Revive Your Rags: How to Wash Car Wax out Of Rags

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How to Wash Car Wax out Of Rags

How to Wash Car Wax out Of Rags

Car wax rags are a need that you should not be without. They’re fantastic for washing windows, polished surfaces, and other car elements. Unfortunately, polishes, ceramic coatings, sealants, waxes, detailers, grease, and grime come into contact with them. As a result, rag maintenance is a major worry. So, how to wash car wax out of rags?

Is It Possible To Wash Car Polishing Rags And Cloths?

Cars can be cleaned with rags and cloth. However, a stronger detergent is required due to the types of contaminants they are exposed to – sealant, wax, polymers, and oils. Sealants and waxes, for example, are resistant to water, chemicals, and heat.

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Similarly, hardened ceramic coatings can withstand years of cleaning with soap and water. As a result, ceramic debris settles into the rag, making it stiff and greasy. To eliminate sealant from polishing rags and cloths, a decent mixture of all-purpose cleanser and strip wash may be required.

While conventional laundry soap can remove ingrained grime, polymer sealants and carnauba waxes might be hard to remove in this manner. Therefore, having the appropriate product and using the best cleaning process is crucial whether you clean your vehicle wax cloths by hand or machine.

The ideal approach for cleaning automobile polishing rags and cloths is a mixture of warm/hot water and a strong microfibre detergent. Avoid using weaker detergents, which leave tiny amounts of detailing behind over time, causing a build-up of deposit and impairing the cloth’s function.

Why Washing Car Wax Out of Rags Is Necessary?

One important reason for washing car wax out of rags is to prevent the potential health hazards associated with the chemicals found in car wax. Some car wax products contain potentially harmful chemicals, such as petroleum distillates, which can cause skin irritation, respiratory problems, and even cancer with repeated exposure. This makes it vital that these chemicals do not remain on the rags and potentially come into contact with an individual’s skin.

Another reason to wash car wax out of rags is to avoid fire risk. The flammable nature of car wax and the solvents used in its application pose a serious fire hazard if not disposed of correctly. Rags that contain car wax can easily combust due to the heat generated by the chemical reaction over time, increasing the risk of fire in your work area.

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Moreover, washing car wax out of rags helps to preserve the quality and longevity of the rags, ensuring they remain effective for the application of car wax in the future. Rags that are not washed can quickly become infested with bacteria and other microorganisms, rendering them unsuitable for further use.

How to Wash Car Wax out Of Rags?

Prepare the rags before wash

Preparing rags for washing is an integral part of any cleaning process, especially for effectively removing excess wax residue.

To ensure that the rags are free of unwanted wax, it is essential to scrape or brush the surfaces to remove any visible debris. This step is crucial as it allows for a clean surface for subsequent cleaning with detergents.

Then, choosing the appropriate detergent and water temperature is also important for the best results. A quality detergent not only removes dirt and stains but also ensures that wax residues are effectively broken down and removed. It is important to note that hot water is the best temperature for removing wax as it helps to dissolve and break it down.

After scraping and choosing the appropriate detergent and water temperature, the next step is to separate the rags based on the level of wax residue present. This can be done by sorting the rags into piles based on the amount of wax that is visible to the naked eye. Rags with more wax residue will require more washing and agitation to remove the wax completely.

Because these pieces of cloth are made of delicate materials like cotton and microfibre, they must be cleaned with care. However, car wax rags can survive for more than 100 washes if they are properly cared for.

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Wax rags can be washed by hand or in the washing machine.

colorful microfiber towels

Method 1: How to wash car wax out of rags by hand?

Items needed:

  • A plastic bucket (the one you’d use to wash your car)
  • A wooden stick
  • Boiling water
  • Dish soap


Fill a plastic bucket halfway with soiled towels and halfway with boiling water and dish soap.  Then, using a wooden stick, stir them around. Make sure there’s enough hot water to cover the towels and give them room to agitate thoroughly.

Feel free to bring them out once the hot water has cooled a little. Then, most importantly, hang them to dry on a clothesline.

Why do some people choose to hand-wash wax rags?

There are two major reasons why you should not use a washing machine or dryer:

  1. You don’t want any leftover wax to slip into your washer or dryer, where it can stain your nice clothes.
  2. Wax has the potential to catch fire. With that in mind, keep it away from a heat source like a dryer.

Method 2: How to wash car wax out of rags by washing machine

You can also hand-wash the rags with a bit of detergent in the machine. Treat badly stained spots after shaking away any loose dirt or dust. Next, soak the cloths in warm water with a small amount of mild detergent. Run the wash cycle after adjusting the washing machine to cold and delicate.

Before throwing the towels in the laundry, I suggest rinsing or pre-soaking them. A soak will remove a lot of the build-up that might otherwise contaminate your wash, making a big difference the next time you use the microfiber towels.

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Tips for washing car wax out of rags in a washing machine

  • Similar towels should be washed together. You should wash your wax cloth separately from the car wash towels.
  • Do not rinse with softener as this may clog the gap between the cleaning fibers in the microfiber towel, rendering it ineffective.
  • If you’re using microfiber, let it air dry. They dry pretty quickly without sticking them in the dryer.
  • Microfiber towels should be washed separately from others as they collect everything, including lint, like a magnet, and getting it off is a pain.
  • Some folks like to use a second rinse cycle.

Maintenance tip for microfiber towels and rags:

No matter what method you use, one of the most significant actions you can take toward a longer-lasting finish is to wash your accessories after each use.


# How Do You Clean Detailing Rags?

Washing a waxed cloth or other fleece product with soap and water is the best way to clean it. Alternatively, you can soak the item in warm water with 1 cup of vinegar overnight to remove oil, body oils, and dirt. Then, hand wash in cool water with light soap to keep the appearance. Fabric softeners should not be used on fleece products because they are not advised.

# Can You Put Wax Rags in Washing Machine?

Yes, you certainly can. However, to keep the rags in good condition for a long time, ensure you understand the steps above: identifying the rags, selecting the suitable washing mode, and applying the appropriate detergent.

# How do I avoid getting car wax on my clothes?

The best way to avoid getting car wax on your clothes is to wear protective clothing such as overalls and gloves when waxing your car. Additionally, you can cover the area where you are going to be waxing with a plastic sheet or tarp. Finally, ensure that all wax containers are sealed properly not to spill any wax. Lastly, be sure to wash your hands immediately after waxing your car and remove any remaining residue on clothing with a cloth dampened with rubbing alcohol.

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# What can I use to remove car wax from clothes?

One method involves placing the affected garment in the freezer for at least 30 minutes to harden the wax. Once it is firm, scrape off as much of the wax as possible with a butter knife or credit card. Then, use a pre-treatment stain remover and wash the garment with hot water in the washing machine.

Another method involves using rubbing alcohol or nail polish remover as a solvent. Saturate a clean cloth with either substance and blot the affected area until the wax is removed. Then, quickly rinse the garment with warm water and proceed to launder as usual.

# How can I get rid of car wax from microfibre towels?

One method involves applying a small amount of lubricant to the affected area and rubbing gently in circular motions until the wax is removed. Then, rinse the towel with warm water and proceed to launder as usual.
Another method involves using a home dry-cleaning solvent or mineral spirits to remove car wax from microfibre towels. Saturate a clean cloth with either substance and blot the affected area until the wax is removed. Then, quickly rinse the towel with warm water and proceed to launder as usual.
Finally, make sure to follow up with a cycle of fabric softener in order to replenish lost oils from the towel.

Wrap Up

It should be easy for you to keep car wax rags clean and well-maintained now that you know how to wash them. However, remember that using dirty mitts or towels to clean your car might result in swirl marks, water spots, scratches, and, worse, a dirtier automobile.

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Hand-washing polish rags with mild soap and water is the best method.  Microfiber towels should be pre-soaked and cleaned in warm water for hand washing or at the lowest temperature for machine washing.

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