What Is the Most Efficient Power Inverter?

What Is the Most Efficient Power Inverter?

Having an efficient power inverter for your RV is essential as you can save money on power and the environment. So, what is the most efficient power inverter?

The short answer is BESTEK Model IP-1000, which can save 60% on power consumption. Other efficient inverters are the Samsung C28H800 and the Jinko ECO20S. They are in different price categories but still have a high-efficiency rating.

BESTEK inverters are loved as they are designed by an RV expert who has been using them for years and knows what is the best to meet specific RV needs.

The feature list for BESTEK Model IP-1000:

• Works with shore power (230v-50/60Hz).

• Two high capacity charge ports for compatible charge controllers.

• Works with all brands of solar panels: monocrystalline, polycrystalline, thin film.

• Two independent control channels for independent monitoring of two separate charging circuits.

Types of Inverters for RV

The most efficient power inverter is a device that changes the DC electricity received from an outlet on your home to AC.

There are two different kinds of such transformers:

  • One is for domestic appliances, and it will switch your standard household 110 V electricity to 220 V, giving you more juice for both household items such as refrigerators and ovens as well as electronics like TV’s and lights.
  • The second type of inverter is usually smaller in size but works exactly the same way, switching the regular outlet current into a smaller parallel one.