Top 5 Best Pressure Washers of the Year: Get the Job Done Right

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best pressure washers 1


best pressure washers 1

If outdoor and automotive cleaning is integral to your to-do list, you know how essential it is to have a top-of-the-line pressure washer.

Scrubbing dirt and grime away without the right equipment can be tedious work – but with the correct tools, your job can become a breeze!

In this blog post, we’ll take a deep dive into some of the best pressure washers on the market today. From maximum power levels to added features like built-in soap tanks or multiple nozzles, we have everything you need to ensure you invest in quality cleaning technology that will last years. Let’s get started!

Here are our most-rated pressure washers:

Best Electric Pressure Washer: Sun Joe SPX3000

Best Cordless Pressure Washer: WORX WG644 Power Share Hydroshot

Best Gas Pressure Washer: Westinghouse WPX3200

Best Commercial Pressure Washer: Simpson Cleaning PS4240

Best Pressure Washer for Cars: Stanley SHP2150 Portable Electric

Types of Pressure Washers

There are four main pressure washers: electric, cordless, gas, and commercial. Each type has its advantages and disadvantages, and choosing the right one depends on your specific needs.

Here is a summary table of the four:

Type Power Source PSI Range GPM Range Advantages Disadvantages
Electric Pressure Electricity 1300-2000 1.2-1.8 Lightweight, compact, affordable, quiet, easy to use, easy to maintain Less powerful, limited mobility due to cord
Gas Pressure Gasoline 2000-4000 2.5-4.0 More powerful, mobile, no cord restrictions Noisy, heavy, requires regular maintenance
Cordless Pressure Rechargeable 1200-2000 1.0-1.5 More mobile and versatile, no cord or outlet restrictions, easy to use Less powerful, shorter battery life, longer charging times
Commercial Pressure Gas or Diesel 3000-7000 4.0-5.5 Extremely powerful, durable, efficient Heavy, expensive, requires expertise to operate

Electric Pressure Washers

Electric pressure washers are powered by electricity and are typically the most affordable and easy to use. They are also lightweight, compact, and quiet, making them a great option for smaller cleaning tasks around the house or use indoors. However, they are less powerful than gas or diesel pressure washers, with a PSI range of 1300-2000 and a GPM range of 1.2-1.8. They also require an electrical outlet nearby, which limits their mobility.

Cordless Pressure Washers

Cordless pressure washers are similar to electric pressure washers but are powered by rechargeable batteries instead of electricity. This makes them more mobile and versatile than electric models, as they do not require an electrical outlet or cord. However, they are typically less powerful than gas or diesel pressure washers, with a PSI range of 1200-2000 and a GPM range of 1.0-1.5.

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Gas Pressure Washers

Gas pressure washers are powered by gasoline and are typically more powerful than electric pressure washers, with a PSI range of 2000-4000 and a GPM range of 2.5-4.0. They are also more mobile, not requiring a cord or electrical outlet. However, they are heavier and noisier than electric models and require regular maintenance.

Commercial Pressure Washers:

Commercial pressure washers are designed for heavy-duty use in commercial and industrial settings. They are typically the most powerful type of pressure washer, with a PSI range of 3000-7000 and a GPM range of 4.0-5.5. They are also extremely durable and efficient, making them a great choice for professional use. However, they are heavy, expensive, and require expertise to operate.

Top 5 Best Pressure Washers

#1 Best Electric Pressure Washer: Sun Joe SPX3000 

Sun Joe SPX3000 14.5-Amp...
  • [POWERFUL]: 14.5-Amp/1800-watt motor...
  • [VERSATILE]: Tackle a variety of cleaning tasks:...
  • [TSS (Total Stop System)]: Automatically shuts off...


  • Corded electric
  • Max pressure: 2030 PSI
  • Max flow rate: 1.76 GPM
  • Weight: 24.3 pounds
  • Hose: 20ft
  • Five quick-connect nozzles

There are several electric pressure washers on the market that experts and consumers highly recommend. However, this electric pressure washer can be considered one of the best, with more than 50,000 ratings on Amazon. What a record!

This guy has a powerful 14.5-amp/1800-Watt motor that delivers a maximum pressure of 2,030 PSI and a maximum flow rate of 1.76 GPM. This makes it suitable for various cleaning tasks, from washing cars to cleaning decks and driveways.

Moreover, this item comes with five quick-connect nozzles, including 0º, 15º, 25º, 40º, and a soap nozzle. This allows you to easily switch between spray patterns and tackle different cleaning tasks with precision.

Another great feature of this electric pressure washer is its design with user convenience in mind. It has a 35-foot power cord and a 20-foot high-pressure hose, which gives you plenty of room to move around while cleaning. It also has an onboard detergent tank that can hold up to 0.9 liters of detergent, which makes it easy to apply soap to the surface you’re cleaning.

Lastly, this item is priced affordably (less than $200) compared to other electric pressure washers with similar features and performance. This makes it an excellent value for homeowners who want a powerful and versatile pressure washer without breaking the bank.


  • Powerful motor delivers up to 2,030 PSI and 1.76 GPM for effective cleaning.
  • Versatile with five quick-connect nozzles.
  • Easy to use with a built-in detergent tank and long power cord and hose.
  • Sturdy all-metal frame and a two-year warranty for added durability and peace of mind.
  • Affordable price compared to other electric pressure washers with similar features and performance.


  • The soap tank may be too small for larger cleaning jobs.
  • The motor can be loud during operation.
  • The plastic wheels may not be as durable as the rest of the unit.

Overall, Sun Joe SPX3000 electric pressure washer is rated highly for its power, versatility, ease of use, durability, and affordability. It is a great choice for homeowners who want a reliable pressure washer that can handle various cleaning tasks around the house.

#2 Best Cordless Pressure Washer: WORX WG644 Power Share Hydroshot 

WORX 40V Power Share Hydroshot...
  • [7X MORE PRESSURE] Than a garden hose and nozzle....
  • [2-SPEED SETTINGS] But you can also switch it down...


  • Batterypowered pressure washer
  • It included two 20V batteries and a charger
  • Max pressure: 450 PSI
  • Max flow rate: 0.9 GPM
  • Weight: 11 pounds
  • Hose: 20ft
  • One 4-in-1 nozzle
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What are you expecting from the best cordless pressure washer? Is it its mobility, its power, or its durability? You can find them all in this portable pressure washer.

The Hydroshot is incredibly lightweight and easily portable, making it a highly convenient tool for individuals who need to clean various areas around their homes or workplaces. 

In addition, unlike traditional power cleaners that require you to connect them to a power source, this portable pressure washer runs on a rechargeable 20V lithium-ion battery, meaning you can use it anywhere without the need for extension cords or outlets. This is what I call freedom.

This product also features a two-speed control design that allows you to adjust the water pressure depending on the cleaning task. The WG625 can blast away dirt and grime quickly and effectively at the higher pressure setting, while the lower setting is ideal for gentler cleaning tasks, such as watering plants or washing your car.

This compact pressure washer comes with several accessories, including a 20-foot hose, a lance, and a spray nozzle. This makes it a versatile tool that can be used for various cleaning tasks, such as washing cars, cleaning decks, and removing dirt and grime from outdoor furniture.

Another benefit of the WORX WG625 20V Hydroshot Portable Power Cleaner is that it uses up to 90% less water than a standard garden hose, making it an efficient and environmentally friendly option.


  • Dual 20V power share batteries provide longer run time.
  • Two-speed control allows for greater versatility in cleaning tasks.
  • The adjustable nozzle provides customizable water stream options.
  • Compact and portable design for easy maneuverability and storage.


  • Water flow may not be sufficient for heavy-duty cleaning tasks.
  • Limited availability of compatible accessories.

Overall, the WORX WG625 20V Hydroshot Portable Power Cleaner is a versatile, efficient, and portable cordless pressure washer that can handle various cleaning tasks. 

#3 Best Gas Pressure Washer: Westinghouse WPX3200 



  • Gas-powered with OHV engine
  • Max pressure: 3200 PSI
  • Max flow rate: 2.5 GPM
  • Weight: 63 pounds
  • Hose: 25ft
  • Five quick-connect nozzles
  • 3-year limited warranty

The Westinghouse WPX3200 Gas Powered Pressure Washer is an exceptional product with a wide range of impressive benefits. This top-of-the-line pressure washer is designed to deliver outstanding cleaning performance, making it the perfect tool for various applications.

I believe that this is THE best gas pressure washer at a very affordable price.

With its powerful gas-powered engine, the WPX3200 can produce up to 3200 PSI of pressure, enabling you to easily tackle even the most stubborn dirt and grime. So whether you need to clean your deck, patio, car, fence, or house exterior, this pressure washer is more than up to the task.

Moreover, the Westinghouse WPX3200 is incredibly easy to set up and use. It comes with a quick-connect spray gun and four versatile nozzles, allowing you to adjust the water pressure and spray pattern to suit your cleaning needs.

Another excellent feature of this product is its efficient gas-powered engine, which delivers outstanding power and reliability. With its OHV engine, the WPX3200 delivers exceptional cleaning power and ensures maximum fuel efficiency, making this product incredibly economical to use.

Furthermore, the Westinghouse WPX3200 is designed to last with its durable construction, guaranteeing that it can withstand even the toughest cleaning demands. It also comes with a three-year warranty, giving you peace of mind as you tackle your cleaning projects.


  • Powerful engine with high PSI and GPM ratings for efficient and effective cleaning.
  • Large onboard detergent tank for longer run time and less frequent refueling.
  • Durable steel frame and pneumatic tires for easy mobility and stability.
  • Comes with five different nozzle tips for versatile cleaning options.
  • Easy to start with automatic choke and fuel valve.
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  • Heavier than some other gas-pressure washers, making it less portable.
  • It can be loud during operation, requiring hearing protection.

The Westinghouse WPX3200 Gas Powered Pressure Washer is a game-changing tool that delivers outstanding cleaning performance, ease of use, fuel efficiency, durability, and reliability.

#4 Best Commercial Pressure Washer: Simpson Cleaning PS4240 PowerShot Gas Pressure Washer

SIMPSON PS4240 PowerShot Gas...
  • Professional Performance: Easy-to-assemble and...
  • Power and Durability: A powerful, reliable,...
  • Sturdy and Portable: The welded steel frame...


  • Gas-powered with a Honda GX390 engine
  • Max pressure: 4200 PSI
  • Max flow rate: 4 GPM
  • Weight: 124 pounds
  • Hose: 50ft
  • Five quick-connect nozzles

Are you often dealing with heavy-duty cleaning tasks on large scales? Then, this commercial pressure washer, which earned Amazon’s Choice, is for you.

The Simpson Cleaning PS4240 PowerShot Gas Pressure Washer is a powerful and reliable tool designed to make outdoor cleaning tasks easier and more efficient. This pressure washer is equipped with a Honda GX390 engine, delivering a whopping 4200 PSI of pressure and 4 gallons per minute of water flow, allowing you to easily tackle even the toughest dirt and grime.

One of the most notable benefits of this professional pressure washer is its versatility. The adjustable pressure settings and range of nozzles enable you to customize the pressure and water flow level to suit each task, whether you need to blast away stubborn stains from concrete, clean mildew from outdoor furniture, or strip paint from a surface. In addition, its compact and portable design makes it easy to move and store.

Another perk of this heavyduty pressure washer is its durability. The welded steel frame and heavy-duty components ensure this machine will provide reliable performance for years.

Plus, maintenance is made easier with its oil alert system that lets you know when oil changes are needed.

The unit also includes several safety features, such as a thermal relief system that guards the pressure washer against overheating and a safety lock-out feature that prevents the pressure washer from accidentally turning on.


  • High-pressure output of 4,200 PSI for tough cleaning tasks
  • The large 420cc engine provides plenty of power for extended use
  • Welded steel frame and solid tires make it durable and easy to move around
  • It comes with five different nozzle tips for versatile cleaning
  • Equipped with a commercial-grade triplex pump for reliable performance
  • Includes a downstream detergent injection system for efficient cleaning


  • Heavy and bulky, making it difficult to move for some users
  • Expensive compared to some other gas-pressure washer models

Overall, the Simpson Cleaning PS4240 PowerShot Gas Pressure Washer is an exceptional tool that perfectly balances power, versatility, and durability.

#5 Best pressure washer for cars: Stanley SHP2150 Portable Electric 

Stanley SHP2150 Portable...
  • POWERFUL CLEANING FORCE: Perfect for siding,...
  • LEAKPROOF CONNECTIONS: Professional grade brass...


  • Corded electric
  • Max pressure: 2150 PSI
  • Max flow rate: 1.4 GPM
  • Weight: 27 pounds
  • Hose: 25ft

The Stanley SHP2150 Portable Electric Pressure Washer is perfect for cleaning cars due to its powerful performance and convenient features.

One of the standout features of this electric pressure washer is its powerful 13-amp motor which delivers up to 2150 PSI and 1.4 GPM of water flow. This level of performance is perfect for blasting away stubborn dirt, grime, and stains from your car’s exterior without damaging the paint or surface.

Furthermore, the Stanley SHP2150 has various nozzles that enable you to customize the pressure and water flow to suit various surfaces on your car. For example, the 0-degree nozzle is ideal for blasting away tough dirt and grime from hard-to-reach areas like wheels and engine bays, while the 25-degree nozzle is better suited for gently cleaning the car’s body surface.

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When it comes to convenience, this guy is easy to move around and store thanks to its compact and lightweight design. Also, the pressure washer comes with a 25-foot high-pressure hose and a 35-foot power cord, so you can easily reach all areas of your car without moving it around.


  • Compact and portable design for easy storage and transportation
  • 2,150 PSI and 1.4 GPM offer strong cleaning power for various tasks, especially for car detailing
  • It comes with five quick-connect nozzles for versatile cleaning options
  • On-board storage for accessories and cord/hose
  • Easy to assemble and use, with no special tools required
  • Affordable price point


  • Plastic hose connectors may be prone to leaks over time
  • The plastic body may not be as durable as other models made of metal or stainless steel

If you’re looking for a reliable and efficient pressure washer for your car that can easily blast away grime and dirt, the Stanley SHP2150 is your perfect choice. Its powerful and adjustable water flow, convenient nozzles, and lightweight design make cleaning quick and effortless.

A Complete Buying Guide for Pressure Washers


These two numbers are very crucial to decide what pressure washer you need.

PSI measures the pressure the water is delivered at and determines how much force the washer can generate. A higher PSI means the washer can produce more force and is better suited for tougher cleaning tasks, such as removing stubborn stains or dirt. However, it’s important to note that a higher PSI can also damage more delicate surfaces, so choosing the appropriate PSI for the task at hand is important.

GPM measures the amount of water that the washer can deliver in one minute. A higher GPM means more water is delivered and can help wash away dirt and debris more quickly. A lower GPM may be sufficient for smaller cleaning tasks, but a higher GPM is recommended for larger areas to ensure a thorough cleaning.

When choosing a pressure washer, consider the suggested PSI and GPM ranges for different cleaning tasks:

  • Light-duty cleaning: PSI range of 1300-1900, GPM range of 1.2-1.5. Suitable for cleaning vehicles, outdoor furniture, and other small items.
  • Medium-duty cleaning: PSI range of 2000-2800, GPM range of 1.8-2.5. Suitable for cleaning decks, patios, and fences.
  • Heavy-duty cleaning: PSI range of 2900-3300, GPM range of 3.0-4.0. Suitable for cleaning concrete surfaces, stripping paint, and removing oil stains.
  • Extra heavy-duty cleaning: PSI range of 3500-4200, GPM range of 4.0-5.0. Suitable for industrial cleaning, such as heavy machinery, large buildings, and construction sites.

Power Source

electric pressure washer

Consider whether you want an electric, gas, or cordless pressure washer. Electric models are typically less powerful but more lightweight and easy to use, while gas models are heavier and noisier. Batterypowered pressure washers are the most portable but may have shorter battery life.

Nozzle Types

Different nozzle types can produce various spray patterns and pressures, which can be useful for different cleaning tasks. Therefore, look for models that come with multiple nozzle types, such as a 0-degree, 15-degree, and 40-degree nozzle.

Hose Length

The length of the hose will determine how far you can move away from the washer while still being able to clean effectively. Consider the size of the area you will be cleaning and choose a hose length that allows for adequate mobility.


Some pressure washers come with additional accessories, such as brushes or detergent tanks, which can be useful for specific cleaning tasks. Consider whether you will need any additional accessories for the cleaning tasks you will be doing.

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Pressure washers can range from less than $100 to over $1000. Consider your budget and the features that are most important to you when selecting a model.

Pressure Washer Accessories

Pressure washer accessories are additional tools or attachments that can enhance the performance of a pressure washer and make it more versatile for different cleaning tasks. Some common pressure washer accessories include:

Spray nozzles: Different spray nozzles produce different spray patterns, such as a narrow stream for spot cleaning or a wide fan for covering large areas.

Extension wands: Extension wands allow you to reach higher or farther surfaces without moving the pressure washer.

Surface cleaners: These attachments are designed for cleaning flat surfaces, such as driveways or patios, and use rotating jets to clean evenly.

Turbo nozzles: Turbo nozzles produce a more powerful and concentrated stream, which can be useful for removing tough stains or dirt.

Soap or detergent injectors: These attachments allow you to mix soap or detergent with the water stream to improve cleaning effectiveness.

Hose reels: Hose reels help you easily manage and store the pressure washer hose.

Gutter cleaners: These attachments are designed to clean gutters without climbing a ladder.

Benefits of Using Pressure Washers

We all know that cleaning tasks get simpler with the best pressure washers. Here are what I found fascinating about them.

Effective Cleaning: Pressure washers use high pressure and water flow rates to remove dirt, grime, stains, and other contaminants from surfaces.

Time-Saving: Pressure washers can clean large surfaces in a fraction of the time it would take to clean them manually, saving a lot of time and effort.

Versatility: Pressure washers can be used to clean a variety of surfaces and objects, including driveways, siding, decks, patio furniture, cars, boats, and more.

Eco-Friendly: Pressure washers use water instead of harsh chemicals to clean surfaces, making them an environmentally friendly cleaning option.

Cost-Effective: Investing in a pressure washer can save money in the long run by reducing the need for professional cleaning services or expensive cleaning products.

Improves Curb Appeal: Pressure washing can make a significant difference in the appearance of a home or business, enhancing its curb appeal and potentially increasing its value.

Health Benefits: This outdoor power equipment can also remove allergens and other harmful contaminants from outdoor surfaces, improving the overall health and safety of the area.

How to Maintain Your Pressure Washer

Even though you own the best pressure washer, maintaining it is important to ensure that it continues functioning properly and lasts for a long time. Here are some tips for maintaining your pressure washer:

Read the owner’s manual: Before using or maintaining your pressure washer, read the owner’s manual thoroughly to familiarize yourself with the machine and its maintenance requirements. Please the the manual carefully before you touch the start button.

Check the oil level: Check the oil level in the engine before each use and change the oil according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Clean the air filter: A dirty air filter can cause the engine to run poorly, so clean or replace the air filter regularly.

Inspect the hoses and connections: Check the hoses and connections for leaks, cracks, or other damage. Replace any damaged parts immediately.

Store the pressure washer properly: Store it in a dry, cool place and protect it from extreme temperatures. Drain the fuel and store it in an empty tank if not used for an extended period.

Clean the pressure washer after each use: Rinse the machine thoroughly with clean water to remove dirt and debris. Then, store the pressure washer with all parts disconnected and drained.

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Maintain the pump: Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for pump maintenance, including regular lubrication and cleaning of the valves and seals.

Check the spray nozzles: Check the spray nozzles for clogs or damage, and replace any damaged or worn nozzles.

Check out this Video for Basic Pressure Washing Tips

Frequently Asked Questions 

#1 What’s more important, PSI or GPM?

PSI measures the pressure the water is delivered, while GPM measures the amount of water the washer can deliver in one minute.

Generally, a higher PSI means that the pressure washer can generate more force and is better suited for tougher cleaning tasks, such as removing stubborn stains or dirt. However, a higher PSI also typically means a lower GPM, which can result in slower cleaning times.

Conversely, a higher GPM means that the pressure washer can deliver more water, which can help wash away dirt and debris more quickly. However, a higher GPM typically means a lower PSI, making it less effective for tougher cleaning tasks.

Therefore, the ideal combination of PSI and GPM will depend on the specific cleaning task. For example, a lower PSI with a higher GPM may be suitable for washing a large surface area, while a higher PSI with a lower GPM may be more effective for removing stubborn dirt or stains.

#2 What is the ideal pressure washer for home use?

For most homeowners, an electric pressure washer with a PSI of 1500-2000 and a GPM of 1.4-1.6 is sufficient for most cleaning tasks around the house, such as washing cars, cleaning outdoor furniture, and removing dirt and grime from driveways and sidewalks.

Gaspowered pressure washers are also a good option for homeowners who need more power for tougher cleaning tasks or have larger outdoor areas to clean. A gas pressure washer with a PSI of 2500-3100 and a GPM of 2.5-3.2 is suitable for most home cleaning tasks and can also handle tougher jobs such as cleaning concrete surfaces and removing paint.

#3 Can I use hot water with a pressure washer?

It depends on the type of pressure washer you have. Some pressure washers are designed to handle hot water, while others are not. Using hot water with a pressure washer can effectively remove dirt and grime from surfaces, especially greasy or oily stains.

If you have a pressure washer that is designed for hot water use, it will usually be labeled as a hot water pressure washer or have a specific temperature range listed in the owner’s manual. Hot water pressure washers typically have a heating element that heats the water as it passes through the pump, allowing for more effective cleaning.

However, if you have a pressure washer not designed for hot water use, it can cause damage to the pump and other components of the machine. In addition, using hot water with a pressure washer that is not designed for it can also create a safety hazard, as the hot water can cause the machine to overheat or malfunction.

#4 How often should I change the oil in my gas pressure washer?

The frequency of oil changes in a gas pressure washer depends on the manufacturer’s recommendation, which can vary based on the model and usage. Generally, it is recommended to change the oil in a gas pressure washer after every 50-100 hours of use or at least once a year, whichever comes first.

Final Words

The best pressure washer depends on individual needs and preferences. For those looking for an affordable and versatile option for general use, the Sun Joe SPX3000 Electric Pressure Washer is a great choice.

It’s important to be aware of the different types of pressure washers available to ensure that you find the one that meets your needs correctly. In addition, each model has an array of features that ensure your dream pressure washer can do what you need, from adjusting the flow rate to fitting additional accessories like nozzles, brushes, and turbo lances.

I hope this blog post helped you understand the various types of pressure washers available on the market and which model will suit your needs!