Is a Foam Cannon Worth It or It’s Just a Trend?

Ollie Barker

Is a Foam Cannon Worth It or It's Just a Trend?

Is a Foam Cannon Worth It or It's Just a Trend?

You may notice that when you pass a car wash or an auto detailing shop, the image of a car covered in foam is so popular. Many are triggered to have that at home. The question is “is a foam cannon worth it?” In this blog, I’ll share with you my years of experience dealing with foam cannons.

What is a Foam Cannon?

A foam cannon is a tool that makes foam and sprays it onto the car. It’s very similar to a pressure washer. The difference between the two tools is, you have more control over the output pressure and volume with the foam cannon. You can spray foam without the use of a pressure washer.

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Types of Foam Cannons

There are a few types of foam cannons available today:

#1 Quick Release

These are the type you most commonly see in car washes and auto detailing shops. They’re also very easy to use for DIY enthusiasts. They’re usually the most expensive type of foam cannon on the market.
Its name tells it all. With this type of foam cannon, you can quickly release it whenever you want.

#2 Spring Loaded (Sometimes Called a “Zoom” Cannon)

This is a foam cannon that basically has two handles on it. The user holds the handles and presses down in order to release pressure which then releases foam from behind. Once this is done, it’s still useful for auto detailing because of its compact size.

#3 Pro Foam Nozzle

This foam cannon has a nozzle that looks like an airbrush. You have to use it with a pressure washer and you can control the output pressure. It’s special because of its versatility in customizing foam output. This is the best tool to achieve a spotless car wash using soap and water. There isn’t much need for a detailer to use this at home because they’ll have better tools for doing so at work.

Benefits of a Foam Cannon

The reason why this tool appeals to consumers is that it can control output pressure and foam volume. It’s like having your own pressure washer without one.

There are many benefits when you invest in a foam cannon. One of the most common ones is cleaning the grill and other complicated areas. You can achieve real results when using the foam cannon for cleaning these parts.

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Another benefit lies in spots that you can’t reach with a pressure washer or broom. This makes it very useful for cleaning the underside of the car.

Another advantage is that it’s extremely effective in removing dirt and dust. It removes difficult stains like bird poop or chewing gum from your car.

Compared to hand washing, using a foam cannon saves you shampoo and water while achieving a better result.

So, here are the pros of foam cannons:

  • Having greater access to even hard-to-reach areas
  • Extremely effective in removing dirt and dust
  • Save your resources (shampoo, water, and even time)

Is a Foam Cannon Worth It

If you want to have the same results as a professional, then a foam cannon is worth it. This tool has many benefits to offer. It cleans debris and dirt from all areas of your car, especially crevices.

The foam cannon can be used by car enthusiasts in washing their vehicles. It’s more affordable than other tools like the soft-touch car wash system or touchless car wash system.

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One of the main benefits is it saves you soap and water because of its spray head design.

How To Use a Foam Cannon?

Different kinds of sprayers have different learning curves regarding how to use them effectively. They can be difficult to learn on your own unless you know what you’re doing. So, here are some tips on how to use a foam cannon:

  • Start with a low-pressure setting. If you want to clean your vehicle, set the pressure to 0.5 bar or less. This gives you the right kind of foam and works best for removing dirt and debris from your car. Or, you can test it with your sidewalk first to have the feel of it.
  • For most cars, hold the trigger and spray at an angle. Then move around your car so that you can reach every area properly. Remember to spray at an angle because it makes the foam more effective.
  • Don’t rinse the foam immediately. Let it sit for a while (3-5′) so the soap can do its best.
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Do All Foam Cannons Work With All Pressure Washers?

Not all foam cannons work with all pressure washers. You have to make sure that the pressure washer you have is compatible with the cannon before using it. Cannons use a higher amount of pressure than most gels and solutions today. Make sure you read the instructions before buying one.

Other Things You Need To Know About Foam Cannons

When choosing a foam cannon, consider these things:

#1 Design

The design of the foam cannon will determine how nice the car cleaning results will be.

#2 Quality

Some foam cannons will work better than others. Look for foam cannon brands that have a good reputation and good reviews.

#3 Price

The price you pay will vary depending on the design and quality of the foam cannon you choose.

#4 Maintenance

If you use a foam cannon regularly, then you should consider buying one with a replaceable nozzle. In my opinion, that is a minor inconvenience for saving time, money and getting great car cleaning results every time!

#5 Length of Usage

If you use a foam cannon regularly, then I recommend that you buy a better quality one. A good foam cannon will last longer and work for more uses. This means that you’ll be able to save money for future purchases because you didn’t spend so much on a cheap one.

These are just a few of the many things that you need to consider when choosing the right foam cannon for your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

#1 Do You Have to Hand Wash After Using a Foam Cannon?

No. You can wash your car with a foam cannon as long as you choose the right kind. If you use a narrow foam cannon, then simply spray the solution at an angle and move around the car. This gives great results because it’s more effective than any brush because of its nozzle design.

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#2 What Is the Difference Between Foam Gun and Foam Cannon?

Foam guns and foam cannons are often used interchangeably. Many car washes use a foam gun, but they also employ a foam cannon for their cleaning solutions. The difference between the two is the material used to produce the foam output. A foamer is made using a combination of compounds, whereas a foam cannon uses only soap and water.

Another difference between the two is the way water delivered to the bottle. A foam cannon is used with a high-pressure hose, while a foam gun can be used with a garden hose.

#3 Do You Need Special Soap for a Foam Cannon?

No. You can use a regular car soap with a foam cannon. Most foam cannon manufacturers will recommend that you use a special brand, but I would advise using one that you like best as long as it has a pH of 7 in order to preserve the car’s paint.

#4 Can You Use a Foam Cannon With Any Pressure Washer?

No. A foam cannon requires a pressure washer with higher PSI (pressure) and GPM (gallons per minute). It’s because it has to release enough water into the bottle for it to produce the necessary amount of foam for cleaning your vehicle. Depending on the model you choose, a foam cannon should have a pressure washer range of between 1.2 bar to 2 bar.

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I hope this blog helped you decide if a foam cannon is worth it. With all its benefits and cautions when in use, make up your mind to see if it suits your needs.