What Size Inverter Do I Need for RV?

What Size Inverter Do I Need for RV?

If you’re thinking about buying an inverter, you may have a few questions and one of which is “What size inverter do I need for RV? This blog will help simplify your decision-making process.

In general, an inverter that can supply 2000W-4000W is enough for an RV to function properly. More power is always better, but there’s one caveat: If the inverter you buy regularly supplies more than 3000W, it can actually damage your RV’s electrical system.

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An inverter is a product that combines the ability to change the alternating current (AC) output of an RV converter/charger with the ability to provide DC power. The average inverter is capable of providing 120 volts AC and 20 amps of output power.

Your motorhome or travel trailer will most likely run on a system with only 120V outlets, and if you plan on plugging in a lot of electrical equipment while you’re camping including lights and appliances, you’ll need to choose an inverter that has enough power to handle it.

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If you use a lot of appliances while camping, you may want to consider an inverter that has a hybrid mode. Most inverters can be set to operate in either 120V or 12/24V mode. When operating in the 12-volt mode, the output is 12V, and when operating in 24V mode, it’s 24 VDC. What this means for your RV is that you can keep your 120-volt electrical system functioning with ease and still have some outlets available with a higher power.