What Are Headache Racks Used For

What Are Headache Racks Used For

In this blog box, we will cover what headache racks are used for and what their benefits are! Headache racks are the best way to protect your cargo without having to remove them from your truck bed. They offer a ton of different benefits. Headache racks can be used for many different purposes, and each has its own set of pros and cons.

What Are Headache Racks?

A headache rack, also known as a truck rack, is used for many purposes. They are most commonly used by people who own trucks and regularly use them to transport things.

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What Are Headache Racks Used For

A headache rack protects passengers from cargo in the bed of a truck. If you stop suddenly, this cargo could fly through the rear cab window and hurt someone inside the vehicle.

Headache racks can keep the sun off the cab, which makes it cooler to have on in the car. They are also customizable with lights for night use if needed and they are easily removable from the consumer’s vehicle as well.

How To Wire Headache Rack Lights?

If you transport small, lightweight items in your pick-up truck as a standard practice and don’t carry anything that can’t fit under the truck bed cover, then a headache rack may not be necessary.

If you’re transporting large items, helping friends move or engage in other activities such as cycling, camping, and kayaking then a headache rack may be the perfect choice.

Headache racks help secure cargo so it doesn’t create a headache for other drivers. They also keep you safe and your truck in good condition.

When Should Headache Racks Be Used?

If you’re considering installing a headache rack onto your truck, the first thing to ask yourself is whether you really need one.

Serve for work

Sometimes, people install headache racks in their vehicles in order to bring along their supplies or the equipment they need for their work. This is because installing a headache rack allows you to securely transport lumber, PCV pipes, and machinery from one place to another whenever necessary.

Serve for Play

Headache racks are one of the many features found on truck beds that can be useful for a variety of reasons. While these usually seen on pickup trucks, cars, and light-duty trailers, headache racks also come in handy when transporting items such as kayaks and snowmachines.

Serve for Life

For these unexpected jobs that we can’t avoid, truck racks are handy to have. You never know when you might get a call from your wife saying she just bought an antique hutch that is in need of transportation.


Headache racks are a great way to protect your vehicle’s paint job from scratches and scrapes. They are also invaluable in keeping cargo off of the roof area, which can help prevent accidents caused by low-hanging objects. A headache rack is typically installed on pickup trucks or SUVs with high ground clearance, and they can be purchased as an aftermarket accessory or come standard on new vehicles.

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