How to Remove Scratch from Windshield Effectively?

How to Remove Scratch from Windshield Effectively?Meta: If you’re trying to figure out how to remove a scratch from windshields, you’ve come to the right place. The scratch or even chip of your car’s windshield can come from many reasons.

The car in front of you slips on the breccia. With no-fault, you find yourself with a streaked or scratched windshield. A damaged windshield can represent an enormous risk for the safety of those who drive in the car.

So, how to remove a scratch from the windshield effectively? The ability to remove scratches or chips from the windshield depends primarily on the size of the lesion. Removing scratches from the windshield with a do-it-yourself technique is easy since it is the polishing of the car windshield.

Besides, when windshield scratches seem minor, many drivers ignore the problem and postpone the repair. Here are some tips we hope will help you remove scratches from your car windshield.

Damage Assessment

First, examine the damage carefully. Is it a superficial scratch or a deeper chip? For superficial scratches, it is possible to resort to do-it-yourself procedures. Otherwise, for the chipping, it will be necessary to rely on an allowed center. Let’s see both cases.

Size Matters

Now, a preliminary warning is remedying a scratch in the windshield largely depending on the magnitude of the damage. Some drivers underestimate it if the scratch is tiny.

The point is sometimes you just take a small hole to see the windshield’s damage pops in your face, which is not a good thing. In that case, it not only could there be damage to passengers, but you also have to replace all the glass with a consequent increase in costs.

In short, the fundamental advice is, before deciding to do anything, carefully examine the damage. Is it a light scratch or is it a deep chip? In the first case, you can also intervene effectively with do-it-yourself remedies. In the second problem, it will be necessary to resort to professionals from a specialized center.

Superficial Scratches

In these cases, some resort to abrasive pastes that are used to remedy scratches on the bodywork, but it is a wrong choice. What works for paints does not work for glass.

You should know that at specialized retailers, you can find products that have been designed specifically to remedy scratches. Sometimes, these are products based on cerium oxide.

Basic Procedure

To repair the windshield, many people recommend using the abrasive paste used to remove scratches from the bodywork. Nothing could be more wrong because that abrasive paste works with the pigmentations of the paints, but not with the glass.

Fortunately, on the market, there are special scratch removal products. For example, the cerium oxide-based pastes from Xerapol receive many positive reviews about scratch removal. Here is how to proceed:

– Clean the windshield thoroughly and apply a small amount of paste

– Polish it with a special cloth and exert powerful pressure on the points with scratches.

– Polish for at least two to three minutes by spreading the paste with a soft and clean cloth or with a cotton swab.

– Remove any residue with a clean cloth.

If the scratches have not disappeared, try with a fine-grit sandpaper. Then polishing again with the scratch removed paste.

Where to buy the scratch remover paste?

It is not only the mentioned product on the market, to find out all the alternatives, just contact your trusted body shop. Drivers who prefer online shopping can find Rain-X scratch-removing paste on Amazon for $9.99 with free shipping. For all the information on the products, please refer to the official Amazon page stated above.

How to get rid of windshield chips?

If it is not just superficial scratches but deeper chips, there are two ways and it all depends on your insurance policy. Some RC cars provide for the beneficial insurance clause. Here, just contact the insurance and go to one of the affiliated centers, which will repair the windshield for free.

If you do not have a car window policy, then you will need to go to specialized windscreen repair centers. The cost of the repair is strictly correlated with the extent of the damage.

Final Words

How are scratches created on the car windshield? The causes can be different, but we can assume that the micro dust and light sand, during a trip or a stop, are deposited on the windshield. It is sufficient that the windshield wiper is erroneously operated without first spraying water, and the damage happens.

How to remove a scratch from the windshield effectively? In short, for minor damage, the liquid brass solution is ideal to start with. In case the brass solution is not enough, get cerium oxide, a powder available for construction stores.

Dilute the powder in the basin of water until we get a thick and orange solution. With the help of a chair pad, rub vigorously on the glass surface in the direction of the scratches.


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