What Is the Strongest Receiver Hitch?

What Is the Strongest Receiver Hitch

The receiver hitch is arguably the most versatile piece of trailer equipment. It has more uses than you could possibly list, from setting up a post-hole digger to launching a jet ski in and out of the water. So how do you know what is the strongest receiver hitch?

Well, there are a few contenders for the strongest receiver hitch on the market. Some brands can handle heights up to 20 feet without being rated by any governing body.

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The SuperHitch Magnum and the SuperHitch XP, both from Go Rhino, are the only brands that can handle heights of up to 20 feet without being rated by any governing body. Here’s how they stack up.

The SuperHitch Magnum is rated by a rigorous test process that involves attaching an 800lbs weight to the hitch with zip ties and then driving two cars at high speeds backward into it. Depending on the strength of the hitch, either one or two cars will be able to fit in your garage after this ordeal.

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The SuperHitch XP is rated by a test that uses the same process as above, except it will take out a full-size truck entirely. “It’s hard to get into your garage after that one,” says Go Rhino.