What Is the Difference Between Rv Battery and Marine Battery?

What Is the Difference Between Rv Battery and Marine Battery?

What is the difference between RV battery and marine battery? Marine and RV batteries are made for different purposes.

Marine batteries are designed to work in an engine compartment, which is wet and has a lot of motion. They have to be spillproof, shock resistant, vibration resistant, and able to hold a charge for long periods of time. Marine batteries also need thicker plates to sustain more vibrations from the motor without cracking or leaking.

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RV batteries are also designed to work in a wet environment, but they are not specifically created for the engine compartment. They are more suited for in-home use. Most of them can handle shocks and vibrations okay because they are made to sit under the hood of your vehicle or boat. However, since they do not stay under a vehicle, they will leak if you put them in a storage area where there is sunlight or hot temperatures.

For this reason, you should store an RV battery in a cool place when it is not being used. Charging these batteries for a long period of time can also damage the internal components. They do not have to put up with high vibrations or side shocks as much as marine batteries, so they are usually sold at a lower cost than marine batteries.

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