How to Organize Sockets for Your Best Convenience

Naomi O'Colman

How to Organize Sockets for Your Best Convenience

How to Organize Sockets for Your Best Convenience

As DIYers or mechanics, they have various types of sockets in their toolboxes. If the sockets are not organized, they will take a lot of time to find each one that they need. With this article, you will be able to learn how to organize sockets easily.

When working on any DIY project with sockets, it is important that they stay organized and avoid clutter. If the socket wrench is not properly stored and your toolbox becomes overcrowded, then it can create a headache in which you spend too much time trying to figure out which socket wrench fits where.

Different Methods of Organizing Sockets

#1 Plastic Socket Toolbox

The most popular method of organizing sockets is the plastic socket toolbox. It has various compartmentalized compartments that can hold different types of sockets in one place. If you have an old look toolbox, you can simply convert it into a socket organizer by purchasing a new one. Just be sure to properly label the compartments so that you can easily find your sockets.

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#2 Magnetic Socket Organizer

Another type of socket organizer that is great for keeping all your home and hand tools is the magnetic socket organizer. This is an easy way to organize your sockets without spending a lot of money. You can simply attach the magnetic tool holder onto the inside of your toolbox with screws or nails.

Attach it to the interior lining of your toolbox so that you can easily find what you need in just a few seconds. This is great for any DIYer who does not want to spend a lot on tools.

You also have to choose carefully when purchasing a socket organizer since there are many different models on the market today.

#3 How to Organize Sockets in Foam Trays

Sockets can also be organized in foam trays. You can purchase these at your local hardware store. These foam trays are designed to hold sockets and they have compartments that can fit up to 12 sockets easily.

They may not be the best option for someone who has a large collection of sockets, but they are great for seasonal and temporary use as seen in this vinyl storage case. Just be sure that the case is large enough to accommodate all of your tools.

#4 Best Way to Organize Sockets in Toolbox in Socket Rails

You can either choose to store your sockets in a toolbox or you can use the socket rails. These are rail systems that you attach to the inside of your toolbox.

They come with clips and they are designed to hold the different types of sockets. This is often used as an alternative to the plastic socket organizer that comes with a toolbox.

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Many DIYers who do not have access to a lot of space use this method when organizing their tools. It can also come in handy if you have a car. You can attach the socket rails to the back of your toolbox and put it in your trunk or truck.

#5 How to Organize Sockets with Drawers

The last way you can organize the different types of sockets is by putting them in separate drawers. The most common type of storage drawer is a wood workbench drawer. It is usually made with wood and has four-five openings. These drawers are great for organizing hand tools and it is affordable for most DIYers. You can easily attach the drawer to your workbench or store them in a separate toolbox.

Tips on How to Organize Sockets

There are some useful tips that you can utilize in organizing your sockets.

#1 Arrange the Sockets According to Your Need

The best thing you can do is to arrange your sockets in their own drawer compartment. It is simple and easy to organize them and you do not have to organize each one individually.

#2 Use Sockets with One Size Only

Do not mix different sizes of sockets in the same drawer compartment. It can make things more difficult if you have to search for a particular one.

#3 Separating Metric Tools From the Standard

Isolate the metric sizes from the others. It is best to have two separate compartments that are separated by foam. This will help you organize your tools quickly and easily.

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#4 Label Every Compartment

Label each compartment according to the type of socket you are going to store in there. These will give your sockets a place to be displayed in a way that makes it easy for you to find them when you need them.

#5 Coordinating Tool Foam by Coloring It

To keep things organized, you can paint the foam the same color so that you can quickly spot which compartment is for what type of socket. This is a great way to organize your tools in a home toolbox. You can paint the foam in different colors and keep them away from each other.

#6 The Number of Compartments that You Should Own

Ideally, you should only have four or five compartments in your toolbox. Too many compartments will be difficult to use and you can lose track of what you have.

Frequently Asked Questions

#1 How to Organize Sockets Using Clips?

There are some people who prefer using clips to keep their tools organized. This is a great way to keep your sockets from getting lost or falling onto the floor. It is also a way to store them without sacrificing any space in your toolbox.

Clips are easier to attach compared to bins since they do not take up too much space and it can be used with either the plastic socket organizer or foam trays. You can simply purchase straight wired clips or wire hooks that you can use for this purpose.

#2 What Type of Sockets Should You Use to Organize Them?

It is best to use hexagon sockets when organizing your sockets. These are great for keeping your tools organized since they have side wings and they are easy to attach and detach from one another. They also come in different sizes, so you can organize them according to the size you have.

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Overall, it is best to use a socket organizer if you are planning on storing your tools for long periods of time.

#3 How to Use Magnetic Socket Holders?

To use the magnetic socket holder, you just need to attach it to the toolbox and then put your sockets inside. You can put it in the interior lining of the toolbox or attach it on top of a metal surface.

#4 How to Use Foam Trays for Sockets?

Using foam trays is a great way to organize your DIY tools and they are also easy to find when you need them. You can purchase these trays at a hardware store or online.


The best way to organize sockets is to choose and purchase the right kind of socket organizer. You can find many different organizers in the market today and they are not that expensive. If you buy the right type of organizer, then it will be a great investment for you since it will help you keep your tools in order and you do not have to spend that much time looking for them when you need them.

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If you are a DIYer, then organizing your tools is very important especially if you have a large collection.