How to Clean Car Pedals and Footrest in a Few Simple Steps

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How to Clean Car Pedals and Footrest

How to Clean Car Pedals and Footrest

Drivers, car manufacturers, and even mechanics sometimes neglect the need for cleaning vehicle pedals and footrests. It’s important that they’re kept properly so you can avoid slipping and falling on the floor. If you’ve never been taught how to clean car pedals and footrests or are unsure how to do it, this post will teach you some simple steps that will help eliminate rust build-up before anything bad happens.

What Items Do You Need?

  • A bucket of warm water
  • Some pieces of soft fabric
  • Dish soap
  • Some paintbrush (this will help you in reaching all parts of the pedal)
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Some paper towels
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How to Clean Car Pedals and Footrest

Step 1: Find a Good Spot to Clean Up

In most cases, people tend to use the driveway or the garage.

Please avoid using the floor mats, as you’ll be cleaning them up soon.

Step 2: Wipe Off All Dirt on Your Pedals or Footrest

Using warm water and a piece of soft fabric, wipe off all dirt that you can see on your pedals or footrest. Use dish soap if there’s rust or dirt on it as it is known to remove rust from objects and even remove grease stains from clothes.

Step 3: Clean All Rust From the Pedals and Footrest

Using a paintbrush, clean all dirt and rust from the pedals and footrest. Use the rubbing alcohol to help you clean off the parts. Make sure that you use paper towels to dry it up.

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Step 4: Drying Up Your Pedals and Footrest

Now comes the most important step in this process: drying up your pedals and footrest properly before moving on to the next one. Let them dry for 24 hours before moving on with other steps or using them again.

Step 5: Cleaning Your Floor Mats

When you’re done, you can then move on to cleaning your floor mats which is usually the last step in cleaning your car.

It’s important that you clean your car regularly so that it remains as immaculate as possible. Aside from the effort and time spent, it’s also necessary to make sure that there are no damages incurred by carelessness in handling a vehicle.

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Why Clean Car Pedals and Footrests

dirty Car Pedals

Here are some common reasons why you should clean the car pedals and footrests:

  1. You will avoid slipping on the floor, resulting in accidents.
  2. Your car will appear more attractive and neat to others watching it.
  3. You can prolong the usage of your car footrests and pedals if they’re clean and rust-free.
  4. Over time, you will be able to save money by spending less on repairs as a result of rust formation in your pedals or footrests due to a lack of cleaning.
  5. In time, your pedals and footrests will be free of dust and dirt. This improves the look of your car.
  6. You can avoid tripping as you drive your car as a result of poorly maintained pedals or footrests.
  7. If you do drop something, you will not be as likely to break it due to damaged floor mats or dirty pedals.
  8. You will be able to avoid slipping on the floor due to rusty pedals and footrests.
  9. Your carpet might get wet due to rust or dirt, but it’s important that you dry them off properly before using them again, given that they’re made of fibers.

Frequently Asked Questions

#1 How to Clean Car Pedals?

The first thing that you have to do is to inspect your car pedals. You will have a chance to check out where the rust is in your pedal. You should be able to see if the corrosion on your pedal has been cleaned off or not.

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If there are rust spots in your pedal, then you need to use some soapy water and an abrasive brush or sponge to clean it up. Using a brush or sponge will help you in the process because it will give you a good grip.

#2 How Do They Clean Brake-pedal Dust?

If the dust on the brake pedal is really bad, then you need to use a vacuum to clean it up. If it’s the carpet that is stained, then you have to scrub out the stains with a bright sponge.

#3 How Can I Clean the Car Footrest?

Depending on the type of material and the age of your car, you might need to get more steps done. First, wash off all dirt with warm water and a piece of a soft cloth. You should also make sure that you scrub off any rust from the footrest. After that, you can then use a paintbrush to clean off the footrest.

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#4 How often should car pedals and footrests be cleaned?

It is generally recommended to clean the pedals and footrest of your car at least once a month. This ensures that you are able to maintain a good grip on the pedals and also reduces dust and dirt build-up in the footrest area. If you live in an area with high humidity or rainfall, then it’s best to clean your pedals and footrests more often.

#5 What is car pedal cleaner?

Car pedal cleaner is a type of product specifically designed to clean the pedals and footrests of your car. The formulation typically contains a blend of soap, water, and other cleaning agents that are safe for use near these components.

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Some examples are :

  • Meguiar’s Hot Rims All Wheel & Tire Cleaner
  • Mothers Foaming Wheel & Tire Cleaner
  • Turtle Wax Power Out! Upholstery & Carpet Cleaner.

These cleaners are typically sprayed onto the affected area before being scrubbed off with a brush or cloth, then rinsed off for a deeper clean.

Check out This Video for More Details on How to Clean Pedals


With a little effort and time, you can easily clean your car pedals and footrests to ensure they’re as clean as they were when it was new. Aside from the benefits of preventing yourself from slipping on them, you’ll also be able to save up money since you don’t need to spend any mechanic fees just because you didn’t take the time to clean up your car.

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