Top 9 Best Mud Flaps For F150, F250, F350, Chevy Colorado & Focus ST: Husky Or WeatherTech (2021 Reviews)

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It is genuinely annoying when seeing mud and dirt getting over your vehicle after you drive every day. More seriously, there are pebbles and rocks, creating permanent damage and dents. Mudflaps will reduce the damage as they serve as barriers hindering any dust or rubble.

When choosing the best mud flaps, you might be immensely confused due to the market’s enormous options. That is why you should read this article to have in-depth information about several available products. You will be provided with some criteria to purchase as well. Let’s jump into the article now!

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Husky Liners 58186Fits 2009-18...
Plasticolor 000506R01 Ford...
RoadSport 4406 'A' Series...
Husky Liners 58186Fits 2009-18...
Plasticolor 000506R01 Ford...
RoadSport 4406 'A' Series...
Husky Liners 58186Fits 2009-18...
Husky Liners 58186Fits 2009-18...
Plasticolor 000506R01 Ford...
Plasticolor 000506R01 Ford...
RoadSport 4406 'A' Series...
RoadSport 4406 'A' Series...

Who Should Buy Mud Flaps?

If there is no rear fender equipped with your car, purchasing one is so essential. Some states require drivers to use mud flaps as they hinder kicking up the debris and dirt onto other cars. The mud flaps also prevent damage and unsafe conditions. 

By and large, they accommodate you with a barrier keeping your tire in pristine condition in the longer run. So, investing in these items is a smart choice for any vehicle owner.  

How Did We Research & Choose Best Options For Your Needs?

We looked at those made of UV-resistant materials to opt for the best mud flaps for any vehicle. These materials are durable and do not become brittle or fade quickly. Besides, the selected products can be installed with body cladding, fender liners, no-drill existing fender, or minimal drill. 

Furthermore, we also think about the off-road vehicles by finding the mudguards covering the widest stock wheels’ full tread width. By this, your vehicle will be kept away from rock chips and mud splashes. 

What Factors To Consider Before Purchasing Mud Flaps?


Usually, they are made from 3 primary materials, including PVC, rubber, and plastic. The material quality is immensely important due to its endurance of debris and flying rocks. Therefore, it is best to opt for materials that can sustain heavy-duty tear and wear. 


Understandably, good-quality material will come with good durability. Some manufacturers produce mud flaps with all-weather durability and UV resistance. It is worth noting for you to buy products having UV-resistant coating as it can preserve pliability. 


There are several types of this item including molded, rubber ones, and no-drill installation. Besides, some products can be used for the back of your car and others for the front. 


If your vehicle wheels do not have predrilled holes, you can buy drill mud flaps. And of course, you need to drill the holes later on. Note that the term universal mud flaps are almost the type requiring drilling as well. 


No-drill items seem to be relatively popular as they are molded to the vehicle and easy to install. However, these types are designed for some models of trucks. Therefore, you have to be careful about their specifications. 



The mudflap patterns have no benefit but decoration, and this is admitted by the manufacturers as well. The patterns can be industrial-style diamond plates or ribbing molded. These patterns are often onto the rear side near the bottom if you notice these patterns. 

Custom Flaps

It is still alright if you do not like the available patterns. You can search for a custom-branded one, and you will undoubtedly pay a considerable amount for them. Otherwise, to save your pocket, you can find some non-branded products from the same manufacturer.


When selecting the mud flap, it is essential to check the size. Most of them are globally sized so that they can fit every vehicle. But you still need to check your vehicle’s manufacturing instructions to ensure that you buy the exact size. 

Ease of Installation

Mudflaps often come with fitting hardware, which is usually self-tapping screws. This is the most straightforward method to install them. 

Alternatively, you can use a washer, nuts, and bolts. The washer will prevent the fastener from wearing into the hole from which the mud flap is being pulled through. However, this method is unlikely to be practical for all types of cars. 


Usually, the warranty is one year. But several manufacturers might provide a limited warranty. So, it would be best if you spent the time to find out how long the limited lifetime warranty will be before purchasing them. 

How To Install Mud Flaps

The process of installing a no-drill mud flap is not complicated at all. Firstly, you have to flush all debris out of your wheel thoroughly. Then, clean and dry them so that you can mount the deflectors. Next, you check for placement and locate the holes. After putting flaps into place, you tighten the screws. 

Now is the installation of drill mud flaps. To begin with, you also have to clean the wheel area before creating a space between the wheel and the tire. You can turn the wheel back and forth for the most clearance. Subsequently, you check for placement and mark where you will drill the holes. 

Finally, you install the flaps and tighten the screws. When everything is done, you recheck all mud flaps angles to ensure that they are fully tightened. Note that you can use the flap as the template to mark the drill holes. If you see a hex nut in the package, make sure to install it between the wheel and the mud flap. 

Top 9 Best Mud Flaps For Lifted Trucks & Towing 2021 Reviews

#1 Best Overall: Husky Liners Dodge Ram 1500 Classic

Husky Liners 58186Fits 2009-18...
  • Mud Guards fit Ram trucks WITH OEM...
  • For model years 2019-2021, this mud...
  • Our Mud Guards are tailor fit to...

When it comes to the best mudflap, the Husky Liners Dodge Ram 1500 Classic is a must-have. A remarkable thing about this best mudguard is that it has a width that fits OEM tires – drivers widely use the tires.

If you are looking for the right vermicelli plate for RAM pickups, this Husky Liners fender is the right choice. 

With its ergonomic design, the Husky Liners Dodge Ram 1500 Classic ensures full tread width coverage. You can use it with most tires thanks to its versatility. Besides, you will enjoy the floor mats.

The Husky Liners Dodge Ram 1500 Classic not only fits a wide range of trucks, but it can also shield paint and powder coatings from debris. The driver can install it easily with no effort required. 

Best Mud Flaps #1 Husky Liners Dodge Ram 1500 Classic


  • Best suited for RAM pickups
  • Help your car to withstand all weather
  • Enhances the strength of the tread


  • Not suitable for some wide wheel offset trucks 

Husky Liners Dodge Ram 1500 Classic is full of the significant advantages of an ideal mudflap. Maybe this product will be the right choice for you.

#2 Best Mud Flap for F150: Plasticolor Ford Easy Fit Mud Guard

Plasticolor 000506R01 Ford...
  • Most colorful and durable flaps
  • Patented, fiberglass backing that...
  • Adds memory to keep their shape

If you are looking for the best F150 mudflap, you should consider Plasticolor Ford Easy Fit Mud Guard. With a unique PVC formulation, these excellent fenders have outstanding durability. It would be obvious to say that it copes with all kinds of weather with confidence.

The additional fiberglass layer further enhances Plasticolor Ford Easy Fit Mud Guard’s durability. You will enjoy its long lifespan. Besides the cold weather below 0 degrees, this product still works effectively in the harsh summer. The driver won’t have to worry about it being cracked.


  • It does not take too long to install it yourself
  • Outstanding durability 
  • Dedicated customer care service


  • The fenders flares will ensure their effectiveness

The Plasticolor Ford Easy Fit Mud Guard will be one of the best fenders you should not miss. Its advantages will make you excited.

#3 Best Mud Flap for F250: RoadSport 4406 Premiere Splash Guard

RoadSport 4406 'A' Series...
  • Molded from heavy-duty material to...
  • Supplied with installation...
  • Packaged one pair per display card

There are a wide variety of mudflaps on the market for the F250. Naturally, RoadSport 4406 Premiere Splash Guard cannot be absent from this list. With a harmonious combination of affordable price and excellent quality, this mudguard has won many drivers’ trust.

RoadSport 4406 Premiere Splash Guard will not be discolored, deformed, or cracked because the manufacturer has cast it from excellent bearing materials. When purchasing the product, you will be given installation instructions and installation hardware.

With its 12 ¾ inch height with 7 3/8-inch width, you can easily install it with minimal effort. A versatile design is suitable for many different types of vehicles.


  • Perfect design suitable for most vehicles
  • No deformation or discoloration
  • Comes with a user manual and installation hardware


  • A bit thin

Thanks to its high durability and a snug fit design, the RoadSport 4406 Premiere Splash Guard can satisfy every essential criterion of the best mudflap. This product can satisfy everyone’s needs.

#4 Best Mud Flap for F350: Husky Liners Front & Rear Mud Guards

Husky Liners - 58466 Front &...
  • Country of origin : United States
  • Package Dimensions : 19" L x 13" W...
  • Package weight : 4.5 pounds

Husky Liners Front & Rear Mud Guards will get rid of your worries every time you drive. This product is a great companion for those who are using the F350 series.

This item protects your tires against dirty and harmful obstacles. The manufacturer made this product out of bearing rubber. Besides, the matte black paint that Husky Liners has on the fenders adds to your car’s elegance.

Thanks to the pre-installed hardware, you need to attach it to your car. To make this process not too time-consuming, you can drill small. Gravel and mud are no longer a concern.


  • Robust construction ensures a long service life
  • Quick installation
  • Sophisticated and modern appearance


  • It may not match the fenders flares

When you drive on the road, avoiding mud or rock is difficult. So, to keep the paint on your car from getting scratched, you should choose the right fender. And Husky Liners Front & Rear Mud Guards can do this.

#5 Best Mud Flap for Chevy Colorado: Husky Liners 58236 Mud Flaps

Husky Liners - 58236 Fits...
  • Our Mud Guards are tailor fit to...
  • Our Mud Guards are built to the...
  • Durable, impact resistant...

Husky Liners is indeed one of the best mudguard manufacturers on the market today. If you are wondering how to find the right fender for your Chevy Colorado, then the Husky Liners 58236 is a highly recommended product.

Husky Liners 58236 is not only durable but also comes with OEM style accessories. Most Chevy Colorado cars have a wide neck without fenders. This product promises to cover the entire width of the tread.

Another benefit of this product is that it will ensure the steps and side molds’ durability. You won’t have to worry that it affects the car’s appearance or not.


  • Outstanding durability
  • Perfect width
  • Protect the car steps and side molds


  • Not suitable for fenders flares

For Chevy Colorado cars, Husky Liners 58236 Mud Flaps will provide the ultimate protection. If you are using this model, what are you waiting for without exploring these mudflaps right away?

Rally Armor MF27-UR-BLK/RD...
  • These direct fit Mud flaps provide...
  • Simply utilize the supplied...
  • Manufactured in United States

Although made from plastic, the Rally Armor Mud Flap with Logo still guarantees its protection. The fenders for this Focus ST come in two colors to choose from. If you do not want to use the familiar black, you can refer to youthful red.

Besides, this product also protects your car from harmful ultraviolet rays. The look of this fender is classy and polite with the iconic Rally Armor logo.

While it is full of great features, you won’t have to break the bank to own it. This feature is a big plus for this product.


  • Made from high-quality materials
  • Can withstand all weather conditions
  • Feel free to choose between two colors


  • The upper part may not be suitable for some types of wheels

Rally Armor Mud Flap with Logo will delight any demanding rider thanks to its outstanding features. In particular, these mudflaps will fit the Focus ST series.

#7 Best Budget Mud Flap: A-Premium Mud Flaps

A-Premium Mud Flaps Splash...
  • OE Replacement Molded Mud Flaps,...
  • Compatible with Toyota Tacoma...
  • Note: It only fits 2016 2017 2018...

A balance fender between reasonable prices and excellent quality will win the hearts of many drivers. A-Premium ones fully qualified for this title.

At a lower cost than some similar products, this product still guarantees equivalent (and even higher) protection. It has outstanding durability, so rock or mud splashes should not be a fearsome concern.

Besides, the A-Premium is suitable for OEM fenders flares – an advantage that many other fenders do not meet. Besides, you can combine the replacement of a car battery with the installation of this product.


  • Budget-Friendly
  • Compliant with OEM
  • Protection is appreciated


  • Not suitable for SR models

There is no denying that the A-Premium Mud Flaps has impressive features such as ease of installation, affordable price, and youthful design. Thanks to that, it has become one of the best mudguards on the market.

#8 Best Rubber Mud Flap: Highland 1007100 Splash Guard

Highland 1007100 Black Heavy...
  • Made from heavy duty rubber
  • Measures 18 inch long and 12 inch...
  • Includes mounting hardware for easy...

Different from the fenders above, the Highland 1007100 Splash Guard is made entirely of rubber. This high-quality material will ensure the safety of your vehicle.

When you purchase the Highland 1007100 Splash Guard, you will be gifted with some necessary hardware. They make your installation even more comfortable. Its ergonomic design can also fit into many popular vehicles such as trucks, SUVs, or RVs.

The manufacturer guarantees a lifetime warranty for their products so you can easily handle the problem with a return.


  • Made from high quality bearing rubber
  • Comes with the necessary hardware
  • Easy return with a lifetime warranty


  • A bit thick

Each material has its advantages. With durable rubber material, the Highland 1007100 Splash Guard is a formidable opponent of other mudflaps.

#9 Best No-Drill Mud Flap: Amooca No-Drill Mud Flaps

Amooca 2014-2018 Chevy...
  • These guards are super heavy duty...
  • Guaranteed to fit: 2014-2018...
  • Your truck will benefit from the...

If you find the installation process too complicated, Amooca No-Drill will not disappoint. You can install it without having to drill anything.

This fender is made of polymer. One particular thing is that the manufacturer has tested the UV carefully before releasing this product. High-quality material gives it long service life.

The well-fitting design will hug your car closely to enhance its performance.


  • Easy installation in less than 30 minutes
  • High-quality UV tested
  • Fit design 


  • It is a bit difficult to read the instructions.

Amooca No-Drill Mud Flaps will be suitable for drivers who do not want to drill. Easy mounting mechanism and impressive features have made this fender popular.


Are WeatherTech Mud Flaps Any Good?

Yes, they do an outstanding job as they protect the vehicle paint and trim around the year. 

What Is The Difference Between Mud Flaps And Splash Guards?

Basically, there is no difference between mud flaps and splash guards. Both of them are used to protect the quarter panels and rocker panels from slashing and debris. So, just the name is different, as different areas will use one of the two terms more heavily. 

Are Mud Flaps Universal?

As mentioned above, there are also universal ones that contain an included template. If you buy the universal ones, you should check carefully for the template. 

Can You Paint Mud Flaps?

Yes, you can paint them. Some users have repainted them with Krylon Fusion black. This kind of paint is made for plastic materials coming with some flexibility. Therefore, you will not be worried that the paint chips off when the flaps move. 

What Does A Mud Flap Do?

First and foremost, a mud flap can spray rocks, dust, mud, and loose asphalt from vehicles’ spinning wheels. Briefly, it is a no-brainer for those drivers usually commuting on dirty roads. Besides, the mud flaps installed in the rear can protect other drivers well. 

Bonus: Mudflap Installed on Chevy Colorado

Final Verdict

When it comes to the best option, it’s worth mentioning Husky Liners Dodge Ram 1500 Classic. They are impact-resistant, durable, and easy to install. For those looking for a budget-friendly option, A-Premium Mud Flaps should be considered well. If you choose this product, you will have both an affordable price and a great design. 

By and large, mud flaps can protect your vehicle paint significantly as they can endure maximum protection. Once you have decided to invest in keeping your vehicle out of dirty dust and rocks, you should select the best ones. Hopefully, you find this article useful, and you will have the right choice soon!

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