How To Keep RV Bumper Caps On?

How To Keep RV Bumper Caps On?

RV bumper caps seem like they’re the perfect solution for protecting your RV’s back bumper. They attach firmly and are just the right size to fit over the top without a problem, as long as you adhere them to your bumper properly. If not, though, they’ll slide off or fall off due to their lack of grip on your vehicle. So, how to keep RV bumper caps on? It turns out to be quite easy.

How to Keep Rv Bumper Caps on: There are several ways

# Using Long Bolts/Rods

You can use long bolts or rods that will go through your bumper and the cap, which will give them an anchor point as well as keep the caps from sliding.

# Using PVC Pipe

You can also slide a piece of PVC pipe over the cap and use it to flange it.

# Using Rubber Bands (Temporary Solution!)

If you don’t have any of those items lying around, you can just place a couple of rubber bands over the caps. Rubber banding them in place is one way to keep RV bumper caps from falling off your RV bumper, but they’ll only maintain contact for so long before they need to be readjusted.