Where Do You Put Rock Lights in a Wheel Well?

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Where Do You Put Rock Lights in a Wheel Well

This article will answer the question of where do you put rock lights in a wheel well. This is a common problem, but no longer with this handy guide! You’ll be able to find all the information you need on your engine bay and how to install those rock lights that you have been dying for.

Where Do You Put Rock Lights in a Wheel Well?

Installation Steps

Preparing your truck for rock lights requires reading the instructions that come in the package, following some simple steps. You will need a few small tools to complete the installation and you want to be sure that you have a good understanding of your truck’s anatomy.

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  1. Park your truck in a dry, well-lit area with no potential obstacles or clutter near the wheel wells.
  2. Turn off the power to your truck, disconnect the battery and make sure everything is safe before you start.
  3. Find a drill and determine where you would like to install the rock lights. You will have to drill pilot holes in these areas for installation purposes.
  4. Pre-drill the hole in the wheel well, next thread in one of RECON’s rock lights and add the included hardware.
  5. Connect the wires leading to each rock light in the wheel well.
  6. You should run the wires from your rock lights under your truck, then up to the front end where the battery is. Be sure not to let things cross that would cause them to be crossed by moving parts of your vehicle.
  7. Attach the red and black wires to the corresponding terminals on your truck’s battery.
  8. Reconnect the battery and power on your vehicle, then turn on each of your rock lights to ensure that they are switched on.
  9. Inspect the light placement to ensure the lights are positioned in the desired location and that you like how it looks.
  10. See the bottom of the truck hood; rock lights installation is completed.

Tips for How to Install Rock Lights

Installing rock lights in a wheel well is easy and straightforward. Truck drivers love this type of installation because it doesn’t require large or unusual hardware or tools.

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Since RECON LED rock lights put up a style that is totally unparalleled, all set (of four) comes with one piece for each wheel well. If you want to mix and match colors in order to create your own design, you can buy multiple sets.

Rock lights require several precautions before installation, including a clean dry space, unobstructed access to the wheel well area, and removing the battery for safety reasons.

It is best to let your truck cool down for an hour or so before beginning installation and minimize the risk of getting burned.


Rock lights are a common accessory to add on large trucks that take off-roading trips or travel through tough terrain. Rock lights should be weather and impact resistant to prevent them from being damaged in harsh seasons or accidents.

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