Is Rhino liner or Linex better?

Is Rhino liner or Linex better

Is Rhino liner or Linex better? This is a question that many people have been asking themselves. Some swear by the durability of Linex, while others prefer the sleek look of Rhino liner. Let’s explore this in more detail to find out which one is best for you!

Here, we compare two popular spray-in truck bed liner brands: Line X vs. Rhino liner

Is Rhino liner or Linex better?

Line X

The first thing you’ll notice about Line X is that it’s thin. Some think “thin” means flimsy, while others recognize the sleek design as space-saving.

One of the best aspects of Line X products is that they are thin and can be customized to fit various bed sizes. When Line-X is properly applied, your vehicle won’t experience any damage like bubbling.

Despite the tough exterior surface, Line X material doesn’t make a dent. This is because the contact-resistance between this material and cargo is high, and consequentially so is its anti-skid properties. That means Line X can hold up to anything well enough that you don’t need an additional layer of protection under it.

To put it simply, a Linex truck bed liner is durable, will dry in no time at all, won’t chip or run and will look great.

Pros of Line X

  • Greater tensile strength and more resistant to wear because of a surface that’s harder.
  • Can absorbing sound when using it, despite being thin.
  • Fits to your truck bed and easy installation
  • Can be used after 3-5 minutes after installation
  • Form a lasting relationship with your truck bed.
  • Resistant to chemicals like diesel, gasoline, etc.

Rhino Liner

The most major difference between Rhino liner and Line-X is the texture. While both are very durable, Rhino is much softer.

The two bed liners, Rhino and Line-X, are very similar in their protective properties – they both keep your cargo safe from water damage. However, when it comes to protecting your hands and knees during installation of the liner, Rhino’s liner is the gentler choice because it is less abrasive.

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The Rhino liner is also best for traction, due to the changes in finishes. If you are okay with a matte-like look but want better traction, the Rhino liner is what’s best.

The thicker Rhino lining is more effective than the thinner Line-X material because it helps to dampen noise and vibration when hauling cargo.

Additionally, while it might not seem as durable or impact resistant because of its softer surface, Rhino liner is significantly more corrosion and water-resistant than other liners. It also lasts longer with a lifetime warranty and an extremely tough exterior that resists tear.

Pros of Rhino Liner

  • The texture of a Rhino liner is soft on your hands and knees.
  • Reduce sound and reduce impact.
  • More friendly to your cargo with soft surface.
  • Outstanding anti-slip function.
  • This is a material that does not catch fire, it is water resistant, and it’s not sensitive to sunlight.
  • This bedliner has a lifetime warranty.

Which is better Liner X or Rhino Liner?

We have just discussed all the pros and cons of Rhino Liner vs Linex to help you make an informed decision.

In this guide, I defined both Rhino lining and LineX as reputable brands that have a variety of features. In the end, your choice will just come down to what you need the liner for – whether it’s the durability or more comfort that matters most to you.

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If you want something soft and thicker, you’d do well with Rhino liner. But its softer materials might not hold up for long, and it’s more likely to develop tears and rips. You should also hire a professional installer for your Rhino liner to ensure it serves you effectively.

The durability of Line-X is likely to be far greater than that offered by Rhino liner.


Once you’ve decided which types of truck bed liners to purchase, you need to choose the right type/brand.

Do you want a sleeker finish that may be rough on your joints? Does it matter if this is a consideration for you? Both liners are durable, but the bed liner selected comes down to other factors.

Choosing a product for everyday use is always a difficult decision. To make the process easier, consider the warranty and guarantees available.

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