How Many Miles Should a New Car Have?

Naomi O'Colman

How Many Miles Should a New Car Have-

It would be unrealistic to expect a new car to have 0 mileage on the odometer at the time it’s given to you. So the question is “how many miles should a new car have?“. What is the acceptable range of mileage for a new car before you can strike a bargain?

We can expect around 10 miles driven when a new car leaves the factory and 20 driven when the car reaches the dealership.

How Many Miles Should a New Car Have?

A new car will have to undergo several testing phases before it reaches the final customers. It will be driven around the factory and be tested for everything possible. This kind of testing is quite common and understandable for a new car. Additionally, it may travel a few miles while in the transportation to a dealership.

Then, at the dealership, the car will be driven around for maintenance or lot parking. So, expect to have around 10 miles on the odometer.

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The number of mileage could go much higher if the new car is swapped or traded in among dealerships. You can bet on a number of 100 or more miles on a three-month-old car that has been driven around in a lot for maintenance and/or trade-ins.

What is Acceptable Mileage?

Just like in any other deal, the buyer must be willing to bargain. The car will have to be inspected by a mechanic when it reaches the dealership. The car may have to be taken to a garage for routine maintenance or repair before being given to the customer.

It will also have to undergo some kind of test drive in the dealership parking lot, around the factory, or even around town. The mileage may go up for this time because of all these ‘driving around’.

However, if the odometer shows more than 3 digits you should ask for a discount or a newly swapped vehicle.

How Many Miles Should A New Used Car Have?

Although it’s more involved, I will try to give my opinions on this when it comes to used cars.

Most car owners are not aware of how many miles per year is acceptable when they are shopping for a used vehicle. Some dealerships may show vehicles with high mileage but in reality, is the mileage accurate or not?

Most dealerships only show the odometer once the car has been checked over by a mechanic. If a car has high mileage, it may be difficult to say whether the mileage is accurate.

How many miles should a used car have? Perhaps around 30,000 miles or less. Only if the vehicle has been properly serviced and maintained over several years will the mileage be acceptable.

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How Many Miles Should A Demo Car Have?

A demo car is a car with a high mileage that is being shown to potential buyers. In this case, the vehicle will be driven around and shown to potential buyers.

The price is usually more than the actual mileage of the car, which may go up for these types of cars. The buyer will need to know that he or she can bargain and get a better price than the invoice price and mileage on the odometer. This is not always true but it is very possible if you know what you are doing.

In the case of a demo car, it is very likely that it will have been driven around more than 500 miles.

Conclusion: How Many Miles Should A New Car Have?

The answer to this question is very simple. There are two factors that affect the number of miles you can expect on a new vehicle before you can bargain. These are the odometer reading when the vehicle was delivered to the dealership, and how long does it stay at the dealership’s parking lot. Generally speaking, an odometer of fewer than 100 miles is acceptable.