Ollie Barker

Do All Cars Have Swirl Marks

Do All Cars Have Swirl Marks? And How To Fix Them!

Ollie Barker

Swirls and scratches are ubiquitous in cars, but do all cars have swirl marks? Swirl marks are often left at ...

How to Make a Foam Cannon Converting a Garden Pump Sprayer to a Foam Cannon!

How to Make a Foam Cannon? Converting a Garden Pump Sprayer to a Foam Cannon!?

Ollie Barker

As a car detailer, I always use foam cannon for the best car wash result. You may want to use ...

Undercarriage Wash Safety: How to perform the washing risk-free!

Undercarriage Wash Safety: Wash It Right!

Ollie Barker

If your car is not in the best condition, it’s not unusual for you to need a wash job. Undercarriage ...

How to Dry Car Seats in Winter

Dry Car Seats Winter: 5 Tested Methods for Efficiency

Ollie Barker

Car seats are made from many different types of material: leather, vinyl, cloth, mesh, and others. This is an important ...

PDR Glue Stick Guide Strength and Temperature Range

PDR Glue Stick Guide: Strength and Temperature Range!

Ollie Barker

I have been guilty of purchasing and then trying to use a PDR glue stick that I had not pre-measured ...