How Often To Polish Car: Keep Your Car NEW!

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How Often To Polish Car

How Often To Polish Car

So how often to polish your car? This is a question that has been endlessly debated, and like all things in the world of servicing, it’s not black and white. What we can say is that you should take the time to polish your vehicle at least twice a year: once in the summer and once in the winter.

One important thing to know about polishing a car is that it doesn’t have to be done by professionals.

How Often Should We Polish Cars?

This is a question that has been endlessly debated, and like all things in the world of servicing, it’s not black and white. What we can say is that you should take the time to polish your vehicle at least twice a year: once in the summer and once in the winter.

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What you must keep in mind is that polishing isn’t hard, but it does require patience. You have to learn how to work on cars while taking into account all of their components.

In the summer, polishing your car will not only remove any dirt or grime that has accumulated on your vehicle over the past months, but it will also make your vehicle look shiny and new!

On the other hand, in the winter, you’ll want to use a special polish to make sure that your car doesn’t get damaged by any salt or acidic substances spread on icy roads.

For example, your vehicle is old and the paint has lost its luster. In order to keep it as original as possible, you should polish it at least twice a year. Also, in the winter, maintaining its shine will be a good idea to protect your car from any damage that can occur when driving on icy roads.

Types of Car Polish

Polishing Compounds

The most basic and regular type of polish is the polishing compound. These are available at any store that sells automobile supplies. You can buy one in a spray or in a cream form, depending on which you prefer. To use it, you’ll have to rub it on your car’s surface with a piece of cloth or even a sponge.

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You’ll have to rub it for a few minutes (depending on the polish and the vehicle’s size) before taking off all the polish with a clean cloth or sponge. Some polishes are even simple to use and don’t need their own cloth, as you can simply spread it on your vehicle’s surface with your hands.

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Cutting Polishes

Cutting polishes are a type of polish that has been used for years. They consist of substances such as pumice, mentioned earlier, that tend to let the paint shine again by getting rid of all the imperfections. Most vehicles have paint that can be polished using cutting polishes which are then followed by regular polish or even waxing once again.

Waxes and Sealants

Waxes and sealants are other ways to keep the paint on your car shining as bright as possible. Each of them works a little differently. Waxes, for instance, are easy to apply and are considered to be the most traditional type of car polish you can buy. They not only clean your vehicle but also keep it protected from weather effects.

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Sealants, on the other hand, protect your vehicle from UV rays and other kinds of weather elements. They’re usually applied by professionals in your local car shop.

Finishing Polish

The last type, finishing polish is a mixture of wax and compound carefully applied to the surface of the paint. They’re often labeled with “waxes” but that’s just because they contain wax. They can also be applied by professionals or you can buy a kit with various waxes and compounds that become your own personal car polish.

All of these types of car polishes work similarly. They often serve the same purpose as they tend to remove small scratches from your vehicle’s paint and leave it with a smooth surface that can shine after being polished.

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What Kind of Polish Should You Use?

To remove any dirt or grime that your car has accumulated over the past days, months, or even years, you should get a good detergent and wash your vehicle thoroughly. You’ll then want to follow up by using a polish to give it some shine. If it’s not too old, manufacturers usually recommend using the same products they sell to do their detailing, so that will work perfectly in your case.

Steps to Hand Polish Car

Step 1

Wash your car carefully. This way, you’ll get rid of all the dirt and grime. Use a sponge to do this job. It’s important to apply the pressure in a circular movement.

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Step 2

Once you’re done cleaning your car and drying it well, take your polish out of its container and apply it with a microfiber applicator. Don’t forget to lubricate the applicator beforehand so that you don’t scratch your paint. Spread some polish on a small area of your car (about 2 square inches) and then spread it around with your applicator.

Step 3

Now, you’ll want to take the rag used to clean your car and buff off the polish. Don’t apply too much pressure though! Doing so might damage the paint on your vehicle. You can also use a microfiber rag for this job. Keep repeating these steps all over again until you’ve covered every single inch of the paint on your car.

Step 4

Once you’re done cleaning your car and buffing it off, you’ll need to apply a coat of wax. This is important so that the liquid polish doesn’t get trapped between the leather. Just apply some wax to your car using a soft-bristled sponge. This will give it a shine and protect the paint in the process.

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Step 5

After giving your car this beautiful shine, buff it off with a microfiber towel so that all of the dirt comes off. Now, you’re done. Your car will look flawless and shiny forever.

Why Should Not Polish Frequently?

Never ever polish your car frequently as it is not good for the paint. It can strip the wax or any other protective layer that has been applied on your car and hence will cause further damage. So, prefer to be on the safer side and polish your car every once a year.

How to Polish Your Car Safely

Always start at the top and work your way down. You can use a soft-bristled toothbrush for this.

You don’t need to go over all of the paint on your vehicle. In any case, it’s important that you start at the back and move towards the front, as vehicles are not symmetrical. You can also use a specific cloth or microfiber applicator with a fluffy texture to do this job quickly and efficiently.

Don’t scrub too hard. Use a circular motion instead.

As soon as you’re done applying the polish, buff it off. You can do this by using a drying towel for instance. Don’t use an old rag for this job!

Paint Protection

After polishing a car, protect the paint, then wash the car with soapy water, dry off the car and apply wax or polish.

You can now use wax or polish to protect your car’s paint. You may want to consider using finishing wax instead of just simple wax. The difference between the two is that finishing wax is more opaque than regular opaque wax which only hides minor imperfections but offers very limited protection for the paint on your car.

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Paint protection is one of the key factors to consider when buying a car. The majority of cars are affected by paint fade. This is because they are exposed to different environmental conditions such as rain, sun, salty air, and pollution which can harm the car’s paint. As it ages over time, the paint becomes faded or simply begins disintegrating. This will lead to a greater cost in repainting or respraying your car.

This can be avoided by using a car protective coating which provides protection to the car’s paint. A layer of the paint protection film is applied onto the surface of the car’s paint, leaving a smooth, glass-like finish and preventing any further damage to it.

The overall purpose of paint protection is to make your car look better, cleaner, and last longer. This is why it’s an essential part of protecting your vehicle.

There are several types of paint protection, including car wax, a car sealant, or car graphics. The usage of these will depend on the type of vehicle you have. For example, if you have a convertible, go for wax as it provides better protection than a sealant.


Polishing your car is an important part of caring for it. It not only keeps the paint clean but also removes dirt and debris and helps keep the shine of the paint. The most important thing to remember is that you shouldn’t leave it to chance, but rather pay close attention to keeping your car in great shape.

It may seem like a hassle, but it will be well worth it in the long run as you will be able to enjoy a much longer lifespan for your vehicle.