Does The Small Scratch On A Rental Car Make You Worried ?

Naomi O'Colman

Small Scratch On A Rental Car

Renting a car is so common now, whether for pleasure or work. However, it seems to be a worrying experience as you are in charge of a car. If you see any small scratch on a rental car after hiring it, you may face a hefty charge. 

So, does the small scratch on a rental car make you worried? This article will explain the process of hiring and returning the car that you can follow if you encounter that situation. Let’s get started now!

What Should You Do If There Is A Small Scratch On A Rental Car?

If the rental car gets scratched, you will be in charge of the insurance excess mentioned in the rental agreement. Does the small scratch on a rental car make you worried? In several situations, the hiring company may take this excess from your credit card and pay extra by themselves. 

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Renting A Car

Some people often rush through the process of making a rental-agreement. In fact, this process is essential as you have to know clearly what you are going to agree with. 

Every rental agreement mentions checking the car for damage. To be more specific, you have to return the vehicle in a similar condition when you received it. If not, you will have to pay the rental company the repair cost or some out-of-service time for damaging the car when it is in your possession. 

Therefore, you should thoroughly inspect any paint chips, small scratches, dents, and other damage with the agent. The rental agreement then marks all the damage on the agreement and gives it to you to sign.

Before signing the agreement, check again whether any damage has not been written in the inspection form. You just sign it when everything is clear, and you feel comfortable. 

Repairing Scratches on A Rental Car

Scratches Caused by Yourself

Drivers always think about repairing damages on rental cars before returning them in case they accidentally scratched them. If you hire a car in your home country, the process is more straightforward. By contrast, if you hire it abroad, getting damages and scratches repaired is more complicated. 

Besides, repairing the rental car can come with a risk. Firstly, the company might not accept the repair and ask you to charge for another repair. Secondly, if you still decide to get the damage repaired before you return, it is better to keep invoices as a backup in the future. 

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Scratches Due to Another Driver

Once you drive on the road, it is impossible to avoid collision with another driver. In case the driver admits his fault, you have to get his insurance details. Then, you report the situation to the rental company immediately. Besides, you have to check and take photos of all damages carefully. 

That is the first situation you may encounter. The second one is when you find a paintwork scratch when returning the rental car. In this case, you do not have the details of another driver, so you will pay a fine from the company. 

Another solution is to ask for the CCTV from your parking lot to check who damaged the rental vehicle. However, it sometimes does not work if the parking lot does not have CCTV.

As mentioned above, as long as you see a scratch on the rental car, you have to let the hiring company. 

Returning the Hire Car

When you return the car, you also have to do the vehicle inspection with the agent again. Specifically, they will note cracks, dents, marks, and scratches on the car. When the inspection finishes, you will sign their check-in form. 

If there are additional damages that happen when you possess the car, you will be responsible for the cost of repairing it. Conversely, if there is no scratch or damage, the process utterly finishes. 

Final Words

Hiring a car is exciting and concerning, especially when there is a small scratch on a rental car. Thus, you have to check the car carefully before hiring and returning it. Besides, you also can contact your insurance provider before hiring.

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Many companies consist of coverage extending to damage and scratch on the rental vehicle. Although the coverage may vary by policy and provider, you still save inessential charges on extra insurance.

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