Why Are Bentleys so Expensive? Top 8 Common Reasons

Naomi O'Colman

Why Are Bentleys so Expensive?

Why Are Bentleys so Expensive?

Bentley is a well-known British automaker that produces one of the most opulent saloon cars available today. Every Bentley vehicle undergoes human touch throughout the entire building process, from manufacturing to assembly. All automobiles are constructed by hand, not by machines or robots, starting with the inside and exterior paint job and ending with the engine assembly. The intricate designs call for fine materials, some of which are pretty difficult to locate and fit in your car. The end product is a very well-designed automobile with all modern conveniences and performance that is silky-smooth and elegant. However, the car’s luxurious interior and handcrafted construction significantly increase its overall cost.

Why Are Bentleys so Expensive?

Bentleys are not “just cars,” as many auto fans will attest. Here are the top 8 reasons Bentleys are so pricey and expensive to purchase.

1. High-quality components

The car’s components are made from the best materials accessible by Bentley to give it a luxurious feel. The car’s body is constructed from an alloy of steel and aluminum. The car is kept light and sturdy thanks to this combination of metals.

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Bentleys are 85 kg lighter than a body composed completely of steel and exceed all safety, durability, and rigidity criteria.

Usually, LED lights are used as headlights because they run a lot more efficiently than traditional lightbulbs and last a lot longer.

Large ceramic or iron brake pads are employed. The Continental GT really has the largest carbon-ceramic brakes of any automobile in the world. These brakes provide the best braking performance while being durable and kind to the environment.

Bentleys are made of higher-quality materials, which are substantially more expensive than materials used in more affordable automobiles.

Additionally, they frequently originate from far locations, which increases the expense of gathering all the materials needed to construct the car. The extra money spent on employing the best materials is a factor in the Bentley car’s premium price.

2. Pretty details

Given that the Bentleys has a high six-figure price tag, it is clear that the vehicle includes every amenity you can hope for. Every automobile comes with a base set of features, and there are a ton of additional features from which to pick to customize it to your preferences. The vehicles include a 12-inch infotainment screen, dual and quad-zone climate control, and a Bang & Olufsen music system. The vehicles include every feature you could possibly desire, including heated and ventilated seats, Apple CarPlay, and any type of driving assistance.

3. Hand-assembled parts

Bentleys are constructed with premium components and are primarily put together by hand. Although computers now play a bigger role in the process than they did previously, people still control a lot of the assembly. A single car actually requires hundreds of hours to construct.

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On the car’s body, hand welding accounts for about 75% of the welding. After the panels are joined by welding, additional work is done to guarantee that the welding is hidden behind the paint job. Using a file and a mallet, this step of the operation is carried out manually.

At this phase, the body is sanded to remove any flaws, and all of its components are measured to ensure they adhere to standards. The veneers in the cars are made by Bentley artisans using a process known as mirror-matching. Mirror-matching entails placing identically sized sheets of wood next to one another so that the grains align. The result is a seamless appearance.

The car’s upholstery features hand-stitched seams as well. One person can create the leather-wrapped steering wheel in up to five hours.Hand-written marks are used to identify any flaws in leather hides. The hides are sliced, nevertheless, by a laser rather than a person. The leathercraft is still entirely hand-sewn.

The cost of making a Bentley is high due to the amount of labor needed to create one vehicle. The labor of every woodworker, welder, and upholstery stitcher must be compensated. Bentley must raise their prices if they want to keep hiring a capable, dedicated craftsman.

4. Exterior painted by hand

Bentleys are renowned for having a human touch everywhere, from the interior to the exterior of the car, especially now that you are aware of the hand-assembled parts. They provide precise paint selections of the highest caliber. It provides a wide range of paint finishes, colors, and even special adaptations to make each car stand out from the crowd. Each automobile is meticulously painted by hand, which requires a lot of time for the paint to adhere thoroughly to the car’s body.

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5. Strong engine

Why Are Bentleys so Expensive?

The vintage V8 engine is used in some Bentley cars. Superior grades, however, have a 12-cylinder engine with additional power. Bentleys use a W12 engine rather than a V12. These engines offer a variety of benefits.

The W12 is more compact than the V12, which is the fundamental distinction between the two. Because of this, there is more room in the engine bay, which increases the amount of space in the cabin. The W12’s small size enables the car to have all-wheel drive. The equipment needed to power an all-wheel-drive car cannot live in the engine bay with the majority of 12-cylinder engines due to their size.

Additionally, it can be positioned farther back inside the car, which improves weight distribution. Also, the W12 is more potent than a V12. Instead of two banks of six, the cylinders of a W12 are arranged in four banks of three. Compared to the V12, this arrangement enables higher torque. The amount of twisting force the crankshaft of an engine can withstand as it rotates is referred to as torque. Standard automobiles typically produce 100 to 400 pounds of torque. However, the 2020 Bentley Bacalar produces 667 pounds of torque.

Volkswagen owns the W12 engine, making Volkswagen vehicles the only ones that can use it. Bentleys, Audis, and Bugattis are included in this. The W12 engine adds value to a car because of its strength and distinctiveness. Another justification for Bentleys’ high price is this.

6. Long lifespan

Bentleys frequently last for decades because of their fine craftsmanship and advanced engineering. This is also true because they are frequently given excellent care. Bentleys can still sustain damage from collisions or bad weather because they are still vehicles. A Bentley may run for many years with little care if it is maintained.

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Even if the Bentley spends a lot of time in the garage, owners should plan routine oil changes. Failure to do so could cause considerable engine damage. Driving with broken-down motor oil might permanently damage highly key sections of the car. Motor oil deteriorates and breaks down.

The vehicle needs to be driven sometimes or plugged into a battery maintainer. The car doesn’t end in flames if the battery dies, although it can be very inconvenient. Starting the automobile occasionally will keep the battery charged, especially in cold weather.

The tires should be watched after and maintained to prevent harm to the wheels and danger when driving. Over time, tires lose air pressure and tread. Bentleys should have their tires rotated on a regular basis, just like any other vehicle. As it impacts the grip between the car and the road, the worn-down tread can be a serious safety risk. Regular air pressure checks are also recommended. Low tire pressure might make the car’s wheels corrode more quickly.

A Bentley car can operate for many years without requiring major repairs if simple preventative maintenance is performed on the vehicle. Many Bentley owners opt to drive their vehicles sparingly to extend their lifespan.

7. Low availability

Bentleys are a rare type of car due to their high demand and limited supply. These automobiles take a long time to construct, from the hand-built engines and paintwork to the hand-stitched inside. The Bentley Mulsanne, which most people adore, requires a team of engineers and more than 400 man hours to construct. These automobiles require a long time to produce, whereas other producers may produce millions of automobiles in a single year. In contrast, Bentley produced only 12,400 vehicles in 2020. The brand’s history of producing one of the most expensive cars has always been carried by these hand-built vehicles.

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8. Public attitude

If a product can be considered a status symbol, that fact may also have an effect on its pricing. As a highly coveted luxury brand, Bentley has built a name for itself. The benefit of charging a high price for their autos goes beyond making a profit. It fosters the idea that Bentley owners are well-off, fashionable, and affluent. The Bentley brand has become one to strive for.

For many vehicle enthusiasts, owning a Bentley is the ultimate desire. When they can purchase one of these cars, they will know they have “made it.” Many people find the idea of owning an automobile that they can flaunt thrilling.

Indeed, personal mobility has long been a significant means of conveying social status, according to social scientists. This is the reason why luxury cars have been successful, particularly in industrialized countries.

Luxury automakers can rely on consumers’ desire to be taken seriously to boost sales. People think highly of Bentley as a business and, consequently, think highly of its automobiles. Their cost serves as a motivator rather than a deterrent. The goal of prospective Bentley purchasers is to show the world that they can afford a high-end vehicle.

Of course, some Bentley owners are drawn to the brand more for their real desire to enjoy a luxury car than for its status. A heated steering wheel and fine leather feel like a treat for someone who has worked hard their entire lives to earn a decent living. No matter why someone buys a Bentley, the general opinion about the vehicle does not change.

Our culture understands that Bentley’s high price reflects the luxury and status the company has come to stand for.

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There are several factors contributing to Bentleys’ high price and the primary one is that they use high-quality materials, and their price accurately reflects this. The W12 engine, for instance, faces extremely few rivals globally, which greatly increases the price of Bentleys.

Bentley automobiles also feature brand-new designs built on superior engineering. These elements play a big role in why Bentleys are so pricey.