Which Color Coolant Is Best?

Which Color Coolant Is Best

We all know that coolant is the most important factor when cooling your car and that regular antifreeze changes are necessary for maintaining proper car performance. So with winter fast approaching, now is the time to make sure you have a supply of 50/50 pre-mixed coolant to keep things running smoothly. So, which color coolant is best?

The majority of cars on the road these days are cooled by a water-cooled rad, and the majority of coolant in our country is a clearish blue color. However, now that car companies are developing systems to run even more powerful engines, coolants that were previously adequate are now being overtaken by substances that are technically superior.

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Which Color Coolant Is Best?

In fact, the color of the coolant indicates the additives present in it. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular coolants on the market today.

Green Coolant

Often confused with clear coolant, green is actually a mixture of cool blue and clear. Green is used in maintenance-free systems, where no flushing or draining is required. Green is also a good choice for vehicles that are regularly in dusty environments. It is non-conductive and can help reduce the chances of short-circuiting from dirt and other debris.

Yellow Coolant

Also referred to as “turtle shell coolant,” yellow coolant has been around for decades. It is slightly more conductive than clear and provides excellent corrosion protection. However, it must not be confused with the “electricity green” of automotive shops where technicians use a special tool to test whether the coolant is acidic enough to cause corrosion problems. The yellow color of these tools reveals that the coolant is indeed acidic enough to cause corrosion damage.

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Cranberry Coolant

Dust and dirt intermix with the coolant itself, which dulls the green, orange or red color of most coolants. Cranberry is sold as a maintenance-free system that is both nonconductive and acidic enough to protect the engine. It is often marketed to protect Corvettes against rust and corrosion, but can also be used in other vehicles.

Coolant that has been mixed in different proportions or has been diluted with water can develop an unwanted odor.

Clear Coolant

Clear coolant is the most popular type of antifreeze. It is non-conductive and protects against corrosion, as well as heat degradation. Some colors are slightly more expensive than others, but they all meet the Society of Automotive Engineers standards for automotive antifreeze.

Perfect Choice Green has a green color with no additives. It uses a mix of 50% clear coolant and 50% blue antifreeze to change the color to green.