What Are the Different Types of Fender Flares?

What Are the Different Types of Fender Flares

The fender flares are the extensions at the bottom of a truck or car. They’re most commonly found in trucks, but they’re also frequently employed in cars too. What are the different types of fender flares? Let me walk you through.

What Are the Different Types of Fender Flares?

The application of these devices is very important for both cars and trucks to ensure safety from other vehicles and pedestrians. There are various types of fender flares, which include standard, slight, deep-dish, under-bumper, square instead of rounded flair or molding, and plastic instead of metal flares.

#1 Standard Fender Flares

This type of flare is the most common. It consists of an oval section with a flared front and two points at the rear. This makes it possible for the vehicle to be fitted easily to a variety of trucks, SUVs, vans, and even some cars. The weight doesn’t change during installation but does change when the vehicle is pulled over and again when it moves off.

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#2 Slightly Fender Flares

This type of flare is used on cars that are more than 6 inches wide. The purpose of this type is mostly to give the vehicle a custom look.

#3 Deep-Dish Fender Flares

Deep-dish flares are generally used in modified vehicles. They can also be used on trucks, RVs, and also a few cars. The deep-dish is designed to be the widest at the bottom, which gives them an understated look compared to traditional flares. They’re not as flared as standard or much more flared than slightly flares but it’s somewhere in between the two.

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#4 Square Fender Flares

Square fender flares were popular in the 2000s. This is because they do more than just give the car a bolder look. They can also be used to add more to a truck’s interior. For example, they can be used to hold things like a coffee table and chairs in the rear of the truck without making it look too cluttered or sloppy.

#5 Plastic Fender Flares

These are the standard version of flares that those who are buying a new set of flares need to have. They’re made from plastic instead of the more traditional metal.

#6 Under-Bumper Fender Flares

This type of fender flare is usually used on buses, trucks, vans, and SUVs. These are typically unique enough to be able to identify the vehicle by sight alone. This is because they’re not the standard fender flares, but they’re purposefully made to be in different shapes and sizes. This helps in avoiding any accident that might arise.


In a nutshell, fender flares are invaluable when using them, even when it comes to cars. Its importance is not just the functional aspect. The level of safety it gives is also immense to fender flares. They help in improving the protection of a car from other vehicles and pedestrians.