimum No Rinse effectively

To achieve the best results when using Optimum No Rinse, here are some tips to consider:

1. Dilute the product correctly

Optimum No Rinse requires proper dilution to function effectively. The product comes with instructions on how to dilute it, and it is essential to follow them carefully. Diluting the solution properly ensures that it does not streak or leave any residue on the car’s surface.

2. Use high-quality wash mitts

wash mitts and sponges

A high-quality wash mitt specifically designed for Optimum No Rinse ensures that the product is applied evenly and gently. It also reduces the risk of scratching the car’s paintwork.

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3. Start with the wheels

It’s always best to start with the wheels first when washing your car. Wheels tend to be the dirtiest part of the car and require extra attention. Wash them first with Optimum No Rinse before moving onto the rest of the vehicle.

4. Work in small sections

When using Optimum No Rinse, it’s best to work in small sections, especially if you are not experienced with the product. This allows you to control the amount of product you use and reduce the risk of it drying on the car’s surface.

5. Dry the car properly

After washing your car with Optimum No Rinse, it’s essential to dry it properly. Use a high-quality microfiber drying towel to avoid any streaking or water spots. Remember to pat dry instead of rubbing the car’s surface.

Frequently Asked Questions

#1 How Do I Use Optimum No Rinse?

Answer: Use Optimum No Rinse as a car shampoo by simply filling one bucket with water and the other bucket with ONR. The ratio will depend on your diluted solution, so refer to the dilution guide provided.

#2 What’s the Best Way to Dilute Optimal No Rinse?

Answer: You should begin with 1 part Optimum No Rinse and 4 parts water. This will allow you to keep your car surfaces clean but without swirl marks on your paint or glass.

#3 What Can Optimum No Rinse Be Used for?

Answer: You can use Optimum No Rinse to clean almost any part of your car, including wheels, rims, engine bays, and the interior. You can also use ONR to clean tires and leather seats.

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#4 Does Optimum No Rinse Remove Water Spots?

Answer: No, Optimum No Rinse is not a car care product to remove water spots. It can be used to clean your vehicle’s exterior and interior but cannot remove previous water spots.

#5 How Do I Use Optimum No Rinse on Wheels?

Answer: 3-4oz of Optimum No Rinse mixed with 1 gallon of water. Mix the diluted solution and carefully apply to all four tires of the vehicle.

#6 How do I store Optimum No Rinse?

Answer: Optimum No Rinse should be stored in a cool, dry place. It’s important not to freeze or expose the product to temperatures higher than 100°F. You should also tightly close the container after each use to prevent oxidation of the product.

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Optimum No Rinse is a great car care product to have in your arsenal. It’s a safe and economical solution for washing a car, which will save you time, money, and effort.

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The dilution ratios given in Optimum No Rinse’s dilution guide can be used for any purpose and are easy to follow. The product is good for everything from wheels to paint, glass, vinyl, rubber, etc., so there is no need to prepare anything before using it.

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