Can You Start an Automatic Car Just Like A Manual Transmission Car?

Naomi O'Colman

can you push start an automatic car

Can I push start an automatic car? As you’ve seen people can push start car on Youtube and TV, right? Let’s find out the answer!

can you push start an automatic car

If this question comes to your mind, I assume you’ve either experienced the problem yourself or your friend’s vehicle and it’s solved by emergency call professionals! But still, wondering if you can push-start your automatic car? Or only apply for manual transmission cars?

Can You Push Start An Automatic Car?

The answer is No. Automatic transmissions are not able to be pushed started because they employ an open clutch. This prevents automatic cars from being pushed started, as pushing a car with an automatic transmission can cause the clutch to jam and fail.

How do automatic transmissions work?

The automatic transmission is simply a mechanical system that is controlled by computer software. The automatic transmission is basically an automatic shifter that connects and disconnects the engine’s output shaft to the vehicle’s input shaft, based on the driver’s demands for speed and power. As long as the vehicle is in gear, the automatic transmission will automatically select the appropriate gear and will shift smoothly when the driver pushes or release the accelerator.

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