How to Make a Foam Cannon? Converting a Garden Pump Sprayer to a Foam Cannon!?

Ollie Barker

How to Make a Foam Cannon Converting a Garden Pump Sprayer to a Foam Cannon!

How to Make a Foam Cannon Converting a Garden Pump Sprayer to a Foam Cannon!

As a car detailer, I always use foam cannon for the best car wash result. You may want to use it someday too because foam cannon has a lot of benefits. I will show you how to make a foam cannon.

What Is a Foam Cannon?

It’s basically a sprayer that shoots high-pressure jets of soap or detergent-based bubbles into a tank of water to create suds. Soap is then floated on top of the bubbles before they spray outwards and are captured in an attached hose or flexible tube. Car washes use foam cannons as they are powerful enough to remove dirt while you are washing your car. But now, people also use foam cannons in their homes for cleaning because of the big number of benefits it can provide.

Advantages of Using a Foam Cannon

One thing that makes foam cannon different from other car wash products is that it can create a rich, thick lather and even spread itself onto vertical surfaces like windows and wheels. You will have an easier time washing your vehicle with a foam cannon.

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1. Save Time

Time is one of the most important things in a car detailing job. Car wash with a foam cannon can save you a lot of time while giving you great results too. With just a little bit of soap, the best foam cannon will create a rich lather that can easily spread itself on vertical surfaces. Just spray it onto your vehicle and wash your car as usual while it cleans every area of your vehicle, including wheel wells and undercarriages.

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2. Environmentally Friendly

Foam cannon is an environmentally friendly tool because it helps you to save money in the long run. You won’t need as much soap and water when using foam for cleaning your vehicle. One bottle of the best car wash soap will last longer, which means that you will spend less money on car washing products in the future.

3. Less Detergent

It uses less detergent. You can reduce the amount of soap or detergent you put through your foam cannon so you can save money each time you use it. There is no need to buy an expensive high-end soap. Just get a regular one and pour less water or concentrate for a foam cannon to still do its job.

4. Better Results

Foam cannon helps you to achieve better results. The best car wash soap will create a rich, thick lather that can spread easily on vertical surfaces, including your vehicle’s windows and wheels. The rich lather can get rid of dirt more easily from your vehicle and you don’t even need to scrub hard. After washing your vehicle with foam cannon, you should find that there are fewer scratches and swirl marks too.

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How to Make a Foam Cannon: Converting a Garden Pump Sprayer to a Foam Cannon

The tediousness of using a garden pump sprayer to create soap suds is what makes it less desirable than a foam cannon. It takes a long time to create enough soap and water suds to start cleaning your vehicle. Foam cannon creates soapy suds very fast compared to other products, which is another reason why I like foam cannon more than others.

So, if you have a garden sprayer at home, you can convert it to an effective foam cannon in just a few minutes.


To reach that with your garden pump sprayer, start by unscrewing the hose from the pump’s body. You can use a wrench to unscrew the hose if the hose and the pump’s body are connected with a plastic clamp. Use your hands and twist a bit to loosen it. Once you are able to twist, make sure to remove it.

Take all the small parts out of the garden pump sprayer. You will need to take out everything that is connected to the sprayer’s body like lines, valves, and so on.

After that, you can start looking for what you need inside your foam cannon too. After finding all the parts you need, start putting them in the garden pump sprayer.

The first thing you want to make sure is that your nozzles fit into the pump’s body. You can easily check it using water for a test. If it works, move on to the next step. If not, use a file to change or remove some material from the nozzle so that it can fit inside the pump’s body.

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Now take out your garden pump sprayer’s spray nozzle. You can use a pair of pliers to remove it.

After removing the nozzle, you can start looking for what you need in your foam cannon too. You are going to need a hose or tube for your foam cannon and some type of valve to connect them. You don’t have to go out and buy any parts right now.

If you have a hose with a connector already, attach it to the garden pump sprayer’s hose with the valve.

If your hose has no connector, just use a plastic connector to connect it to the sprayer’s hose. You can get one from any hardware store. If you don’t have a plastic connector, use a cinch clamp or any kind of clamp that is suitable for your size. Attach them both together and then attach them to the garden pump sprayer.

After doing that, you are going to need a hose that connects the garden pump sprayer to your foam cannon. You can get one from any hardware store.

Now that all your parts are in place, you can start creating the suds with your foam cannon. Start by filling it up with water. As you fill it up, attach the garden pump sprayer’s hose to it and make sure that everything fits nicely.

After that, attach the garden sprayer’s nozzle to the foam cannon’s hose and make sure that it fits as well.

Now you have your foam cannon ready for use. Start using it by filling up water in your garden pump sprayer and attaching the hose to the foam cannon. After that, fill up the foam cannon with soap, attach the garden sprayer nozzle to it and attach the hose from your garage.

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Now, once everything is connected, just start using your foam cannon in any car wash session you want.


To conclude, foam cannon is a cheap and effective tool for car detailing work. With the help of foam cannon, your vehicle will look great and it will be easier to do a good car wash job with it as well.

Now that you know how to make a foam cannon, take it for a test today.