Owning a Black Car the Pros and Cons You Should Know

Naomi O'Colman

Owning A Black Car Pros Cons

Owning A Black Car Pros Cons

Choosing your car color is a huge decision. If you are wondering owing a black car the pros and cons. Then, this article is right for you.  Not only is black color one of the most popular colors, but it’s also one of the easiest to maintain. You won’t spend your weekends hand-washing and waxing your car. Plus, when winter rolls around and it’s time for snow tires to replace summer tires, black cars are always an easy color to find in stock.

But if you’re not used to driving black cars (or any dark color), there are a few things to keep in mind.

Owning a Black Car: the Pros and Cons

Advantages of Black Cars

1. They’re No-Stain Colors

Black is the easiest car color to keep clean and maintain, and you won’t find yourself running back to the car wash every time someone sneezes inside your car. If you have young children or pets, black is a good choice for a family car because there are fewer nooks and crannies where dirt can hide, as well as fewer areas for kids and pets to get into.

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2. They’re Fun to Drive

Black cars are a blast to drive because they are low-slung and sleek. The way a car looks on the road has a lot to do with how it performs, so black is the best color to show off a killer set of wheels. Plus, with the great gas mileage most cars get when they’re black, it’s no wonder why so many people consider black an acceptable family car color.

Moreover, when you compare the same model but one is black and one is the other color, you will see that all the curves and lines on the black car are more focused than the other. This is called the visual aura.

3. They’re Easily Maintained

You won’t need to sprint home from work on the weekends to hand wash your car. All you need is a bottle of dish soap with a chamois and some elbow grease, and you’ll be good to go. It only takes a few minutes to wash, polish and wax your car, and in the interest of saving time, you’ll probably want to do it often, so doing it less will require more effort.

4. Great Color for Reselling

Black is one of the most popular colors for cars, which means there are more choices in the used-car market. No matter where you go shopping for a used car, black models will be one of the easiest to find.

Disadvantages of Black Cars

1. High Maintenance Costs

Black cars have higher maintenance costs than other colors. Not only must you wash and wax your car regularly, but you must also do so in the winter when salt gets on your car and causes damage to the paint.

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2. Gas Tank Can Be a Problem in Hot Weather

Since black cars absorb heat, the gas tank can overheat because there isn’t enough cool air hitting it to dissipate the heat like there is if you have a different color vehicle with the same number of square feet of windows.

3. Black Dust

Because black cars are dark, the dust shows up more than it would on lighter colored cars. This is especially true if you don’t wash and wax frequently enough.

4. Easier to Get Dirty

Black, like white, is a very stark color and doesn’t have much variation in tone, which means it shows dirt and smudges more than darker browns or even reds.

5. Poor Pollution Protection

Not only does a car’s color have an effect on air quality, but it also affects the amount of pollution that is blocked from polluting the air around you. Dark colors like black can make things worse.

In addition, it is not only what is put into our skies that causes problems though. Light-colored cars can be a contributing factor when it comes to how much particulate matter ends up landing on your windshield and how much gets absorbed by the rubber seals around your doors and windows.

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6. Not the Best Choice for Scraping

You’ll probably find that in your driveway, or on the rear bumper of your black car if you don’t have a car cover. If you’re a glass collector, it’s best to avoid black cars because they will cause little scratches in your glass because there is no contrast between the glass and the color of the car that would indicate which direction light is hitting it.

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Black or White Car?

White is the hardest car color to maintain, but it also lasts the longest. Black requires the least maintenance, but it’s also more likely to attract dirt because it doesn’t have any variation in tone.

The black car’s disadvantages can be offset by your own personal attitudes toward maintaining your vehicle. If you like a clean car and are willing to spend some time washing and waxing, then black is probably a good choice for you since you won’t have to make too many trips back to the car wash.

But if you prefer to wash and wax your car less, white is a better choice because it shines brighter than black and doesn’t require as much work. If you don’t like doing maintenance on your car, white is the best choice for you.

What Black Car Owners Need to Know?

As you consider buying your next car, consider asking the following questions to help you decide whether or not a black car is right for you.

  • Do I want a black car?

If you want a sleek, low-slung look, then yes, black is the best choice for you. If it’s important to have your car running in pristine condition at all times, then it might not be such a good idea to choose this color.

  • Is black a practical choice for my lifestyle?

Your lifestyle can affect how important you are to maintaining your car. If you don’t mind washing your car every week after the carwash, black may not be a good choice for you because it doesn’t get dirty quick enough to justify frequent trips to the car wash.

  • Do I want a dark color on my car?
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If your lifestyle involves leaving your car out in the sun a lot, then going with a darker color will be a good idea. Dark colors absorb heat and so it’s better if you drive in the sun without tanning.w

Frequently Asked Questions

#1 Do Black Cars Scratch Easier?

No, black cars don’t scratch easier. It’s just easier to be seen. When there is a scratch, the clear coat under the paint is shown clearly in a dark background.

#2 Do Black Cars Get Dirty Easier?

Black doesn’t become dirty so often because it is dark and doesn’t collect dust like lighter colors do. It’s not too bad if you wash your car in the winter because there will be less dirt collected on its body during cold months.


#3 Do Black Cars Actually Get Hotter?

The black car does absorb more heat from the sun than white or lighter colored cars, but not to a great extent. The trunk of the car will get hotter if you leave it in the sun for too long without air conditioning.

#4 Are Black Cars Dangerous at Night?

Nighttime is a different story from daytime. It’s hard to see the black cars as they are blended into the surrounding.

It’s much harder to see people wearing dark clothing at night, so if you choose to have a dark car, it might be safer to not wear dark clothes inside the vehicle. It also makes it harder to see other drivers’ brake lights or headlights in the dark because of the color’s contrast against them.

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Final Words

To conclude, black cars are easy to maintain since it doesn’t get dirty as much, but you also have to take extra care of it because of its dark color. White cars have more contrast against light elements, so you might find it easier to clean and won’t need to wash your car as often.

Considered owning a black car the pros and cons carefully before you make your final decision.