Can You Paint Over Line X? [A Detailed Guide]

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Can You Paint Over Line X?

Can You Paint Over Line X?

Can you paint over Line X? If you dislike the finish it leaves behind, you might wish to paint over it. Or, perhaps the LINE-X is beginning to fade. Or, you can be a car enthusiast who just enjoys making their automobile unique. Let’s read this article to see if you can paint over Line X and how to do it.

What is Line X?

For the past 20 years, Line-X has been a market leader in durable materials. They use the same principles with their line of very indestructible spray on coatings. The spray is a miraculous chemical mixture that adheres to nearly any substance, creating an additional layer of toughness and protection. The coating is approved for usage in a wide variety of applications, including the handling of animals and potable water containers.

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One of the many brands of extremely robust spray-on coatings available on the market is Line-X. Anything can receive a durable protective coating from this spray. Although it is marketed especially on truck beds, it may be used for anything. The Pentagon, bridges, boats, and bulletproof vests are just a few notable uses for Line-X. Because of its incredible tensile strength, it can absorb kinetic energy from explosive shrapnel to bullet fragments.

Can You Paint Over Line X?

Yes, it is possible to paint over LINE-X as it is designed to bond with the paint.

You can paint over LINE-X without using any extra supplies. However, you must prepare the surface since it can easily peel or flake if the paint is applied to an unprepared surface.

Given that LINE-X is a unique coating, we can see why you might believe it would be challenging to paint over it. You’ll be shocked to learn how paintable LINE-X is, though.

Many vehicle owners cover their LINE-X with paint. This is a very typical technique, as you will see if you browse through many forums. If you use high-quality urethane paint and properly clean the area before painting it, you may be sure to achieve fantastic results.

Undoubtedly, a truck that has been line-xed is susceptible to suffering severe damage. However, since you can always paint over dings and allow the LINE-X underneath to continue protecting, you can drive with confidence even if you’ve painted over the LINE-X.

How To Paint Over LINE-X: Step-by-Step Instructions

The motivation behind this concept is to ensure that the bed liner matches the truck’s color. If so, you can always choose a LINE-X spray-on bed liner in your preferred color. We’ll discuss this later.

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Tools required

  • Premium paint (utmost importance)
  • A spray paint gun (for an easier job) or brush
  • Some sandpaper
  • Painter’s tape
  • Gentle cloths
  • A multipurpose cleaner

#1 Sandpaper the LINE-X surface

The LINE-X will have some flaws unless it has just been completed. And these will obstruct the painting job. So sand the LINE-X surface till it seems fine and smooth to prevent that.

#2 Use a multipurpose cleanser and cloth to clean the area

The surface still needs to be cleaned and allowed to dry following preparation before painting. Then, start washing the area after grabbing the washcloth and all-purpose cleanser.

After cleaning, rinse it with hose water. Allow the bed liner to dry as well. If you need to dry it quickly, you might also use a microfiber cloth.

#3 Mask any surfaces you don’t want to be painted

Masking tape should be used to cover nearby places because it is simple to spray or spill paint on surfaces you don’t want.

You don’t want to take time to correct these mistakes as they can be time-consuming and exhausting. Utilizing masking tape makes it simple to avoid this.

#4 Start painting

You can paint over LINE-X in two different ways: with a brush or spray gun. Most car owners choose the latter since it is simpler to use.

You have an option, but whichever route you use, make sure it is appropriate for the kind of paint you intend to use. And always begin at one end and move slowly in the opposite direction.

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Additionally, you should apply several coats. It adheres to the LINE-X better and is less likely to flake.

Give the paint enough time to cure in between layers. And to avoid settling dirt on the car while you are still painting, work in a contained space. A must-have is safety equipment.

#5 Complete the project

You can now complete the painting job. Take off the masking tape. To prevent paint from chipping, proceed with extreme care.

Examine the results. Some chips might require to be filled in. Additionally, if you use brushes, you must ensure the paint has a uniform appearance.

Consider The Line-X Color Options

Line-X is available in various colors if you want to cut out many of the painting steps. The professionals can create your preferred pigment at LINE-X. LINE-X can assist you with that, whether you want a precise match of the color of your truck or are interested in something altogether different.

You may have the color of your choice with the personalized LINE-X, but it is equally robust and long-lasting. In addition, it can withstand any kind of abuse.

Second, the personalized LINE-X has UV defense. As a result, the color won’t quickly fade. Additionally, according to LINE-X, the tailored coating has a stronger ability to retain gloss. As a result, it will have a great appearance and shield the surface of your car from rust and bad weather.

According to several assessments, the color-matched LINE-X appears better than the standard one. And there isn’t much price difference.

You may always choose the color-matched option instead of painting over LINE-X because it is more robust, long-lasting, and attractive.

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Remember that if LINE-X has already been installed, your only option is to paint over it.