How Often Should You Change the K&N Oil Filter

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How Often Should You Change the K&n Oil Filter

Oil filters are a necessary part of your vehicle’s engine. You need to change the oil filter periodically in order to keep your car running smoothly. How often should you change the K&N oil filter? The answer is different for everyone, but we recommend once every 10-15 thousand kilometers or 12 months, whichever comes first.

Benifits of K&N Oil Filters

Protect Your Engine

K&N air filters remove harmful contaminants and are designed to provide a consistent flow of oil to your engine.

Extensively Tested

K&N uses design, laboratory testing and durability to ensure that their products will be dependable withstanding the test of time.

Long Change Intervals

Emulates a high-mileage oil change interval to exceed manufacturer recommendations.

How Often Should You Change the K&N Oil Filter?

A K&N oil filter should be replaced each time you do an oil change. The deviation generally falls within 10,000km for petrol cars and 15,000km for diesel vehicles. However, confirm the specific service interval your vehicle has in its respective manual to assure validity before acting on this recommendation.

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This has a few reasons:

  • K&N oil filters are your engine’s first line of defense against contaminants.
  • Oil filters have a tendency to become clogged over time. If you are not careful, the passage of grime could eventually block the flow of purified oil to your engine and lead to serious engine problems.
  • Most quality oil filters have a bypass valve that allows the engine to be lubricated without having always goes through the filter. Unluckily, this can lead to increased wear and tear as contaminants can get past if there is an obstruction in the filter.
  • When you replace your oil filter, make it an annual affair. Replacing the filter annually keeps a clean engine operating optimally and avoids costly damage to your engine from contamination.


Leaving an old oil filter on your vehicle can be done. However, the dirty oil that is circulating through your engine will not flow through a new, clean filter. As soon as you start up your car, the clean engine will quickly become just as polluted and dirty as when it was last used.

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