Can You Use Simple Green on Car Paint?

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Can You Apply Simple Green On Car Paint

Can You Apply Simple Green On Car Paint

This article is about whether or not you can use Simple Green on car paint. Simple Green claims that this solution can be used to wash or clean any surface, including your cars. But does it? That’s what we’re going to find out!

Can I Use Simple Green To Wash Car Exterior?

Yes, Simple Green can be used to clean your car exteriors. In fact, it’s actually good for the paint.

The main ingredient used in making Simple Green all-purpose cleaner is safe and non-corrosive. It’s a wonderful cleaner for cleaning just about anything. However, you have to dissolve the detergent before using it to wash your car.

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In fact, Simple Green can be used on the windows, windshield, and car paintwork.

Car wash soaps are not all made equal. Some are made for washing cars, some are made for scrubbing grease and grime off, and some are made for general cleaning. This is because they may contain certain reactive chemicals that can eat up your car paint if you pour the formula directly to your car, without dissolving it.

Can you use Simple Green on car paint
Can you use Simple Green on car paint?

I know why you care so much for your car wash solution choices as car washes are one of the main causes of car paint damage. They strip off all the waxes and oils that protect your paint and cause it to become dull and brittle.

Is Simple Green Safe On Car Paint?

Simple Green might leave a thin film on the paint of your car. Water becomes safe to use on your car when some Simple Green is added to it, but you should never allow the soapy water dry on your car. If this occurs, an oily residue will be left behind that is very difficult to clean up.

Washing your car in the shade will prevent the water from evaporating as quickly as it would in the sunlight. In later portions of this text, we’d go over how to utilize Simple Green on automotive paint in more detail.

In conclusion, this all-purpose cleaner won’t change the color of the paint unless you repeatedly leave it on the body of your automobile for an extended period of time.

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How To Wash A Car With Simple Green

Items Needed:

  • Simple Green All-purpose Cleaner
  • Car wash mitts
  • microfiber cloths
  • 2 buckets or a pressure washer

I’ll demonstrate the safest method for applying Simple Green to wash your car in this part.

How to Wash a Bucket Using Simple Green

Step 1: Rinse the exterior of the entire car.

Rinse the car exterior
Rinse the car exterior

Step 2: Use your hands to froth some Simple Green cleaning chemicals in a clean, soft water bucket.

Make froth bucket for washing
Make froth bucket for washing

Step 3: Soak your cleaning towel in the bucket before beginning to wash.

Soak your cleaning mitt in the bucket
Soak your cleaning mitt or towel in the bucket

Step 4: Pay close attention to one component at a time. After washing one portion, fully rinse it before moving on to the next.

Clean each position
Clean each position of your car thoroughly


fully rinse it before moving on to the next
Fully rinse it before moving on to the next

Step 5: Dry the surface with a microfiber cloth.

drying with micro fibre towel
Drying with micro fibre towel

Utilizing Simple Green is similar to using any other vehicle wash soap. The emphasis is mainly on rapidly rinsing each area after washing and diluting the soap, though.

How to use a pressure washer with Simple Green for car wash

Step 1: Select a suitable nozzle.

Step 2: Rinse the vehicle using the pressure washer and normal water.

Step 3: In a foam cannon, dilute the mixture so that there are roughly ten parts water and one part cleanser.

Step 4: Utilize the pressure washer to apply the cleaning agent to the car’s surface. Use a vehicle brush to remove grit after allowing it to settle for two to three minutes.

Step 5: Use the pressure washer to give everything a thorough rinse.

Please keep in mind that:

  • Use Simple Green sparingly; never too much (we cannot overemphasize this point).
  • Wash in segments to keep the suds from drying out on the car’s surface.
  • Ideally, wash in the shade.
  • Rinse right away!
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Is Simple Green safe to clean the car interior?

On the interior of an automobile, Simple Green is safe to use. You may clean the dashboard, steering wheel, foot mats, seats, and seatbelts with the all-purpose cleaner. All surfaces may be cleaned with Simple Green, and it also makes an excellent cleaning solution for your entire car.

Check out this video for using Simple Green as a prep wash!

Will Simple Green damage car paint?

No, simple green is safe to use in car washes. The mixture is designed to cut through dirt, grime, and bug residue without harming delicate car surfaces while still providing a very clean, polished, and protected sheen.

Will Simple Green remove wax from cars?

Simple Green can be used to degrease surfaces and it can remove wax from a car’s exterior.

However, if done properly, Simple Green shouldn’t harm the paint, and after washing your car with Simple Green, there’s no harm in applying a fresh coat of wax. When washing your automobile, diluting Simple Green with water is crucial to prevent removing more than simply dirt.

What shouldn’t be treated with Simple Green?

Using Simple Green on opals, pearls, unpolished wood, suede, or leather is not advised. Therefore, if you have a leather interior, DON’T clean it with Simple Green.

Final Thought

Simple Green is a top-notch household item. The All-Purpose Simple Green formulation isn’t the ideal cleaner for your car. Although it can be used in an emergency, it should never be used as a daily soap.

Keep in mind that it is preferable to drive about in a dirty automobile than to use a harsh cleaning chemical that will damage the clear coat. Additionally, purchasing an appropriate wash soap will be much less expensive than repainting your car.

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