WeatherTech Window Deflectors Problems

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Weathertech Window Deflectors Problems

Weathertech Window Deflectors Problems

WeatherTech window deflectors suit most cars well, and most customers are happy with them. However, these deflectors have received some lousy customer feedback due to several issues. So, what are WeatherTech window deflectors problems?

In this post, you’ll learn about some common WeatherTech window deflector issues and viable solutions based on customer feedback.

A Quick Overview of Weather Tech Window Deflectors

WeatherTech side window deflectors, referred to as in-window channel rain shields, are simple hardware that may be installed above your car windows.

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It is installed within the window channel, and no exterior tape or adhesive material is required.

They have particular designs for each vehicle model from various car makers based on the window curves. Their structure is made of 3-4 mm acrylic material.

By providing fresh air and lowering wind noise, they hope to reduce interior heat. Because of their aerodynamic nature, deflectors also protect windows from rain by deflecting them.

They also have a translucent design that comes in various shapes and hues to fit the look of your pickup truck. People love the brand because of its high quality and ease of installation, which requires no additional skills or supplies.

WeatherTech Window Deflectors Problems

1. They have an impact on the window’s auto-up function

After properly fitting your deflector, you may notice a minor issue with the roll of your front window, as when you use auto to roll the windows up, the front ones immediately roll back down.

To address this problem, slowly roll up the window, which can be a pain because you’ll have to do it twice.

The extra thickness of the deflectors causes the window to roll down. Therefore, when the deflectors trap the wind, it can affect the up/down of your auto window. To solve this problem, remove 1/16 inch of thickness from where the deflector sits on the window’s top, and the windows will function normally.

That simple upgrade requires a few tools and experience, and your windows will function normally.

2. Improper installation

Window deflectors from WeatherTech feature a vehicle-specific fit type. However, the manufacturer states that the machining is precise enough to fit into the window channels.

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Customers have reported concerns about the corners of the product not staying in the groove in some circumstances. As a result, you’ll need to rub or adjust them to get a great fit.

There have also been complaints regarding the too-tight fit, which can ruin the tint on the glass. In addition, if you try to push window seals or automotive weatherstripping onto your vehicle, the acrylic substance can cut them.

3. Incompatible with all car models

WeatherTech side window deflectors come in various styles to fit each vehicle. Their in-window channel installation is the explanation for this.

As a result, they should fit your vehicle’s windows’ shape, size, and contour. If you don’t care about the model of your pickup truck, you’ll end up with an incompatible design.

Furthermore, the proportions of windows vary slightly depending on the year of manufacture of a particular car. You won’t find them for the Toyota Tacoma, Ford F150, or other pickup trucks for each year model. It leads to a compromise of buying any available size truck. Improper fitting is the result of an incompatible design.

4. Unable to perform in some circumstances

They’ll only work if they’re correctly fitted and in specific weather conditions. For example, in severe weather, they cannot keep water out of the windows.

Furthermore, if you have a window rolling up issue due to faulty deflector installation, the situation will worsen, enabling dust and moisture to enter the car.

Customers have reported damage to their furniture and floors due to a gap left at the top of the windows.

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5. Illegal in several states in the United States

Modifying any side or back windows is unlawful in some US jurisdictions, such as California. In addition, the law expressly stipulates that any object or material that obstructs the driver’s view must not be displayed, installed, or placed.

Although it refers to the unlawful use of tinted glass on windows, any law enforcement officer can halt you by interpreting it as he sees fit.

Even though it is a less prevalent and less noticeable issue, it might cause you to lose time and humiliation in specific scenarios.

How to Install Weather Tech Window Deflectors Right

How to Install Weather Tech Window Deflectors Right

Many WeatherTech window deflectors problems seem to stem from improper installation, so how do you do it right? Here is a general guide you can follow:

Step 1: Clean the window

Start by cleaning the window surface thoroughly with a mild soap or window cleaner. This will ensure a clean and secure adhesion for the deflectors.

Step 2: Position the deflector

Take the deflector and hold it up against the window to determine the correct placement. Ensure that the curved edge of the deflector matches the shape of the window.

Step 3: Insert the deflector

Gently slide the deflector into the window channel. It should fit snugly into place. Be careful not to force it or bend it out of shape.

Step 4: Secure the deflector

Once the deflector is in place, press it firmly against the window to secure it. Ensure that it is seated properly and doesn’t move or wiggle.

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Step 5: Repeat for other windows

If you have deflectors for other windows, repeat the same process for each window individually. Take your time to align them correctly and securely.

Step 6: Allow time to set

It is recommended to leave the windows closed for at least 24 hours after installation to allow the adhesive to bond properly.

Note: The specific installation process may vary depending on the exact model of WeatherTech Window Deflectors you have purchased. It’s important to refer to the instructions provided by the manufacturer for your specific product for detailed guidance.

Check out this video from WeatherTeach for more detail.

Is it Worth It to Buy WeatherTech Window Deflectors?

WeatherTech windowTech deflectors are a fantastic choice for anyone looking for rain guards since the rain guards will fit precisely on the inside of your window channel, eliminating the need for double-stick tape on the exterior, as with other brands.

Please keep in mind that while some customers find the deflectors to be perfectly fitting, others have reported that they operate poorly with flimsy clips.

Is It Pricey to Purchase WeatherTech Deflectors?

Among all the brands on the market, WeatherTech products are the most expensive. They maintain, however, that the price is justified because of the high quality of their items.

For the 2021 Ford F-150/F-250/F-350/F-450, a front and rear set of side window deflectors costs $95-$105. While AVS, a competitor in the market, sells the identical deflectors for $45-$55 at a low cost. As a result, they are more expensive to purchase than other brands.

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Window Deflectors: How Effective Are They?

Window deflectors are efficient because they redirect wind into an arc that flows around the sides of your car. Open windows can cause your vehicle’s aerodynamics to change, allowing fast-moving air to enter.

As a result, properly mounted wind deflectors help to reduce and eliminate wind, allowing the engine to run more efficiently.

Surprisingly, depending on your speed, vehicle shape, and other circumstances, the deflectors may help you save fuel. How? They help reduce interior drag caused by the wind, enabling you to enjoy your vehicle’s ventilation while saving money on gas.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I install WeatherTech window deflectors myself?

WeatherTech window deflectors can be installed by most vehicle owners themselves. However, if you are unsure or encounter any difficulties, seeking professional installation is recommended.

Are WeatherTech window deflectors compatible with all vehicle models?

WeatherTech produces window deflectors for a wide range of vehicle models. Ensure to select the correct deflectors that are designed specifically for your vehicle’s make and model.

Can I roll down my windows with the deflectors installed?

Yes, you can still roll down your windows with the deflectors installed. They are designed to allow for proper ventilation while providing protection against rain and debris.

How often should I clean the window deflectors?

Regular cleaning is recommended to maintain the appearance and functionality of the deflectors. Clean them as needed or during routine vehicle washing.

What should I do if my window deflectors become damaged?

If your window deflectors are damaged, contact WeatherTech for assistance. They may provide warranty coverage or offer replacement options.

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Employing weather tech Deflectors may increase your vehicle’s aerodynamics and ventilation and reduce bugs and rain on your side windows. However, keep in mind these issues and be prepared to fix them if they affect your car.